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  • Scott it didn't go as well as expected but as I said the judge believes me. The perp

    lawyered up and blocked the videos so I have to provide more foundation which I'm

    doing. I rush in looking for support and as usual got none. I just got a form letter for Suzanne LeBoeuf

    a noted journalist who will no longer work on our issues just because of bickering TI's. I'm not crying.

    I was looking for affidavits and testimony for court so we can get our lives back. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY

    WE HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO STOP THE HARASSMENT. So instead of sitting around tearing everything apart which you know nothing about. Why not use that energy do some solid advocating instead all this time wasting do nothing back and forth. SUPPORT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. I appreciate you posting

    my court verification Scott but what else are you doing?

  • I know. That's why he had be come back with evidence to get the temporary. It's

    already been covered. I'm just trying to get as many Ti's as I can to step up in case

    there is opposition. I want the judge to know how rampant it is!

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