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我是2006年冬天在加拿大卡尔加里市居住时开始被美国的卫星武器对准,成为美国卫星武器的受害者的。从那时起到今年,已经6年时间了。起初,我并不知道自己被美国的卫星武器对准了。直到2010年11月,我在互联网上看到mind control weapon、Targeted Individual (TI) Victims和脑控受害者的网页后,才知道自己是一名美国卫星武器的受害者。美国敌人每天疯狂地利用卫星武器向我的大脑发送"Voice to skull",就像“听”广播一样,无论是白天,还是半夜(几乎每天从睡觉中被弄醒),他们让我“听”他们需要我“听”的内容,我没有办法让自己“听”不到这些“声音”,而且,每当我“听”到这些“声音”,我会一边“听”,一边产生自己的思想,我感到我的思想被传输到了美国敌人的计算机上面,被他们利用。我想从今天开始,把我每天被利用的事情写下来。



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"in all seriousness, how does one go about reporting an issue?  i've been serially desensitized for some time now... Comment by Nick Fo on December 26, 2014 at 5:35pm "
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"hi ben    there are different possibilities, there are different avenues of this program which are coordinated to accomplish the break-down of the targets     gang-stalking can include people messing with you, so…"
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What Are the Odds? Top Alternative Journalists Targeted

 What Are the Odds? Top Alternative Journalists TargetedWritten by Kerry Cassidy, 28 May 2015http://projectcamelotportal.comWe deal with conspiracies, report on them, document them and analyze them.  But what about when we have one staring us in the face and no one notices?" class="CToWUd"/>Remember The Kingsman?On the SAME NIGHT I was targeted and so was, I learned not long ago,…See More
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LaBrat replied to bestofcomputer's discussion Why all my emails sent 2 months ago remain all unanswered ?
"thank you, bestofcomputer       my comments have been 'awaiting approval' on 'deca's' blogs for months now, so i hope you don't mind if i reply to his latest hobby horse here, since it does…"
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