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我是2006年冬天在加拿大卡尔加里市居住时开始被美国的卫星武器对准,成为美国卫星武器的受害者的。从那时起到今年,已经6年时间了。起初,我并不知道自己被美国的卫星武器对准了。直到2010年11月,我在互联网上看到mind control weapon、Targeted Individual (TI) Victims和脑控受害者的网页后,才知道自己是一名美国卫星武器的受害者。美国敌人每天疯狂地利用卫星武器向我的大脑发送"Voice to skull",就像“听”广播一样,无论是白天,还是半夜(几乎每天从睡觉中被弄醒),他们让我“听”他们需要我“听”的内容,我没有办法让自己“听”不到这些“声音”,而且,每当我“听”到这些“声音”,我会一边“听”,一边产生自己的思想,我感到我的思想被传输到了美国敌人的计算机上面,被他们利用。我想从今天开始,把我每天被利用的事情写下来。



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"Sue, the nightmares you mention are also real.  According to Freud, dreams are the brain's visual representations of things that one lives or feels during the day.  So when one is under vicious psychotronic synthetic telepathy…"
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Ricardo commented on Ricardo's blog post Privacy: who is really Big Brother?
"Sue, everything that you account for I saw in my native country; I do not want to name it to avoid problems for the folks back home.  I have done my research on it: it is Nazism already reborn, but without the swastikas so that the public do…"
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Ricardo commented on Ricardo's blog post Electronic harassment attempt on my life after major surgery
"In the above picture I am a patient at the Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C., 2010.  The man standing is an architect and journalist from Mexico.  Immediately after major surgery, while I was still at the recovery room, the…"
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"Sue, I don't have any ideas, I know exactly and for a fact. Sad but true. "
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"ayelet, all victims deserve to have a voice, and to have this crime exposed.  I fully agree with Sue that this is going to be exposed, there are simply too many victims now, that are working full time (some of them) on exposing all of it, many…"
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Pernicious Wires

"Birgitta, is this a book you have written? You have described it very well in just one sentence!!"
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