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6 Terrifying New Weapons Police are using to crush protests

Very interesting indeed, it details:

1. Pain Ray Cannon

The Raytheon-made pain ray cannon, effective at dispersing large crowds.

The Raytheon-made pain ray cannon, effective at dispersing large crowds.

What began in the early days of the Bush Administration as a way to quell Iraq war-era uprisings could soon end up at local police departments.

The pain ray cannon, or “Active Denial System,” (ADS) as the police call it, is the latest form of military-grade crowd control. The weapon uses microwave beams to heat up the water and fat molecules in a person’s skin, effectively heating the person up until they run away. Though “less-than-lethal,” its effects are anything but enjoyable. According to people who have had the pain ray tested on them, “it feels like someone opened an invisible door to a blast furnace in front of them, or that their skin was being scorched all over instantly. The ray’s effects is said to illicit an almost instant response, and that response is to get the hell away from the thing as fast as possible.”

During protest situations, an ADS could be swept across large groups of people at a closer range than originally intended. The systems could be used to deter a crowd from a single area or to incapacitate drivers. Even beyond the threat to collective action is the potential for this weapon to be used as a torture device. If left unchecked, the pain ray cannon could allow for some pretty repulsive human rights violations.

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Thank you God's Grace for the link I just read it. Its getting worst by the day. I don't get how all these sheeple can't see whats in front of them. It doesn't take a TI to see that this is not a free country nor are any of the other so called democracies. Here's a little information about most of the things that work for raytheon (I'm privileged to live where raytheon is). I worked at a gas station for a long time and as soon as they get off work they head right to the store to get alcohol from lots of beer to hard liquor. They are rude or aloof they are strait up pieces of fucking scum. They drown them selves in alcohol every night to numb the evils they commit during the day.

you must live in Tucson az.

I recently tried to film Raytheon from the side of the highway, going into, the lengthy drive into the gates, but it was totally impossible, and I do this type of work for my lively hood.

Raytheon are horrible people who work there even the janitors-know the type of death culture these miserable creations of vile spew these Frankenstein

In His Service

The reason I think this information is important, is that it describes the use of microwave beams to torture people, even large crowds, but could just as easily be used on one person at a time, I found this in the link above about what some people thought of these torture methods:

As with many new military and law enforcement technologies, the use of Active Denial Systems has been strife with controversy. While they are intended to reduce violence and prevent the use of lethal force, for some people the idea of using less-than-lethal weapons that cause pain raises political, economic, health and human rights issues. Similar opposition was expressed when tasers were first introduced but perhaps more so with Active Denial because it targets multiple individuals. Concerns have been raised that the technology could be abused and used as a means of torture. Opponents say that inmates would be subjected to excessive force to inflict pain rather control and that it would go undetected because there are no visible signs left on the person after they are exposed. Concerns have also been expressed about whether it could cause unintended effects, illness or injury. Some people have concerns that outside of military and correctional settings, law enforcement could use this technology to control peaceful protesters and dissent, which is unacceptable in this society.

@ms.freebird81, yes, I think a lot of people who do this to human beings drink excessively and many of them take copious amounts of drugs, for the reason you say.....

Why is this Raytheon company so bad? I just googled them and saw theyre a defense company. Im from oz. Id never heard of them but l saw we have one in australia too.

Raytheon is indeed a "defense" company and "so bad" because they build a lot of the technology used on us. The only defense they care about is for the elite fuckers who are doing all the torture. Wayne your right I actually live Vail next to Tucson. Raytheon is one of the largest employers here. There is a long access road from the freeway I've never been on it though. Did you try to go down that access road Wayne? It kinda sounds like you started on it. If you did, did you see any guards? I have some personal experiences with Raytheon employees which is a long story and they are not even human any more (if they ever were). God's Grace good point about the other drugs. A lot of them are meth monsters too.

God's Grace:

Thanks for the info. This is possibly one source of that "burning pain" some TIs experience. Including me. HOWEVER, the most scary item is #6: "predictive" policing surveillance using cold, hard algorithms to "predict" crimes. While this might sound like a good thing, if used against everyday, law abiding people with opinions "not allowed" - NASTY. Please also note that in the book called Converging Technologies, they bemoan the fact that predictive systems might "deduce" that a harmless person is to be watched/dealt with "accidently"  OOPS. Sorry, little guys. We didn't mean to do it but the COMPUTER told us you were a risk.

Agreed Seek Light, must admit, I initially even thought that was a good one, but I think you're 100% correct, look what I just picked up as well:

'dahboo77 just released a video on his youtube channel about mobile spy towers.

I would like to hear Dr. Paul Batcho’s take on this

These mobile towers are part of this raytheon system supposedly they go a contract because the U.S. is open to cruise missile attack. HA HA HA Please surveil us harder so we can be protected more right. Congnitive Dissonance.'

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