Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

i think they get us while we sleep to tune our brains by accessing memory and real-time points of perception.  i noticed they use particle dispersion, electron flows and mild voltage from the ground wiring.  also they use walls to aim resonances and possible beams using some kind of conductive or magnetic dust

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the particle manipulations include blood-chemical metering along with pleasure metering.  and they mainly resonate from these dispersion points in the brain

true so very true back in the 80s from SF the cabal used to make it known to me and all persons around me, in the telepathic louder then normal voice ( that they could render my every heart beat )
now brian and cat that's in the 80s, imagine the neuro monitoring they have now, its was mostly only Gwen Towers that were used then on the populaces-cities-counties, but now HARRP satellites, much more.

In Jesus Christ Service
May I suggest to the both of you Brian and cat cat watch the TV Show I did with Bob Fletcher.
Wayne Morin Jr Interviews Bob Fletcher Investagtions

I suspected something like that for a while. I think they go to town on us while we sleep. I wish I could find a way to catch these bastards in the act. I know what you mean Wayne, It's scary to think of what they have today V2K itself was done in 1974. I believe its the older technology we need to go after to expose this because all the new stuff is impossible to find being that it's nano-crap and energy waves we can't see.

Highly doubt that's the case but who knows. While they will try to make you think of all things that doesn't make sense to make evidence to support that you have a mental health problem which is most likely the case.

k navynut, but ive tested the to speak..dont program my reality please. :)

I don't program anyone's reality, the truth is its people in the government doing this. Yeah how do you fight against the top dog of your country you tell me. Because it seems like we are just greeted with, your crazy, then if you have evidence, useless words that means nothing.

yeah they neutralize remotely with this tech.  fact is, they use A.I. and programs that use definitions and understandings of language/ action/behavior/beliefs and are keyworded to seek out ceratin things..hackers are getting into these monitors and using resonances from possibly implants or agitation beams to intigate false symptoms.

What are you talking about. This is the type of comments that doesn't make any sense. Why spend on an A.I. when a human would do the same thing while being cheaper and more efficient. They surely have more than enough man power to do it.

i have removed most of my wall blocks, i have a piece of charcoal mesh screen and 4 metallic backings from nicotine patches on the corners of walls.  that with my internal focus techniques have them pretty much gone.  use my techniques, share its effects.  be like me.

It is amusingly obvious why brian chose to deflect to the ‘V2K can be blocked’ exposed Cointelpro disinfo psyops, rather than honourably conceding your decisive point. 

NavyNut said:

What are you talking about. This is the type of comments that doesn't make any sense. Why spend on an A.I. when a human would do the same thing while being cheaper and more efficient. They surely have more than enough man power to do it.

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