Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Please google: The European Court of Human rights: Investigate and outlaw gangstalking and Electronic Harrassment.

This will go out to more than 5000 people, they need to see that there are many people who are complaining of this.

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I've found a very peculiar thing happening on our petition on Avaaz - yesterday and the day before I looked, and it seemed as if we had up to 170 people sign the petition THEN today I looked, more people had signed, but it was DOWN TO 168 - I think people are trying to ruin the successful timing of this petition......

Woohoo, we reached 200 signatures today, now we want to reach 300 - IT CAN BE DONE, by all the wonderful people all over the world, that want this crime to be reported to the 1million + followers on AVAAZ - this would be a momentous occasion, if we really want our voices to be heard......

Oh great, that's the best ever, by a lot!

So I hadn't signed yet?! here's the link again

we're UP TO 204 singnatures, and more are coming, I can feel it in my bones :-)

Up to 211 signatures, thank you to every single one that has signed, please send it out to as many people as possible...

Some information about Avaaz, and the work they do below:

Days after the terror attack in Nice, Avaaz members in France handed out flowers and plastered the city with posters sharing messages of love and solidarity sent from around the world. Watch and share to spread the hope around; we all have the power to bring a little more light into the world each day. L’amour, plus fort que la haine! ‪#‎NiceAttack‬ ‪#‎PourNice‬

Yaayhh, we're up to 244 signatures now, this is starting to take off.......

right....:) we need that!

Just bumping this up so others sign the petition....thanks!! Even if you don't live in Europe, we have to get the word out, for everyone's sake

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