Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Hi my name is Tom,

I have been a victim of British government sanctioned experimental hypnosis and have had some sort of implants placed inside my head against my will.

These vicious hypnotists and Doctors  have been visiting me in the night for at least 5 years now and psychologically torturing me. As unlikely as it sounds I have good reasons to believe members of my friends and family have been paid off to join in with the experiment.

At first I couldn't tell if the visits were dreams or memories, because they drugged me and kept me blindfolded and consequently my memory was hazy on it, but recently I've been putting the pieces together and it keeps coming back to me in vivid flashes, and it seems a strong coincidence that I had a dream about having my head operated on under local anasthetic, and have been having chronic burning head pains about 70% of the time ever since.

My family have been acting very strangely, and muttering under their breath when in the middle of when I'm talking to them. They are argumentative and angry whenever I even calmly mention my head pain to them, which is most out of character for them. They act like they just been talking about me and have just changed the subject whenever I enter the room. It's almost as if they have had their heads messed with and A cruel sort of callousness has got inside them. It kind of feels like Invasion of the body snatchers. These people seem to work by attempting to create layers of illusions in the minds of people. They always ask questions and whenever I ask the a question they just reply with another question or mention something i'm regretful or insecure about to keep me on the defensive.I have dug in and held off their attempts to control my mind so far but its taking a  heavy toll on me.

The first time I had one of they visited me, when I woke up I had apparently been sleeping for 4 days straight and could feel scars and sore spots on my head. Also there were things missing and two weeks later my house was broken into and robbed. I take this all as evidence that something terrible really is happening to me. There is a lot more I couldn't possibly have time to list at this moment, but the bottom line is that I feel like I have nowhere to turn for help, and I no longer trust a single soul.

I don't know what I expect to get from Joining Peacepink since I don't believe anyone has the power to stop what is happening to me. I suppose I just need some support and maybe someone to relate to my story, because my life doesn't feel like it's worth living lately.

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Hi Tom, maybe you should check: and my other pp posts,

Regards, t


I'm wondering, do you maybe have sometimes unexplained sexual stimulation or maybe lack of it when there should be?

Tom, you always copy/paste your same crap with a link to your incredibly vague website. 

You not even taking the time to write a different post for every new person and being sincere, makes you look like a disinfo troll. I won't insult you, but this is shit. People with a real story, actually have details. 

They dont bother regurgitation of the same piss, because they know all their information is known by the entities spying on us. 

capricorne, I told you once, stay away from the things you don't get or don't want to, if I can help only one person in a see of fakes like you that's a lot. So stay out of it and get another hobby.

That must be why i use my real name, real girlfriends photo, real photo of my daughter, and a lengthy, legitimate story i can back up with actual witnesses though.

you're trying to misdirect people and you know it.

"That must be why i use my real name, real girlfriends photo, real photo of my daughter, and a lengthy, legitimate story i can back up with actual witnesses though."

You've just discreded yourself because REAL victims of psychiatric mind control don't have what you have in almost all cases.

Well, you wouldn't know because you arent one. When did you become an expert on the last 3 years of my life anyway?

I'm not going to get sucked up into this conversation, good day.

I'm wondering, do you maybe have sometimes(NOT FUNNY) unexplained sexual stimulation or maybe lack of it when there should be?

"or lack of it when there should be". that last clause makes it obvious...  You guys need to police your site better, because This Tom
Ehaj is very obviously trolling me. Get rid of him!!


I was hoping someone might relate to my story or try to help, but it seems this place is infested so thanks for nothing I guess!!

Is this place like Youtube comments section, ie just another trolls playground. Somebody prove me wrong!! I assure you that I am both reasonable and genuine. I just can't stand trolls.

tom, we haven't seen dotty at his post 20hrs/day lately    it could be because i keep quoting the death and rape threats he makes to members who fail to fully comprehend his omniscience    during these occasional breaks (for us), he likes to product-test a variety of equally cheesy, two-faced and lame-ass 'characters' who all say pretty much the same thing anyway    dotty used to be 'big al' as in capone (his 'former' meth gang activities to signal he's a 'gangster/gang-stalker') - thinking he's cleverer than us is how 'cap-one' is most easily detected 

big al, get it?   dotty has come one twice now when capone is on, both times making one statement (any accomplice could have posted it ) and (most uncharacteristically) then exiting immediately      i don't think they have the manpower to fake anything longer     capone has also repeated a friend request after i publically rejected the first one on the basis of statements made about me    isn't that a bit...oddish?   and, back-tracking from saying "f#$% duncan, he's a fraud" as he did, to "i'm changing to neutral after seeing his video' even though the video does (can) not include said 'doctorate', gives the whole game away

if you do not claim to believe the 'duncan' un-proven story about a 'harvard doctorate', and are one of those who suspect criminal fraudulence implicating him in the wrongful death of myron may and others, or have stated so after encountering his "incredibly shifty" refusal to substantiate his ambitious claims, cheap attacks are standard 

'robM' has left again in the middle of the same sort of controversy, full name, jinoe, sourgraten, all have exposed themselves, and that annoying zezutech or whatever is finally 'gone' but his space ship now adorns capone's head  

so there will be players to promote the illusion that these are separate individuals, for brief forays into credibility 

Tom Ehaj said:

capricorne, I told you once, stay away from the things you don't get or don't want to, if I can help only one person in a see of fakes like you that's a lot. So stay out of it and get another hobby.

Unless I'm missing something important I don't see how that relates to my story, or to my call in reply to Tom Ehaj's obvious trolling attempt for your people to clean up house and/or actually try to help people. 

Maybe I should be the one helping you guys since I still have my wits about me.

I'm pretty mentally tough, I have a high IQ and I'm a good critical thinker. I don't believe in aliens or ghosts, and i'm not someone who likes to jump to conclusions. I just happen to know for a fact that I'm being used as a crash test dummy for some kind of hypnotic experiment. I suspect it is precisely because I am hard to fool that I am being used as a "tool" as my perpetrators have called me just that. My own resistance may be being used to fix the holes in their theory and there seems nothing to be done about it. I have so many suspicions and not many actual fact, but that is the way they like is it not. They want us to jump to lots of silly conclusions about magic radiowaves, aliens and Illuminati, then they don't even need to discredit us because we've done it for our selves. All we can do is separate things into likely and unlikely. Keep your critical head about you and look for any kind of evidence. Carry a recording device with you and keep it on during waking hours, or during the night if that is when they come. I did this and hid a digital recorder in a strategic location. It went missing 2 days later and coincidentally nobody seems to know what happened to it. It was worth doing though, because even that amounts to evidence of a sort. Every bit of evidence counts to something when you start to question your own sanity.

Good luck and keep your critical mind about you. question everything because covert hypnosis relies on you not doing so to work to do it's wicked work. That is the standard definition of hypnosis "Anything that breaks past the critical factor of the mind".

If there is anyone here who hasn't completely lost their marbles? Please reply.

tom, your experiences are similar to many here, and your assessment of your situation has a nice 'lucid' feel to it

as you can see, there is a lot of question around here about how many members are genuine     you sound like someone who's insight and analytic mind could be quite helpful with the ongoing confusions     i would count as among the self-discrediting to you because we differ on the amount of solid evidence there is of an alien/illuminati mind-control program (not involving magic rays), so i will appear have a few missing marbles to collect        but, welcome!   

anyway, i have recently been developing an interest in the 'covert hypnosis' you describe and look forward to your explication of the deployment of this phenomenon during the impending onslaught of the 'magic ray' contingent  :-)

Hi Tom Rother

There arent as many trolls here as it may appear, just lots of differing opinions.

Youve come to the right place, Tls here have been through a bunch of different things. I believe you about people entering your bedroom and terrorizing you. I had two demonic looking entities hold me down on the bed once. I know what I experienced was real. Apart from that I have a lot of lucid dreaming, hijacking my soul I call it. I have read other Tls accounts of people/agents entering their bedrooms at night.

I can really relate to what you said about your family being involved. In the beginning mine did the same things but thry had always been good and loving towards me so I knew something was off. Afterwards they forgot all about it and returned to normal. When I queried them about their behaviour they couldnt remember. The penny dropped at this point that they were actually being mind controlled to participate in my harassment. So please dont lose heart over your family (because I know how hurtful that is) l strongly believe they are mind controlled, then memory erased.

Labrat has also had non consensual surgeries. There are people here who understand. You are not alone.

ps some Tls do believe in ETs etc carrying out these experiements  on us. Dont be perturbed (its just because we have somewhat different experiences) what matters is what youre going through and you can always share here.

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