Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Very interesting to see it from the complete ignorance and being victim documentary.
I tell personal chafarderias: I went to see this movie yesterday, as usual swarm around me quirky characters seeking contact. One view I realized: a guy with Humphrey Bogart airs as saying by his gestures'm too sexy to breathe the air play! went up to the room and immediately under my hand, it was guapeton, but he had a look of "lacquering" because he was dressed like a moron you like to be liked. Rose pants and distinctive shirt as "bush", that guy was scientific. These types are used to dress very serious and rigorous dark ... do not know what is the gracefulness, dare not are compressed ... but want to be like others.
There was a boy who presented the documentary, and when asked who had been at CERN, the guy raised his hand.
Anyone not going to CERN!
I directed a patronizing look that shit ella.Y me throughout the film as he felt attracted by my presence.
When the boys laughed at CERN stupidities of precious UNIVERSITY inflames, he laughed ... A sense of humor is total child.
From the movie spare me the silly relationship having the kids at CERN.
Two funny things:
He said the type of documentary that CERN was not meant for military use. This is ridiculous because CERN is the first virtual agency that created the system of global communications. And to do this is to use the airspace. The airspace is managed by the Department of Defense of each nation, there is a legal vacuum in this regard and is based on international agreements.
That is for the cern functioning and operational information with their servers ready for anything the planet, we need a universal treaty between defense ministries of each country.
Cern, use the cloud, and the cloud is a transformation of the atmosphere into something else, call it the cloud. The cloud is the result of the acceleration of the molecules of the atmosphere to create a computer controlled by the secret services of each country espacioeelctromagnetico defense.

And second, an image of one of them drinking water from one of those things that gets bottle upside down, but looks brand.
The brand of water bottle had a rainbow ahciendo allusion to the manipulation of light.
In the movie you see a picture of chaos destruction Indian goddess with the moon. It is an image that suggests to me concern for the future.
THE moon is the image of the underworld.

These people are creating a system of quantified bioresonance to solve any problems of an astronaut to zero atmosphere, life outside the system is gravity is zero, and codes of mobimiento of particles needed to solve any health problems.
Read you this news and will understand,

Protons as neurotransmitters and lithium for the mentally ill how do they work?

Francisco R. Villatoro

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