Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Dear kind Canadian politicians and all members of parliament

Dear kind Canadian politicians and all members of parliament
CC: Dear cruel torturers

This text is to draw your attention to the following questions and related issues:

1) Does ongoing torture make Canada economy more prosperous?
2) Does ongoing torture make Canadian society more stable?
3) Does ongoing torture help Canada win more diplomatic victories?

You, kind Canadian politicians, are very clear about the importance of the above questions. Of course, all of you know these answers. Meantime, you must also know what those torturers have brought about for Canada. The consequences are obvious and serious from the reactions or responses from all over the world.( I don’t have to list the details regarding what they have stated in here):

1) UN Committee Against Torture
2) Amnesty International
3) Joint statement by Human Rights Watch and UN Human Rights Council
5) World Without Torture
6) International Criminal Court

Dear kind Canadian politicians, maybe some of you are not happy with the above facts. Maybe, some of you can’t control over your temper after they all expressed their “serious concerns”. However, changing the way of thinking, if you were a victim of torture ,or if you were one of the above, what would you do after you know the truth about those atrocious acts of torture? Both OMCT and Nobel Laureates have stated: “Nothing can justify torture under any circumstances.” So, back to the table at which I/we have been sitting all the time, let’s find some ways to deal with this serious torture case with your wisdom, courage and insight. Do we have other options? The earth spins; The world changes; People watches; People listens. No one can stop them.

Christmas is around the corner. May God bless Canada. Have a happy holiday.

Best regards,

Robin Yan


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"The tech makes people hyper sensitive to the point of paranoia about others.  It is a natural thing, and a supernatural thing that you are experiencing.  Please don't exclude everyone."
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"This is encouraging, but let's get real.  Ok, we are bathing in direct energy gas that causes crippling pain to the head, whatever your doctor told you, or made you believe, could be a condition that is coming from an external source, and…"
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"But the thing is, my whole life scenario from targeting is a conspiracy, from the government, to the employers, to the coworkers, to the neighbors, I can tell you lots of stories about how I was framed, forced out, sabotaged, belittled, you name it,…"
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"ownership is a funny thing during times of war (the war on 'terra', as bush liked to pronounce it) - remember  hitler's 'national socialism people's car' ('volks'-wagon) scam?   it's…"
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