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Before taking medication, I had delusions regarding mind-control. I thought there were sattellites set up by the US government constantly tracking my thoughts and actions. I thought millions of people around the globe wore secret earpieces allowing them to listen in to my thoughts. I found sattelite conspiracy websites online to "backup" my odd beliefs. I had actually started questoning my delusional beliefs to see if they were really real. I thought these websites confirmed my delusions. "Obviously", because there were other people like me out there. After taking my medication I realised I how illogical these beliefs were. I still think these websites definitely had a negative impact on me. They confirmed my delusions..I stopped questioning my sanity and my delusional beliefs became worse.

This support site I am on is quoting the news articles that have come out that suggest sites like this one, peacepink, are reinforcing mental illness and actually even CAUSING mental illness. Responses to this, anyone?

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Yeah I agree, the psychiatrists may have their own links into the general scheme of targeting humans, and they certainly perpetuate the idea of covering up the crime through illness...but what I'm saying is that, the moderators there, and most other places for mental illness tell these people that come here talking about being attacked and gang stalked that they are delusional and should stop reading these websites, like ours here, peacepink., and the reason that they say this, is because they've read the articles in the N.Y> Times and Washington Post that have called us the Dark Side of the Online Community, and that we are causing mental illness in others. I try explaining to these people that the media, of all people, should not be trusted, and that they just want it both ways, to be objective, AND to tune into us and have the inside knowledge, they are all about double standards, their jobs are obselete while this crime keeps going. I'm not there to push the envelope with these other ill people, but I do fight back a little bit, they tend to know where I'm coming from. Lately, I've been letting my poetry do all the talking, getting revenge that way, on my blog.
Scott, do you think the popping you are hearing is V2K, and not something actually hitting your roof? I say this because I've heard of others who mention popping sounds, clicks, clangs, all kinds of weird sounds from their appliances and in the walls and roofs. Anyway, its driving you crazy, so, I'm sorry to hear that. I just want to encourage you to stay there if you can, dont let them drive you out, its not gonna be any better anywhere else.
yeah, that's an "interesting" perspective.
i wonder what others think? i know what Don Rumsfeld WISHES PEOPLE TO BELIEVE
about the United States "Shadow Government" -- and i know that

...people who suspect the deepest truth about the United States Shadow Government
imagining themselves insane because they intuited the truth beyond the propaganda ---

hey that would be a great way of protecting secrets. "anyone who disagrees with us is probably insane."
fantastic argument -- for totalitarians pretending to be defenders of freedom.
There is constantly with targets this need to prove they are not insane, when in fact the tech is so invasive and crippling, its hard to feel well at all, and delusional/paranoid thinking is bound to come out of this. Its difficulty is that one becomes so convinced of what they are experiencing or what they believe is happening to them, they cannot be convinced otherwise, and there is a real destruction of life and well-being. Is it safe to say the majority of targets would never take medication and in fact accuse psychiatrists of being part of the problem and not the solution? What needs to accepted is that every person who is going through this is being effected in a unique way that is exclusive to him or her, part of it is the tech and the other part is the reaction mentally to the targeting. Otherwise we all have the same conclusive stories about our targeting, there has to be a mental variance that throws this situation wide open and makes it very difficult to follow, or prove to others. I have decided to take medication, possibly for the rest of my life, because I firmly believe I have mental illness that grew at its worse through targeting, nothing in the world to help it. I, however, do not stop thinking that I am a target or the tech is on me and using me and my family for its aggressive acts. Some who do start meds, get full relief from these thoughts, and so, there is no way of telling whether they are targets or not, and maybe they are not if they are not experiencing torture physically to the body, plus, when faced with such hardship mentally, the task of proving mind control as it is evolving to him or her is beyond one's ability. There will need to be open-minded people who come along and say they believe us just be understanding what we have experienced, using our experiences as proof.
Is this Don Friedman? I could certainly say the same for the radio and media outlets and these that are conspiring against me, but I doubt they are doing anything except tuning in and keeping tabs, that is how I feel about the NSA, that they certainly are privy to what is going on, including perpetuating the 15 years of mental abuse of me, but they are not doing the torturing, I feel it is a much more hidden syndicate that is out of the mainstream that is carrying on these hideous crimes.
yeah, I know I carry a torch, but not much fighting fire with it, just to show I'm alive.

Scott, something is seriously wrong with my internal organs. I have to get this checked, its very painful, near my liver/stomach area. I'm going to wait until I get back from vacation (Memphis, taking the kids), if I can, unless it gets too bad and then I'll go in.

Thanks for your responses to me and your friendship.
The psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, many of these people have some reason to get into their professions, either an illness in their family (in their blood) or someone close to them who have experienced a mental disorder of some kind, or even themselves have benefited from the system somehow, so, Scott when you say you thought about going into the field, that would be because you've been driven to the points of madness yourself and can relate, as these are some of the same reasons why these professionals go into it. This should probably scare most of us, but it doesn't, since that means the prescribing doctor is not all there either, except the perceived stereotypes that these are mad scientists. We wonder this about the government, the perps, the people who are behind our tortures, just how well they are, if at all.

As I am trying to still figure out about myself, the way the brain is further damaged through the paranoia of REAL people watching us, so I must continue to be leery that, though many times I am right, I have a very fragile mind that does not process everything correctly. I am willing to listen very well to these people who want to help me and want to convince me otherwise, that my thoughts are off and not always accurate. What I have been experiencing lately is a gas-like energy that comes over me like a blow to the head, behind my sinuses, a certain smell, it lasts about 30 seconds and doesn't produce any deep pain. This is a reminder that I am a target and not entirely delusional in my thinking.
I will try that Scott, I'm not sure if its a part of my sinuses that makes everything smell this way, this gas-like stuff.

I know you have had a long hard road of it, Scott and I commend you for taking charge of your health the way you do. I know that I can think of 3 or 4 people I know and talk to who are on medication and still feel the merciless targeting in odd ways to their bodies and to their own unsettled psyche. In many ways, I am also hiding in the shadows of the psychiatric help when the necessity of help from authorities is never there.

There are some psychiatrists, counselors and therapists who have seen combat who will swear by the fact that you must take medication, and others like one that I met with recently has told me that I should see a new type of chiro in my area who specializes in neurologically helping me through stimulation and whatever else would be devised under his care to treat me and I would eventually go off of medication. This sounds good, but I doubt I will try it
as there is too much internalized now into a different shape of a damaged brain, it would take a brain transplant.
Are you trying to say the medication is my problem and I'm not being targeted?

The thing is, I don't have to prove jack shit to anybody, and if you are so smart that you can decide who is a target and who isn't, then you must be some wizard.

I don't know why I waste my time on here.
The medication corrects the voices, silences them, that's the main intent. Other than that, there are many negative symptoms of schizophrenia, but this is rarely because of medication, and rather, the illness itself.

Yeah, thanks for explaining. I do tend to take things wrong sometimes.

Yes, I agree a lot of people do go paranoid and in fact a bit mad in those conditions, especially if they are already fragile one way or another or are living a difficult situation, but do not get SCHIZOPHRENIC and that's the whole point. Did it occur to you that once you've started the medication, which in a way is where they wanted you to arrive at, they may just have then turned off the V2K? I had a bit of a similar experience : I ended up in a mental institution and since everybody told me those voices did not exist (my family in particular) and with total convivtion as is understandable, I decided to "try it", I told myself for about a day or two that the voices I was hearing did not exist, which seemed against all evidence, and, in fact, after a day or two I actually woke up and they were gone! So, for years I figured I had gotten rid of them by sheer will. Looking back on it, I today think it is much more reasonable to think, and that's what I beleive, that having gotten me where the program wanted me, i.e. in a mental institution, they just cut off the V2K. If you think logically, these voices being real, and no one can deny that, or even if I  did have a shizoprenic episode,how in the world could I have got rid of them by sheer will? doesn't make sense : retrospectively, they just had to have stopped the V2K, considering it wasn't useful anymore. Today I'm hearing those voices 24/7 and beleive me I'm not delusional, nor the least bit paranoid, I don't beleive people are stalking me on at every street corner, in fact if people behave a bit weirdly I'm convinced they are being mind controlled at that minute and do not have the least malicious intent, would probably be surprised at their own reactions if you had filmed them and showed them the result, and I know that for the essential the "voices" are synthetic voices  from an A.I. program, no more no less, which is only a part of the overall program including mindreading, attacks by e-weapons, noises of all kinds etc. and I am convinced that this program I'm being subjected too runs quasi 100% of the time, if not all the time, autonomously.

It really boils down to how you think of the mind, if you think all of it is mind control devices or if you think some, or much of it is a natural deteriation of filtering of your own brain.  I find it next to impossible to believe that men and women are sitting around all day talking into the brains of thousands of people, and no I don't think they have turned off the V2K because I take meds, if anything I'm better off on meds, so they wouldn't like this.  As far as this thread goes, I don't believe over half of the posts on this site, what about you?

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