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I have seen how people in the psychiatric community view TIs. It is sad and it makes me angry. Not only that, some patients with mental disorders who have symptoms that could be either from electronic harassment and mind control, or a mental illness, or one causes the other - even a lot of these people deny that there is a real set of programs run covertly that target people with mind control.

I will post a few comments from a popular mental health forum posted to someone who had started topics about TIs.

"You are not being targeted. This is a delusion you are suffering from. Please stop posting this stuff here."

"I wish I felt so special that I thought gigantic world organizations spend a lot of their time and resources on me and my daily life."

(I guess that person never heard of MK Ultra that DID spend a lot of time and resources on a lot of people.)

"You should seek professional help for these bizarre thoughts."

"This is delusional thinking. Locking this to prevent more of this unhealthy garbage being spewed here."

What will happen if some of these people are really targeted and it isn't a delusion? They will be convinced they are sick by a doctor and be pumped full of powerful psychiatric drugs that make you tired, overweight and sexually dysfunctional. Some of them might get so severe they have to go on disability, get paid around $700 a month and never be able to have assets over $2000. It makes you wonder if the programs aren't designed that if you don't make it and pass the tests they will drive you crazy enough that you will get diagnosed mentally ill, become disabled and lose a lot of opportunities for employment, advancement, home ownership and things like that.

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"What will happen if some of these people are really targeted and it isn't a delusion? They will be convinced they are sick by a doctor and be pumped full of powerful psychiatric drugs that make you tired, overweight and sexually dysfunctional. Some of them might get so severe they have to go on disability, get paid around $700 a month and never be able to have assets over $2000. It makes you wonder if the programs aren't designed that if you don't make it and pass the tests they will drive you crazy enough that you will get diagnosed mentally ill, become disabled and lose a lot of opportunities for employment, advancement, home ownership and things like that."

That's right A marie, psychiatry is behind it... the real victim (which are few these days still living) has his brain and body full of tech - remotely manipulated body (drugs are there to keep someone in line, but 95% of affects on a body is done with tech). The only way someone can cope with this is to become fully aware of what have they done and control oneself ALWAYS, keep calm in every situation and just play and try to live. Everything is done silently and secretly. Read my website:


I rally don't get these people calling themselves TI's and believing that some bad ass neighbor is firing laser beam up their ass and thinking body manipulation is done without implants and telemetry. Although I realized that more than 95% people who call themselves TI's are really just full of it, and they know it, if they are really a free people and still believe in TI staff they are doing it for amusement or are rely the one's who need help although psychiatry cannot touch them because they're really "psychiatrists" so they can spread their shit all over without the fear of being put on drugs or even committed. Strange World we're living at.

Most paranoid schizophrenics are targeted as best I can tell.

From my site,

Abusive mental technology abusers use similar forms of attack, degrading voices, voices urging the victim to kill themselves and others, etc. This similarity can be verified by reading through forums for schizophrenics and targeted individuals. It is unlikely that such similar forms of attack would arise by chance in completely different minds if the abusers were isolated from each other and were part of the victims mind. Beings who can reason would tend to take to different types of activities. It is unlikely that such similar forms of instinctive dispositions would evolve due to evolution as the behavior is detrimental to the person involved. If the brain were to split due to some cause, you would expect that the part of one's brain that has become divided from the rest would have amateur telepathic capabilities. The larger part of the person would likely remember a training period where the piece of their mind that had divided would have to train at telepathic capabilities. Instead many of the voices arrive well trained to hide their emotions, reasoning, and any perceptions they might still have from the bodies senses. These entities arrive well trained to spy on the thoughts of the victims. They arrive capable of performing mental ventriloquism in many cases, the victims will hear voices that seem to be emanating from the walls. They are arriving well trained to induce emotions, thoughts, and to move the victims bodies. You can read reports from schizophrenics on public forums where they describe these types of 'symptoms'. I have not seen any reports of schizophrenics describing a part of their brain fumbling about as it trains to communicate with them. Although it is possible that the brain divides in some manner that leaves the part of one's mind that has divided from the rest with the instinctive capacity to perform these types of acts, that theory seems contrived. There would be too little evolutionary pressure in my opinion to explain the advanced technological capacities witnessed as instinctual. There is no explanation as to how evolutionary pressure would create an abusive psyche that disables it's host, or why that psyche would have the same psychological characteristics in many cases. There are various reasons for developing a technology that would explain the observations, some ethical, some not. The final nail in the coffin of the common theories put forth by psychiatrists concerning abuse is the geometric problem in MPD/DID(multiple personality disorder). MPD/DID is a closely related problem, you will see the same type of abusive voices and there is a fair bit of overlap between the symptoms of schizophrenia and MPD/DID. The geometric problem could be stated as this: How does the mind divide so that each personality is fully functional with respect to mental capacities, when the parts of the brain are highly specialized. If you try and draw a potential map showing which alter is using which parts of the brain you will see the problem that arises. You would end up with a very contorted map as you try and grant a bit of every specialized area of the brain to each alter. A technology would readily explain the observations. Note that paranoid schizophrenia may well exist, although it appears that most cases are misdiagnosed.

"Most paranoid schizophrenics are targeted as best I can tell."

That's right Warren. But, these days real victims are rare, not many are still alive. Very most people who are on mental health forums and in mental hospitals these days are really free people having a debt to pay to the society. "psychiatrists" who can play those few who are not and are considered "real" paranoid schizophrenics. For them I give clues on my website. Finally that someone does. Discrimination why?

no sorry most paranoid schizophrenics are not TI`s

what are you basing this on ...wheres your data ?

there probably only a few thousand TI`s world wide based on web traffic to TI`s websites and membership to TI organizations....  FFCH`s has around 2,000 members I think  and that probably the best known TI group

again its more likely that paranoid schizophrenics are convinced they are TI`s or attracted to TI groups as they would feel more accepted by TI`s than they do by other groups and society  ..because of stigma

again there seems to be many TI`s that are active in the community and working to expose this .....but also many who never get whats happening and stabilize  there own situation and start to do productive stuff .....again every TI acts paranoid and destabilized in the beginning...but after time and educating themselves they change and become more productive .....others TI`s always  act like "paranoid schizophrenics" and never change ....and also you find out they have always been that way probably are and not real TI`s to begin with

"no sorry most paranoid schizophrenics are not TI`s"

You're right. Majority of people who call themselves TI's are really free people spreading around conspiracy theories like alien abductees and all kinds of shit, like you Deca. They can do it freely because they can. Those diagnosed with Par. Schizophrenia are not free. If there are maybe 5000 so called TI's (I think E. White actually invented that term) there are only maybe about couple of hundred of those diagnosed with Par. sychizo (not counting the fake ones) having cameras in their eyes and having free people who were blessed to have a right of some kind of "psychiatrists" to run their lives.

Instructions to find the data are within my posting, Deca.

It appears that the voices are arriving too well trained. Paranoid schizophrenics are not describing parts of their brain's fumbling around learning to communicate, hide their reasoning and emotions, and perform advanced talents like mental ventriloquism. Even if some people were to have parts of their brain's evolved to provide extra reasoning assistance, there would be some observable training period where that piece of mind would assumedly have to get used to it's genetically inherited talents. I have not seen a single report from a schizophrenic describing part of their brain fumbling around learning advanced telepathic arts or getting used to genetically inherited talents. I have read a fair number of forum postings by schizophrenics.

look their seems to be many regular posters on piece-pink that have not really stabilized their own personal situation and also ended up in the mental health system  that also by the looks of it with  Paranoid schizophrenia diagnoses ......first most TI`s don`t get a schizophrenic diagnoses as schizophrenia normal shows up in early/late teens .....not suddenly in people that live a normal life family/job etc ....then suddenly in the thirty s their life is turned upside down because of being targeted .... and if they unfortunately end up in the mental health system at that age with no previous mental health issues thy don`t get diagnosed with Paranoid schizophrenia as it does not fit their criteria so get diagnosed with a delusional disorder instead ok ....

so is peacepink a magnet for people that claim to be a TI`s but have been diagnosed  with paranoid schizophrenia and caught  up in the mental health system ? .....

Causes of schizophrenia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The causes of schizophrenia have been the subject of much debate, with various factors proposed and discounted or modified. The language of schizophrenia research under the medical model is scientific. Such studies suggest that genetics, prenatal development, early environment, neurobiology and psychological and social processes are important contributory factors. Current psychiatric research into the development of the disorder is often based on a neurodevelopmental model (proponents of which see schizophrenia as a syndrome.)[1][2] However, schizophrenia is diagnosed on the basis of symptom profiles. Neural correlates do not provide sufficiently useful criteria.[3] "Current research into schizophrenia has remained highly fragmented, much like the clinical presentation of the disease itself".[4] The one thing that researchers can agree on is that schizophrenia is a complicated and variable condition. It is best thought of as a syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that may or may not have related causes, rather than a single disease.

It is possible for schizophrenia to develop at any age, but it mostly happens to people within the ages of 16–30 (generally males 16–25 and females 25–30) - about 75 percent of people living with the illness develop it at this age. There is a likelihood of children developing schizophrenia, though it is quite rare before the age of 12. Also, new cases are uncommon after age 40. In addition, about 1 percent of the world's population will develop schizophrenia over their lifetime, therefore out of all the people born, one in 100 will develop schizophrenia by age 55.[5] There is on average a somewhat earlier onset for men than women, with the possible influence of the female hormone estrogen being one hypothesis and sociocultural influences another.[6]

Absolutely right cat cat, you only have to look at the stories on John Finche's letter to the UN, to see that these stories mostly talk of real situations.  There are a couple of thousand TI's in the world, imo.

the testimonies that john Finche post around the internet was from  project that FADAME  &  set up years ago

I was on the forums on their when it was going on and have meet many people from their like Monika Stoces , John Allman in person ok

I have a long history in the TI community and known more than just posting on peacepink ok 

also FADAME fell apart people lost touch nearly 10 years ago  .....but john finch seems to work alone and basically  post/emails  the testimonies around every few weeks but is hard to get in touch with ..and that's it

unfortunately his lone effort is out-off date and has not had a lot of success and probably never will ...

so if you are counting on him to solve this problem good luck on that

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