Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

My name is Cole Wade Pinter of Manville NJ.

I am being pushed into homelessness, and have had both of my hips replaced due to directed energy weapons and covert drugging/poisoning.... I am 100 percent blacklisted by the government for any kind of medical help or services.... If anyone has the heart to be my friend you can call me at 908 531 2744...

My internet connection is so hacked that they prevent messages/emails/etc from going through... please call me if you are also a victim/TI

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I have been attacked on airplanes at 30,000 feet above the Earth, only satellites can do that. My point is that I wouldn't be so sure that the attacks are coming from next door neighbors, passing cars or when you are out eating or whatever, my theory is that your attackers are just trying to get YOU to attack an innocent  passer by or neighbor. I know that my attackers are trying their best to make ME attack one of my neighbors or  beeping cars or some other innocent passer by.
Cole Wade Pinter said:

I know you may not believe it but they radiate me through the power lines at up to and over 800v/m EF, up to and over 300MG, and also weaponized cellular and wifi signals, neighbors, passing cars that have these weapons in them. Sometimes I will go out to eat or something and people will also use their cell phones to attack me and stuff... I really didnt believe the cell phone torture app existed until I experienced it myself.

Stephen O'Neil, with magnetic sensors and directional RF detectors you can point the magnetic sensors or antennas at the object emmiting the radiological frequencies at you. YES you are TRACKED with a satelite so the LOCAL weapons that perps have can lock onto you with them. this is a FACT ive realised. they cooked my heart last night and I swear I am half dead today due to it. I am extremely ill today.

Did you get that email I sent you with American victims phone numbers and email address's? I went through the European list and found Irish victims , you should look through it to see if there are victims from your area , plus you can phone some. I am sorry that you are doing not so great today mate. I didn't get to sleep until 7 am they harassed me all night , I am not saying that I have it worse than you or anything Iknow that your situation is worse, I am just saying.

Cole Wade Pinter said:

Stephen O'Neil, with magnetic sensors and directional RF detectors you can point the magnetic sensors or antennas at the object emmiting the radiological frequencies at you. YES you are TRACKED with a satelite so the LOCAL weapons that perps have can lock onto you with them. this is a FACT ive realised. they cooked my heart last night and I swear I am half dead today due to it. I am extremely ill today.

Hi Cole

Please dont take this at all personally but l dont want to be in real time contact with people. The thing is that the perps mess with my relationships and they turn ppl against me. It has happened too many times to count so now l keep to myself.  The perps have the ability to mind control ppl against you and they play mind games with me when l interact with others. I would like to exchange messages with you though. Friend me here and we can private message each other. I hope you understand. 

About the ppl pointing their devices at you. I have found that the perps with me always want me to think that mankind is against me. They do things to make me think it is the general public doing this to me. This hurts yoir feelings more than to think someone remote is controlling this. Dont be so sure the attacks are coming from people and their devices. The controllers could be synching their attacks with people pointing things at you. Keep yoir mind open to this possibility.

My situation is just like Dr Matthew Aarons "microwave no touch torture " video describes. I stick to the facts of everything ive said. I fear I will die in the next few days of what they did to my heart last night. I assure you what I am telling you is 100 percent fact.

I hope youre feeling ok. Let us know how you are. I had a horrible night too last night. They seem to attack me more at night than during the day. Daytime is for the mental harassment.  

Ive finally put togather the final bit of the puzzle. Through waking up in strange places , to being placed in a chair in the kitchen waking up nude, to some people claiming they wanted to hypnotize me who were perps, and some vivid memories of things that seemed to lead up to child sexual abuse  I HAVE DISCOVERED IM A MK ULTRA VICTIM SINCE I WAS A CHILD !!!!!!! A SEX SLAVE!!!! I AM APPALLED!!!!

Thats really disturbing and awful for you. I hope its not the case. I some time back came to the same conclusion about myself but since changed my mind. Id say that since a child l dont know what they have done to me. I know that when l sleep they have rendered me unconscious and done things to me and my environment. I dont know what they actually do but lm not surprised you have found yourself wake up in these ways because they want you to be disturbed and fearful about what they are doing to you. Do you live with anyone? Living with my mum gives me some protection of what they can do. Im aware they can just make her unconscious also and still do whatever they want but they cant make me wake up in the kitchen naked for example.  

I got locked out of both my email addresses, my peace pink account, and the login to my chromebook was even changed.

Being microwaved in my room assumably from the neighbors once again, getting distortion in my speaker of the laptop even from it. 

Had to make a new account, this is Cole Pinter. Dont know what to do. If anyone wants to contact me 908 531 2744. 

new email is if you want to email me, and if you want my story/dying decleration in case something happens to me please email me... youtube channel accounts I got locked out of targeted individual punk, targeted individual punk 2, Cole Pinter, and I believe there was also a "cole pinter 2"  if anyone reads this place download all the videos from those accounts and save the videos, continue to reupload thm everywhere in case something happens to me. 

Cole this can be defeated. Publishing evidence will make accountability happen. Same tech/ same people as U.S. Diplomats subjected to
Cole- Try church. do NOT mention the subject matter though. People will freak.
Cole- Hi. If it helps any, I try to find ways to help others out. Volunteering. People really welcome it. I don't talk about the problem ( you may choose otherwise) though. I get off my self focus and onto others. Maybe a food pantry or the like. Good places to meet people

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