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Difference between Schizophrenia and Synthetic Telepathy (Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts?)

Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? - Physics Revealed - Part 5
Description: Analyzes the difference between Schizophrenia and Synthetic Telepathy. Provides a diagnostic tool to identify the presence of Schizophrenia or a normal mind.

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Auditory hallucinations: a comparison between patients and nonpatients
Your articles are very interesting and show that Schizophrenics misinterpret sounds. It is interesting to compare with the effects of the A.I., which has an independent personality, memory, spacial skills, reasoning and behavior.

It shows that the two are quite distinct and that a perceived A.I. is unrelated to general arousal. That should lead to some diagnostic criteria, however, it would depend on the assessment of the A.I. and its ability to fake symptoms or be uncooperative. The only way around that is to focus on the aspects the A.I. cannot mimic, such as brain activity.

So, I think the first test should always be an MRI scan.
diagnosis of schizophrenia and Mind control Weapons symptoms

Carole Smith is a member of The College of Psychoanalysts, and an accredited member of the United Kingdom Register of Psychotherapists. She trained at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies, and currently serves on their Ethics Committee.
Anyone know who Captain John Tyler is? Any links?
I agree with Seymore about the MRI somewhat,because of a personal experience, this happened in Minniiapolis, Minnisota December of 07. I walked into the University hospitol, talking to an emergency room doctor,a DrTrishner about implants in me,she did the competent thing, she put me on a 72 hr mental hold following a MRI scan. 38 hrs into this 72 hr hold apprx 11 PM I was escorted out the door in about 3 mins or less by 2 armed guards and 2 big burly hospital attendents, the only reason it took them so long to get me out the door is because I demanded some warm clothes to wear, it was 17 degrees outside. I recieved 2 cab vouchers as they escorted me to a waiting cab. The release papers I signed on the way out were normal, except the release time wasn't on them, From talking to other patients in this facility, being released before 72 hrs was unheard of. anything that falls outside of the guidlines of the phyciatric diagnostic statistical manual volume 4, the diagnois is usually paranoid schizophrenia. Let's pray people stop being D.S.M. ed.
I had an MRI done. But who is a doctor that I can trust? I will send them copies right now. They did find some unusual. they classified it as prob. demyelinization and somethying else. i have their report and the MRI. The referred me to a neurosurgeon for more tests, but I was paying out of pocket. I felt like I was being given the run around so I never followed through but I still have the MRI. I sent copies to Derrick at FFCHS and he was going to forward to some doctors he knows. Not sure we have any concrete evidence unless you want to dig aound in my brain and see if that is a chip or not and pul it out of there and show it to these criminals. Anybody got a screwdriver?

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