Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

(editing) Failing Agenda in Mesopotamia and the Levant Set By George H. W. Bush

"we need more troops? no...we have 3000..."

cnfidence over strength of personnell...soldiers still ij action despite mission accomplished, end of war declaration...
insistence that the sodliers of iraq should be traikned by americans...
"we're not losing..." america in undeclared war....
daesh controls half of syria...real similarity is to european occupation of americans...
repressive killer assad just like repressive killers of indgeonous in americas, five-eyes nations...
hypocrisy of callin it a fight for freedom, goal is to americanize mesopotamia and the levant...
cointelpro, petroleum state, secret uf agenda, anti-democratic fascist agenda...
the begnghazi files show no information, they show no deception...
the republican politicians who have the anti-hilary ahenda also are the same agenda f those who dictate the IRAQ agenda...the anti-hilary attempts
are fail and the agend in mesopotamia and the levant was created by the same guys...
back to the unelected one, back to 
official in new mexico interviewed by msnbc's alex witt,

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch! Projections And Productions is a independent media newsgroup that offshot from the indymedia dot org in the years of the second George W. Bush administration.     we are anarchists.   i published articles as "bongo6900" at indymedia for a few years after the heavily-attended anti-capitalist convergence in Washington D. C.    

the start of the Indymedia Organization came out of the contentiousness and discord over the World Trade Organization elections.

Payday Loans Friday Jones

i'm uploading these uploaded notes of an article in process to demonstrate my point...
news events worldwide are continually developing.  everything needs followup, and 
NEW stories that need independent attention pop up all the time, as well.
there are no actual "anarchist organizations."  indymedia dot org was far too biased towards
socialism.  it was and is ineffectual, despite its internationalist stance, as a provider of news
and information that could help people get informed and change situations...
the W. T. O. is like a chameleon and a hydra all rolled up into one.  they change the face that 
they show the public, they add new initials or nicknames to trick the general public...but it's all a scam.
independent sources of media will keep popping up and that's a good thing.
also we (Tanstaafl P&P) lost our page at Indiepublic because they sold out to a furniture company....dammit
while the arrogant propagandists of the corpocracy's major media smirk and giggle and disinform, laughing
all the way to the bank and financed most by the very international criminals that many people think should
be on guard, we indie have to scrimp and struggle for resources.  this is not a call for donations or submissions,
however...if you understand and can pick up on what i am saying here, write me and we can talk about collaboration.
there are no anarchist bosses or organizations...we remain an independent media group that also focuses on the fine arts
and so, if that seems like something that you could see collaborating with, i'm the person to contact.  for now.)

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"Yes the bioethics committee have buried their heads in the sand. The perpetrators sit too high up the food chain....nobody dares challenge them. Thanks for trying to help us all though!"
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UN' s message to me , actually to all:

UN' s message to me , actually to all:"No government, no monarch, no leader can be viewed as  free of accountability. No one should be above the law."UN UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council International Bar Association International Criminal Court Canadian GovernmentI am torture victim?"They" are hacking all news and media  as they  are hacking UN, International Human Rights Community ( particularly, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Europe), International Criminal Court,…See More
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"From Kilic Heidelberg on 02/23/2020 at approx. 11am: "Aber Hallo......". This short phrase was present over many past weeks, occoured before"
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"Kilic PSI-Terror present in the night to sunday(02/23/2020) approx. 3am CET and again 10:45-11:30CET. Kilic is telepathically active!!!"
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