Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

First i will recommend that anyone going through this should read Project Soul Catchers: vol. 2 by Robert Duncan .It covers just about everything that is going with the technology based around remote neural monitoring, brain hacking, artificial chatter boxes with different programs ,using EEG brain frequencies.
If this is happening to you on a 24/7 basis you need to learn how express everything with out talking out loud. Start asking it very stupid questions to through it off subject. Also, start accusing them of very serious crimes. If some how you pick up on a name try directing the questions to that name. Be as relentless as they are with the way you answer back. One way to detect Ai is its continues non stop. If you owne a good pair of over the ear headphones you might notice this when you take off the headphones. I hope this helps a little.

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The book is called Project Soul Catchers: vol 2 by Robert Duncan.

(from shill muertos' myron may 'mental health' discussion:)

Comment by Anthony Forwood on February 15, 2015 at 4:33am (Jerry Mansky (AF))

"Do you understand the difference between factual information that can be checked, and rhetorical information that can't? ...Robert Duncan's information offers NO ability to be checked. It relies completely on his say so. If you think I'm wrong, let's see how much of it you can show me is backed up by other sources.

"Let me add to this.... In his first book, The Matrix Deciphered, Robert Duncan continually referred to appendices at the back of the book that will provide sources or references to back up his claims, and yet the appendices don't exist. I can't find any copy of that book anywhere that has the appendices in it.

"In his second book, Project Soul Catcher Vol. II, he states early on that all of the source material and references are in Vol. I (teachers edition), but on contacting him about this, he was forced to admit that there was no Vol. I. So he just made it all up that he had sources for his material, hoping that no one would be bothered to want to check it. That tells you how unreliable his work is."

it is for this reason (along with the fraudulent 'ph'd' claims) that it has been suggested that the 'good doctor' has performed an "unlicensed appendectomy"

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Some targeted individuals are claiming that our computers and other digital media are being used by the neuro weapons operatives in order to input their data into our brains in order to slowly and gradually bio-robotize us over many years. Does anybody know if muscle manipulation was taking place in targeted individuals before we all had access to computers and other digital media??See More
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"Do a hard reset dont let it backup if allowed"
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Found a dev folder at the root of my phone.
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"If you play a different frequency load than the one in your head a while it breaks it xxx"
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"Please keep this at top and forward ignore all else"
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"Its nano wire implanted onto your skull. Spread the message. They want to keep this a secret."
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"the device name cc308+ later I will check with other device. Device detect the same signals from mobile and wireless internet routers as well."
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"In my searches ive detected reactions from my naval as well.  I remember 15 years ago it bleeding and scabbing."



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