Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Electronic harassment, Mind Control, MK Ultra, torture, etc.

What do you know about Electronic harassment and Electromagnetic torture, Mind Control, etc. ?

Electronic harassment

Psychotronic weapons
Radiation power (active)
- The large beam of microwaves scattered
- Small gamma ray armed microwave or laser
- The big laser diffuse internal or external
- The small laser beam precise
Radiation power (passive)
- High Voltage
- Radon (radioactive)
- CT, CRT monitors
- EMF of our equipment or the environment
- Microwaves suspended in the air (Wi-Fi, satellite, satellite dishes, etc.).
- The large radius of microwave scattering (internal or external)
- The big laser beam scattering
Special effects added to the rays
- Small bright
- Liquid manure
- Toothpaste or turpentine
- Induced nausea
- Induction of allergies
- intestinal blockage effect
- Simulation of various physical ailments
Harmful gases (liabilities)
- Refrigerants or refrigerant gas (Freon)
Apparatus for control of the mind
- Implants (pick up the signals emitted by V2K or other).
- The software "TortureWare"
- The "Voice to skull" or V2K (makes sounds, noises, words, etc.).
Device Functions
- Physical torture
- Increased pain with passive radiation
- Causing computer problems
- Cause electronic problems
- Neutralize electronic equipment or electrical
- Synthetic telepathy
- Mental suggestion
- Install images or colors in dreams or field of vision of the person
- Display on a computer screen images of the brain of the person targeted
- Record and film the mental images and inner speech
- Read and listen to the thoughts
- Use data collected to harm the targeted person
- Monitor the actions and thoughts at a distance
- Control what enters and what leaves the body (flow of words, rot, etc.).
- Control the amplitude and frequency of psychotronic weapons
- To induce sleep (low frequency microwaves)
- Sleep deprivation

Aircraft involved

Basic equipment
- Computer (laptop, mini or otherwise)
- Software ("TortureWare", etc..)
- Controllers
- Magnetron (with tubing)
- Weapons and equipment of shooting
- Tripods and other supports
- Generating electricity
Electrics increasing the power electronics
- Household appliances (refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, etc.).
- Small electric motor
- Electrical quail
- Motor car, boat, etc..
- Equipment and construction vehicles
- Mower, snow blower, etc..
- Any electrical motor
Detects the signal from the targeted person (remote control)
- Cellular
- Boat Radar
- "Sensor"
Sensors and transmitters in the body
- Implants (micro-stimulators)
- Pacemaker
- Chips
Receive and transmit electrical signals (EMC, Wi-Fi, microwaves, etc.).
- Satellites
- Electrical outlets
- Cellular, cordless telephones
- Phones, computers, printers
- Implants (micro-stimulators)
- Pacemaker (micro-stimilateur)
- Radio, TV, GPS, CB taxi, etc..
- All radio equipment, electrical or electronic
Computer harassment
- Intrusion into the computer
- Flights and / or destruction of documents
- Location of virus
- Block (non-functional buttons, spam, etc.).
- Retardants (multiplication of documents, etc.).
- Emails intercepted or blocked
- Redirection of web pages on the provider's server
- Changes in the basic programming
- Automatic start of computer
- Internet outage
- Harassment technology (chat, message, text, etc.).
- Denial of computer services

Other technologies (cameras, recorders, sound systems, radio, TV, etc.)
- Blocking input waves of radio or TV
- Failure of electronic equipment (cut son)

- Lock functions taking pictures or movies
- Interference of waves
- Illegal program
- Intrusion into the camera to view the content
- Theft or destruction of documents photos or videos
- Lock backup functions
- Etc.

All those targeted by the Gang Stalking do not necessarily live electronic harassment. This is possible wherever there is electronic: house, car, work, hospitals, shops, etc.. And almost everyone carries a cell phone on him or lives in an environment of electromagnetic pollution. So, anyone can live without knowing they are targeted at the beginning of the process or later.

Mind control and electyronic harassment:
Computer services denial / Déni de services informatique:

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