Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

as in: if Hitler and the totalitarian German Workers' National Socialist Party -- the Nazis -- could have had this technology --

Hitler and his collaborators were immersed in the mystic ideologies of ancient India. And of course, it's important to know that THEY WERE SATANISTS. Pure and simple - they wanted to be the fulfillment of an antithesis to anything Good or God -- they wanted to COMPLETELY neutralize it. If it meant destroying everything in their way?

Which of course is completely NOT sane, insane, the opposite of true sanity.
They didn't have this technology -- the Ground Wave Emergency Network, the MK:ULTRA was a decade from real research and development, MK:ULTRA was still in the future...

and what all this is about is -- the people who are involved in working AGAINST this technology and use --
I read a lot of comic books when I was growing up. They are still nice to look at sometimes. But there is a difference between flights of fantasy and full blown psychosis, divorced from reality and delusional psychosis.

In truth the people who are working against direct energy, behaviour - manipulation weapons are some of the true Fighters Against Evil.

of COURSE one of the goals of the INSANE RICH who utilize this technology is to make people think that "resistance is useless" -- to simply go along with plans to make war.

There are no Americans, that i have heard of except for a tiny few in California protesting the war against Palestinians in Gaza.

Knowing the history as well as I know it, it seems

like this is a very, very bad time.

Hitler and his Nazis had no love for anyone, including Germans.

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we have to accept that It's On and the weapons that amplify the secret Nazi agenda are extremely powerful. it's an imperceptible technology for forcing people to conform with government that effectively, even if the evildoers are caught in a lie...the brainwashed masses will "look the other way..."

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"They use mind control robotic animals wild and domesticated. Even remote control biological house flys"
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"Mind control works on animals and insects!!! Fake Noahs Arch. You can also EEG to animals."
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"With implants you can record all your bio metric telemetry. Sight smell taste feelings to ssd. Then relive the same thing again."
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"Watch Myron Mays video look at his eyes. They are glazed and there is an électro magnetic aruroa around his head. He is EEG mapped !!!!!!!!"
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