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I want to state the obvious, and for anyone living like I am.....the obvious is where can I go for help.  Where can I go to get this problem that is with me 24 hours a day 7 days a week?   I have struggled for long enough and there is no end in sight, so where is the help.  In our ultra-sophisticated society, I am convinced there are answers somewhere.

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Why?  Is it not obvious that I'm a T.I? 

Michelle said:

Describe your problem
They may call themselves illuminati, to me that is just some fancy name for a bunch of criminals.  Nothing special other than they have access to the newest technology.  I have a facebook and Youtube and scream about them from the rooftops.  I am not assualted anywhere near where I was before.  I record everything I do.  Get a spywatch/spypen.  You must start trying to think of ways to catch them and prosecute them.  i have found that you can nail the group stalkers pretty easy if you treat each one like an isolated incident.  Yes the cops do lie, but when i subpeonad him he failed to show up in court...thus I can throw out his testimony.  Getting spiritually fit as you can is a good idea as well.  I have an outline on my blog on peacepink.ning entityled "READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO LIVE....'....Try to organize with other TIs in your area.  there is safety in numbers.  You can film each other and act as witnesses to their activities.

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