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Gang stalking network made easy - A TI perspective
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What is Gang Stalking and TI social control?
TI Gang Stalking is a framework of social control of group of people and this framework can be used by any system (even non-government system) to control group of people without doing anything illegal in the control framework. From this fact, things are very clear that whoever wants to gangstalke the TI they don't want to do anything illegal as a part of gang-stalking.
TI gang stalking allows to inflict enormous pain to the TI without doing anything illegal and TI gang stalking is planned in such a way the actions involved in the TI gang stalking are designed considering the loop-holes in the law.

Often the technology and hi-tech machines are used to introduce and amplify the pain, negative emotions (anger, fear, aversion, feel helpless etc). And the gang stalking is used to anchor the pain and negative emotions to the aspects of life (community, environment, person, time, objects) so that the TIs perception of all the aspect of life is turned negative. Also the occurrence of gang stalking is planned so that the TIs perception of aspects of life remains negative permanently and TI is never given time for cure.

Once the stalkers are successful in turning the perception of the TIs, the TI develops mood disorder. And for the perp programmed anchors when occur normally in life will trigger a bad mood for the TI(even if it is a normal life occurrence and not the GS event). And the TI views all the person who displays this gesture or anchor as a perp because of the influence of the forced mood disorder.

For example as a part of GS perps artificially cough and anchors cough with aversion. And after turning the TIs perception and introducing the mood disorder for given set of anchors. Even if a non-perp person coughs then the TI gets the bad mood (I hate when someone coughs like that). For every occurrence of programmed anchors if the anchors are displayed in normal life then the TI gets bad mood and this anchors act as triggers for the bad mood. With all those bad mood in life, the majority of TIs life is spent thinking about the GS and other problems.

Irrespective of who does the gang stalking we have to analyse the methods and characteristics of gang stalking to have a better understanding of who does it.

Now we shall analyse characteristics of TI gang stalking system.

What are the motivations to form the TI gang stalking system?

TI gang stalking is used by the system(government like big system) as virtual jail for the TI. TI gang stalking helps in achieving the following factors:

1. By the TI gang stalking the given TI can be isolated form the community and create barrier for the TI with the community.
2. By the TI gang stalking the TI losses the confidence in the community and fears to do anything dramatic or revolutional or do anything that will impact the community.
3. By the TI gang stalking the TI thoughts can be starved to only think about the problem of gang stalking and other life issues are thought or planned least.
4. TI gang stalking spoils the ego identity and confidence of the TI and don't allow the TI to reach a successful life (if the TI achieves successful life or influential life then the TI cannot be controlled).

Consider a case where if the government know that a particular person will compulsorily involve in crime or anti-social activities then the government can confine them (for example psychopathic person will compulsorily harm public and this type of people will be confined). But in the case of person with narcissistic or sociopathic psychology or something similar in concept the government cannot confine them, because the probability that the person with such psychology involving in anti-social activities varies from person to person. And the probability that the person will involve in anti-social activities depends on numerous factors. If the government still confines the person, then it is like punishing an innocent person for the sole reason that the government suspects the person who may involve in illegal activities, who didn't commit anything illegal.

Similar to the above concept if the government or a system who wishes to control a person who didn't involves in crime then gang stalking is only the way to do it and this rationalises the use of gang stalking on TIs.

What are the salient features of the TI gang stalking system?
Control across countries:
We have learnt that GS even get followed offshore and across the countries who would have such power to GS across countries. Definitely a organization with some volunteers with limited fund cannot do it, the organization with funds comparable to the national schemes and salaried perps who can dedicate their time for GS available across the stable economic countries can only do GS across shores.

System has the power for very long duration:
If the Gang Stalking is done by the non-governmental agency then system which does the Gang Stalking or TI social control doesn't have any legal liability to perform Gang Stalking actions which are at least most of the time is legal but falls within the loop-holes of the law. If the Gang Stalking system doesn't have any legal liability then the Gang Stalking can involve criminal or illegal actions and can escape after doing it.

If the system doesn't have legal liability then instead of doing Gang Stalking (in which the law loop-holes are considered and it is so complex), they could easily kill the TI, instead of doing the GS all along the TI life (365days a year). If the perps can kill the TI at their convenience then why not kill the TIs immediately instead of gangstalke them and DEW attacking them for several years and then kill them. If the perps kill the TI and can cover it up why not kill the TIs immediately instead of giving so much trouble and then kill them later. What type of the system can and wants to Gangstalke and trouble the TI for so much time or years?

The system is dedicated and involve in work for 24/7:
How the TI family members agree to take part in the GS session? What reason is given for them? Definitely not all of the family members will agree for money as the reason. Does the perps threaten the TI family members to take part on the GS. Or what could be the reason? When the perps meet the family members? Do they watch the life of entire TI family members before approaching them? And who can do it?

Consider a TI going to a shopping mall and perps managers are planning for a GS in the shopping mall. TO perform GS in the shopping mall they require people to perform GS, not just one or two can do GS in a shopping mall. Now to perform GS they can request people in the mall to GS which requires time, by the time the perp managers request each and everyone the TI will finish shopping and leave the mall .Or the perp managers can mobilize the part time gang stalkers to mall from volunteers group who know how to gangstalke and can do gang stalking with less supervision. If the perps or gangstalking planers want to perfectly determine the outcome of gang stalking they should involve trained gangstalkers who has prior gang stalking experience. And if this case is true(if there are part time gang stalkers and if they are trained prior) then GS activity is preplanned and well managed activity with huge fund. Even if the funds are available for GS activity how many of the perps will be willing to dedicate their time for GS at time convenient for the perp managers and how the GS managers mobilize or collect the trained gang stalkers from different location and move them to the shopping mall where GS activity is planned.

The system is well funded and the fund magnitude is comparable with the national schemes budget:
The perps who are part of the GS system or TI social control easily manages to turn the public against the TI for the GS session. Why the public turn so easily and what reason is explained for the public to make them to agree for the perps request in the TI stalking. Does public turn because the GS session involves nothing illegal (mostly it involves coughing, bumping into the TI, or other simple inconvenience). Or the public is given money to take part in the GS session and stalke the TI. If the perps give money to take part in the GS session then who funds the GS sessions which happens 365 days a year and what is the magnitude of the money funded for gang stalking the TI. And who can fund so much money?

What is the magnitude of the fund received by the TI gang stalking system? How and from whom the TI gang stalking system receives fund?
Considering the points discussed above the amount magnitude of fund required for gang stalking is huge and depends on severity of TI control the money required for gang stalking increases.

If the GS manager wants to organise the gang stalking activity for every day then they has to employ atleast a hundred for a medium severity control of TI. How much is the average living cost of a perp getting involved in the GS, say the average living cost of 4000$ for a month. And per day living cost will be around 130$, since the perps are normally part time workers then the cost will be less, so let us consider the cost is 100$ per day per perp involved in the gang stalking. So for 100 perps per day the cost will be 10000$ and per year cost would be 3600000$ (3.6 million dollars per year) only for part time workers. This cost is excluding the professionals like psychologist, public department resources, GS managers, GS perps mobilizers (cost for transportation), cost of the machines in the case of DEW, V2S or V2K and mind control and their operation cost. And cost for research for GS and aiding technologies? What is the cost for gang stalking across countries?What will be the total cost? What is the maximum money any non-governmental organization can collect? Will any non-governmental organization can fund the gangstalking activity which is so huge? Can the huge fund collection for gangstalking activity can happen covertly and won't such a huge fund transfer get notified?

If the government funds GS then whom the fund is allocated to, is it done covertly? How the government is able to covertly allocate such a huge sum for only control or Gangstalke group of people and able to cover it up?

Who is the authority of TI gang stalking system?
By mapping these characteristics to the agencies we can come out with the answer about the type of agencies controlling the TI. Agencies can be secret service, law and enforcement, intelligence agency or etc.

What is the hierarchy of the TI gang stalking system?
This analysis considers that the TI gang stalking as legally done by the government.

If the GS is legal then social control will follow the same structure of the judicial system. In a judicial system, court is an entity independent of the police system. The court is responsible for analysing the truth of the case and provide verdict which is independent of the investigators opinion. Police system is responsible for investigating the case and to file the case against the concerned person and perception of the police is always pessimistic to suspect everyone possible.

Similarly the GS system if legal should also have a entity which is independent and decide whether to control and how much to control the TI and for this discussion lets call it as GS management system.

And the GS system also should have a entity to screen the public by conducting interview (covertly in the name of job interview) to find the required psychology in the population. Lets call this entity as GS operations group.

GS operations group after finding the required psychology, the profile and interview logs are given to the GS management system. The GS management system after evaluating the logs and characteristics of the TI decide whether to control the TI and how much to control based on the severity of the Control required.

Note that the severity of the Control required determines the amount pain to be inflicted on the TI and GS frequency (for every day or month).

After the verdict of the GS management system the social control of the TI is implemented by an entity whose aim is to plan the control for every day, decide which type and amount of control. Apart from social control the TI is often reevaluated for change in the psychology.

Who does Gangstalking?
TI stalking are not some crooks harassing the TI for some mean reason, but the stalking are carefully planned by team of experts (psychological experts) and executed by carefully selected and trained agents. It is very clear that the stalking involves psychological concepts like NLP etc and the stalking is carefully planned by the experts in the psychological field.
TI stalking is planned such a way the output (extreme states of the TI) are observed carefully(to find which NLP-anchor or harassment works with the target TI) and used in the next TI stalking. This suggest the stalking is organized as a part of the major activity that involves systematic communication, organization, planning, execution and with unlimited funding.

TI stalking are planned such that the stalking doesn't leave any evidence or cannot be accepted as evidence (at least law and enforcement does not want to accept the evidence). The stalking and other assault are designed such that they does not leave evidence. Stalking organization is concerned about the evidence which can be produced judicially. What if a TI is able to produce a evidence which can be accepted judicially? Will the system(Government) if part of stalking will try to cover it up. Why any TI is not able to produce one? Or is the Government covering up the produced evidence?

Thinking about all the possible motive behind the stalking, the worst thing that could be the motive of the stalking could that the motive being legal and we TI being unable to understand or unable to get the information or reason behind the motive. If the motive is legal what could be the possible legal system that urge for harassment of the TIs. Is the system(stalking organization) is paranoid enough to commit stalking on innocent thinking that the innocent TI as threat to the organization or system. If the motive is legal then the real motive is not the harassment of the TIs, but it is a form of systematic control of the TIs life. Why should be a TI be controlled? Is TI is really a threat to the system?

The stalking organization seems to have unlimited access to the places of their interest and access the places used by the TI to gangstalke them. Only a organization with rights to access a place judicially can take control of the place and people in the accessed place should obey the organizations judicial order. Any other organization without a judicially order cannot take control of a place (used for TI stalking).

The organization involved in the TI stalking could be a legal organization with unlimited power(since they get support from local law and enforcement or since the local law and enforcement doesn't accept the TI complaints). Amnesty International and other Union(EU, UNO) does not help the TI and Amnesty International cannot interfere TI stalking only If the TI stalkers and TI stalking is legal.

Who take part in TI gang stalking?
Though all the general public is convinced by the perps to take part in the stlaking of the TI. There is a closed group of the people who normally take part in the gang stalking. Except for the intervention officers like the Director or manager all the perps involve in the GS are part time workers for the GS system. This part time workers will have a main profession other than GS work and also involve in GS as part time work and earn. Often the part time GS workers are transferred to the different location from where one TI live to where other TIs live and they are used by the GS Director or manager to stalke the TI. This is a cycle to prevent the permanent enmity between the given stalkers and TI and lessens the threat for the gang stalkers.

But the intervention officers like the Director or manager involve in controlling the TI and do it as full time job. This intervention officers like the Director or manager have 24/7 logging of events of TI, plan the daily control of the TI, amount of GS, type of GS, amount of DEW attack and other forms of control. The Director or manager of TI social control

How Gang Stalking sessions are planned, organised and executed?
Each and every GS sessions are carefully researched for the agenda (amount of pain, control and type of control), possible outcome(Did the session meet the planned outcome) and feed back(how the TI reacted to the GS session).

Roles in the GS
There are roles for each and every person involved in GS. The roles varies from Director or manager, assault group, diversion or mis-orientation group, observation or feed back group and theoretical analyses group.

Role of theoretical analyses group in GS:
This group contains the permanent members of the GS system typically psychologist, law and enforcement officials, public department members, traffic constables and controllers and Director or manager of given GS session.

Responsibility of this group is to frame or plan the gang stalking session. There are several factors that are discussed in this session. First the gang stalking frame work from the legend (previous GS sessions) are used to frame the current GS session. By using the legend GS frame work this group reuse the GS model, for the given agenda they need not frame each and every actions in session, but only have to select from the list of GS legends frame work to plan for the current GS session. This has lot of advantages for example time is saved, no experts are required always to plan the GS session, man power used to plan is less etc. And the emphasis is given for the plan for execution of the GS session.

Based on the type and severity of TI the given legend GS frame work is selected. Once the legend GS frame work is selected then the group request for the resource for the execution of the GS session. The resource are normally part time workers (except the Director or manager of the GS session) who are compatible occupiers of the place in which the GS session is planned.

Role of Director or manager:
This intervention officers like the Director or manager have 24/7 logging of events of TI, plan the daily control of the TI, amount of GS, type of GS, amount of DEW attack and other forms of control. The Director or manager of TI social control

Role of psychologist:
Psychologist take part in the design of the GS session. They design the GS session such that the GS effects in the psychological conditioning of the TI. This conditioning helps in the control of the TI. The psychologist also review the GS session and read the feedback from the TI to see how much the GS conditioned the TIs brain.

Law and enforcement officials:
Law and enforcement officials are responsible for protecting the perps involved in the GS session. They clear the area and make sure place in which GS occurs is usable by the perps. They also prevent the external influence from outside.

Public department members and traffic constables:
These people help the perps by clearing the place in which the GS occurs from the public and time share the place with the other public. After the GS session is completed or when the TI leaves the place the area is open to the public. When a public place is used by the perps the place is isolated by the Public department members and traffic constables to the public and controlled by these people.

Though almost all the members of each public department take part in the GS the session and the operation is kept secret from other members of the corresponding department.

Who are the targets of TI gang stalking system?
TI gang stalking system is selective when they want to select the people for gang stalking. This implies that the system has limitation on doing gang stalking and it cannot be performed on all the general public and selection of people for gang stalking follows a strict procedure.

While analysing and researching about the selection of people for gang stalking, we have to think about what are the characteristics that the perps are looking for as a part of selection and the place where the selection takes place.

In this aspect following questions are to be answered.

Will the selection happens randomly? Is the selection is based on the gene of the people.
If the selection process is not random and if it is systematic who would do the gang stalking and who would do the selection. Will both be the same persons?

How blacklisting works?
This process should involve the evaluation of the psychology of the person, to check whether the persons behaviour matches unacceptable psychological models. If the psychology matches the abnormal behaviour framework then the person is included in the black list. Then the social control of the person will be exerted on the person for his life time. Normally the gene carries the psychological traits through the generations, hence his entire family including his children and his grand children will be automatically included in the social control, after evaluation of the psychology. If the member of the family shows less similarity on the traits of unacceptable psychological models then the severity of the social control will be less.

The stage or place at which the evaluation of the psychology could happen could be at job interviews or other interviews which any common person has to undergo. So that the entire population are evaluated at certain stage. But the evaluation of the psychology and its result could be concealed to the person to prevent manipulating the results of the evaluation by the person being evaluated. And also if the persons psychology matches the abnormal behaviour framework then social control will happen without the knowledge of the person under control.

Types of Targeted Individual social control:
After the blacklisting as the first step in social control the person is prevented from involving in any political activities (which when the person involves pose a direct threat to the government if the person is Narcissistic).

Based on the severity of the social control, the control of life varies. Control involves time, how frequent the persons life should be controlled (social control could be for every year, every month, every day or every hour if the person social control severity is high). If the persons social control severity is very high, then the persons life is controlled for every minute.

Control based on the place:
Control involves infiltrating the places (work place, school, clubs etc) where TI uses.

Control based on the person:
Control involves people, the TI intervention officers infiltrate as peer in the workplace, infiltrate as neighbours, infiltrate as friends and even force the family members to spy and control the TI.

Control also involves several other aspects:
(1) Life is controlled by regulating the wealth, opportunities, social interactions, (2) Introduce complexities in the TIs life so that the person cannot conceive that the TI is in social control. By Introducing complexities in the TIs life, the TI will concentrate on only his life complexities and TI is prevented from observing the larger spectrum of life.
(3) gang stalking the TI to explicitly introduce problems into TIs life and this is used only if the severity of the TI is beyond certain level.

How the place of gang stalking is selected and managed?
When the TI is gang stalked the TI is isolated from the general public and most of the time of gang stalking the TI will be surrounded by the perps. But not all the perps will be active, most of the perps will be inactive. Only certain perps will be active and harass or stalke the TI. In GS place all the neutral occupant are informed how to interact with the TI on confrontation and almost all the time there will be intervention officers accompany the TI and will be on hide among the passive perps.

Often the public places used by the TI is isolated from the general public when the TI uses the place. If the TI enters public place where large group of people share then the public place, then the public is moved and the public entering is diverted and the the place is time shared until the gang stalking is completed. When the TI is in the public place the general public is isolated or diverted away from the area where TI is. When the TI is in the isolated public place then the place can be used to display wrong facts about the world to TI (to provide misinformation to the TI) or used for stalking the TI. Once the TI leaves the place then the whole area is freed for the public.

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Dear Kitty,

I meant it, if you inflict pain on someone in a method which is not mentioned in the law
(note the method is not mentioned in the law) then it is not illegal. The perps are just playing with loopholes in law.
Do reply me for further clarification.

Vijay Karthic

miss_kitty said:
i;m not sure of your sentence structure, actualy it IS highly illegal...time and again, under different circumstances persons have had trials and paid fines and gone to jail for inflicting pain onto/into others...
any other case, and im sure also there are a few are flukes and it always pays to check for a retrial.
"gang stalking allows to inflict enormous pain to the TI without doing anything illegal"
I agree that these activities are illegal. In my case a guy I that I met and dated online and was with only for one week in real life is the one behind my becoming a TI (his faulty logic is that if he harasses us enough I'll "give in" - but I don't even know what he wants). The perps have sent messages regarding "protection" - but 1) in return for what? for me to pretend I like an abusive guy who would do this to me and my family? 2) surely they are not expecting me to join their devil network? Haven't they figured me out by now?

I would keep more silent if they would take my name off the list, stopped tapping the phones, hacking the computers, sending their waves, harassing my family, following me around, street theater, bla bla bla, but I guess we are stuck together because I won't be with someone who would do this to me and they don't seem to think they should back off.

The hacking is illegal - I get hacked pretty much everywhere I go - my computer is linked to his hacker server right now. I have had death threats of all kinds levied at me. This in conjunction with the stalking constitutes "aggravated stalking" which is a felony here. In addition the hacking of the phones, tapping of the phone lines, filming me in private etc. are all illegal activities. Some perp clown flashing his windshield wipers at me might not appear illegal but it is part of an illegal conspiracy to stalk. Each state in the US has laws against most of the activities that they are doing. A couple states now have laws against electronic harassment too. I imagine at the point when non-corrupt government agency administrators discover what is happening and are able to address this, they will.

It is bizarre to me that in my case they have at least one family member involved. They set up a "family secret" to drive a wedge between us then they somehow convinced him to become part of my harassment. It's shocking too because I have a child and an elderly, ill father, but I guess that is typical of cowards - to attack women, children and old people. They had me talk with one of their "counselors" but this guy's advice was so absurd that his allegiance to perp sociopaths was instantly revealed. (He blamed ME for the stress my child feels, he told me that I am IMPORTANT to the ex - I'm not important to him - if I were he would not violate my civil rights and send a bunch of sociopaths to harass me, etc.) I'm not sure how good their psychologists are then... anybody can cause damage to another's life - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to harass someone. I think they know what has worked on other people but psychologists or whoever with the kind of sociopathology necessary to do this kind of work does not have enough EMPATHY to truly understand someone else. They can just see patterns, relate this to previous patterns of other TI's but really they are unable to understand how people function beyond this kind of mechanical reasoning.

I know about sensitizing, I know what kind of people they are, what to expect from them, etc. I think in my case they quickly moved to the electronic harassment because some of their tricks didn't work. I am hoping that the ex wakes up and realizes what kind of damage he has inflicted on innocent people and stops (well, rather than be proud of being a freak)... otherwise I hope that because some of their activities are ILLEGAL and leave EVIDENCE that I can have my day in court eventually. It's unlikely that I am going to take down the whole clown network, but as long as I am being harassed and tortured anyway, why not take down the person behind this (in my case)? If I am looking at a miserable life of harassment and headaches why would I NOT try to get legal recourse?

Also, the ex has tried to insult me using anything he can find out about me but still it is not so much an insult as it is a revelation of his true character. It seems that he was either part of this network from before or his personality disorder, etc. fits in with the kind of people that would do this.

What did I do to become a TI? Random? no. Political? no. Whistleblower? no. Threat to society? no. Briefly dated the wrong guy - one who would rather kill me than accept that I don't want to be with an abuser? yep. Will he leave us in the hands of the sociopaths when he finally realizes that I don't love him? I don't know. One can only hope that there is some salvation for him. (As horrible as my life is with this abuse, it is nothing compared to the afterlife the perps will have to suffer.)

One day these crimes will be revealed and will have to be dealt with regardless of the money behind them or of the individuals in the government who may condone them or look the other way. I don't believe in the total involvement of government agencies because if this were so my perps wouldn't have to work so hard at keeping me from reporting these crimes.
If these folks are preying on the weak? They are doing illegal acts. Its just difficult to gather evidence to prove that there is a group en masse terrorizing a n indivvidual. I maintain the government muust be doing COINTELPRO and that there MUST be a manuual showing these folks how to do this. The amount of money needed would be massive. The problem is that the burden of proof is on the TI. But if the TI goes to a shrink (who btw MUST often times be in on the gag ergo another reason why this must be a government stasi program) to tell the shrink who is not in on the gag would mean for the TI to look like a fruitloop if he says: omg! There are hundreds or thouusands of people following me around alwaaysripping up my clothes and never stealing anything! Really? Why dont perpps steal anything of value? B/c frankly they want to teroroizze you to death or to ruin u by making u take a trip to the shrink and give u a diagnosis.
its government. Stasi. Cointelpro. Its been done before but id bet its been pperfected for the orwellian police state. Thanks George Bush! Thanks baarak obama! We used to be the free country! Prided ourselves on individualism. Now theyve dumbed folks down to collectivism.

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