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Get rid of V2K, neural monitoring! Via FARADAY CAGE!

You can get rid of V2K, neural monitoring, electronic harrasment by building a Well Shielded Faraday Cage n you being in it for about 10 minutes... The Cage needs to block electromagnetic waves in the frequencies from about 1 hertz ( elf radio waves) to megahertz... If they cant send signals to your body n mind for over 5 minutes they will lose contact with you.... My neighbor has done it successfully!! It got rid of his V2K, neural monitoring etc... Its the best and most effective way to get rid of this harrasment... N trust me they wont bother you again... Cause you know how to get it out of your system... Medications, drugs, aint going to work....

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Sorry to disappoint you, but you should read this :

Dont listening to Chanath as he is probably a perpetrator himself... A well built Faraday Cage will work , if you use the right material ive seen it myself.... It has to be able to stop all types of radio waves from entering the faraday cage, especially Extremely Low Frequency Waves, waves below 100 hertz in this case a closed enclosure with no openings or holes!

how to build a faraday cage?

I'm not a perpetrator, it's science: did you read the article?

@ chanath, i read the article it was talking about radio waves in Gigahertz range... When it comes to Voice To Skull harrasment , remote neural monitoring, central nervous system manipulation of a human being , dream recording n abuse, seeing n hearing through a "targeted victims" eyes n ears , were talking about radio waves below 1000 hertz, you need a very well built faraday cage made of thick metal high magnetic permeability material with which can attenuate n stop these extremely low frequency radiowaves signals. Its very possible since ive seen it myself. N i know the pussy piece of shit people who work or are contracted by the crooked ass goverment who use this technology on innocent humble people!!! Excuse my language

Peterpan714 and Carrin Behr, I recognize in your langage the very words of a real victim of these bad mother fuckers (They killed my father and try to do the same with me at this time). They have no respect for everything, humains, animals, nature. I was under the fire of their micro waves technologies since 2010 and, for the moment, I don't find any way to protect me against the torture, mind control, sleep deprivation etc.

You can find the list I build every day on this page of my french website (but I didn't try all the "solutions" exposed) :

As for Chanath, you have to know, as I can tell it in my website, that the pseudonyms which contain the words "cha" or "chat" (that means "cat" in french because of the "black cat", the fake bad luck) are mostly from perps. There is a lot of other words we must spot to make the difference between real and fake victims.

In France, for the moment, I didn't find any other real victims like me. So you can imagine that I'm very alone to work for protection against microwaves. Moreover, my english is not very rich so it's a little bit difficult to keep good contacts with english speaking victims, who are the main Targeted Individuals communauty in the world (Obviously, the technologies are made in USA !).

If you want to discuss with me do not hesitate any time.

Brulé Parlesilluminés

A Faraday cage which blocks all the electromagnetic waves is very expensive to purchase and difficult to build. Moreover we need a lot of place to put it and we are not protected out of it.

Here is an article that says Faraday cages dont block ELF waves.  ALso, there was a group of TIs in Europe who says they visited a Faraday cage and it had no effect. "The Extreme Low Frequency waves will penetrate anything and everything, the specially shielded Faraday cage, the ocean. Nothing stops or_weakens these signals."

ALso, Even if you were to invent a new kind of Faraday cage that did block ELF waves, you would have difficulty applying to everyday situations as it would be too small to live in. 

This quote is from a discussion (see link below) I found. It reflects what I heard Dr. Robert Duncan say on a radio interview. It would take a superconductor to shield TIs from the waves that are used to attack us.

"It is for extremely low frequencies that superconductors give you anything. If the fields oscillate very slowly then the currents in metal will eventually die out and the magnetic field will penetrate, with a superconductor you can permanently block of the field of a permanent magnet - frequency zero.  "

Here is another article that says a Faraday cage cant block ELF waves. Its a good read.

Big Al your a Colossal Moron.

Here is another article that says Faraday cages dont block ELF waves. Its a good read.

I dont see any links to any proof that you provide. And why is it you have not entered into this Faraday cage to get rid of V2k? And how do you know the guy who said it worked for him truly had v2k in the first place? I mean others says their experience is that a Faraday cage doesnt stop eh or v2k. In the end, I see too many links on google that say a Faraday cage doesnt stop ELF waves, so I am more likely to believe these sources than some guy named 'peterpan'.

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