Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Here are two letters from Mr. Attorney General of Canada and Ontario Ombudsman.



Here are two letters from Mr. Attorney General of Canada and Ontario Ombudsman. Regarding other letters, I don't have to mention them again and again.

Canadian victim of torture

Robin Yan


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Meanwhile how do you block? Lastnight i got 3 succesive torture dreams, waking up to threats. I just happened to find a broken binnocular with lenses detached. I first put them in places that had a direct effect, only working temporarily. What i found expirimenting is they access us with implants or energetics, plus using external methods to think the computers they use.
Find a set of binnoculars with orange sun shade on lenses. Break or disassemble.
Place on electronics power supply large end down. First place one on front of brain one on back, spin for a while. You will hopefully feel a click in the brain.
You also need to get charcoal mesh screen
Find high gauss on walls and hang it over.
This will provide a movable situation in your home.
Keep the cones attached to lenses, hope this helps.
Get a blacklight and pet stain blacklight look for a shiny colorful streak residue on outside/inside walls i covered with face cream it worked to stop secondary i also ised copper wier ends slightly in ear and sides of eyes. You basicly need to expiriment until you find its full process.
Also get thick microwave doors place againts sink drain pipes. Also add cotton thick and weedblock.

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"This is a form of RAPE. Justice needs to be served. No one even Military has the right to rape civilians. They need to go to JAIL!"
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"They take your frequencies and inject them into their brains and they feel and experience sex just like you would. Directly connected"
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"What they are doing right now with is "CRIMINAL" is they are taking your freqs when having intercourse and injecting into themselves."
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"I don't support this but you can have electronic sex in the future with images, feelings, etc injected directly into the brain."
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"Recorded vacations replayed with more details than virtual reality directly into the brain? YES THEY ARE DOING THIS NOW."
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"Is it possible to expand and contract objects with frequencies?"
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