Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I cast say this happens all round the world, but be aware it may follow a very similar pattern, especially in countries that do not have a communist government?

1.  You are going about your usual business and someone may ask you to do something that is diametrically opposed to everything that you thus far consider right and just.  You now have a choice, either do it, or don't do it, either way you are, 'damned if you do and damned if you don't.'  If you do you are put on the treadmill and must for all time commit to that service as may be dictated to you by those in authority, the consequences of which are too frightening to contemplate if you don't.  NB, I have heard someone say, I've got children."  If you don't do as they ask you are condemned to Mental Hospitals, being beamed with voices in your head and pains anywhere and everywhere.  Who's behind this?  In most cases it's a politician.  NB A lot agree with this, some will not but it's too late.

2.  That politician unbeknown to you has got a hold of someone in your household, a relative, that relative will organise a vote of ten people or so that know you, or do business with you in one form or another, these will also be part of the same faction, Organised Gang-stalkers, almost invariably they will vote in favour of your demise.

3.  Your relative(s) will then enter into a act and state that you are acting bizarre and you are not the person you was, and if you try to explain what your going through or even the technology, you are delusional and or paranoid, you are therefore in need of help from a psychiatrist who will medicate you and probably have you incarcerated in a Mental  Facility for an indeterminate time until they consider it right to release you back into the community under certain restrictions, which you must adhere to or you will have to go back.

4.  You are now considered by siciety as vulnerable, and in certain situations you may have your freedom outside the Mental Facility, restricted by a relative looking after your bank account, restricting your friends and or contacts, they will for all intents and purposes become your Guardian, legally appointed.  They will be monitoring your every move.

5.  If it was not quite like the above, that you saw or heard something that you where not supposed to witness then you may as soon as they can make you a TI via a vote as detailed above.

It does not matter how the cookie crumbles it always ends up as a close relative doing the dirty work to you.

From what I gather and suppose, especially what I have gleaned lately you have to be, Black & White, that is both Good & Bad. 

I'm not sure how long I've got as they are going for two things, Cardiomyopathy, Simulated Heart Attack has failed, I also know I'm being beamed and they are going for Simulated Covid 19?

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All that's going on in the world is UN AGENDA 21, which is also known as, AGENDA £30, which is the same thing.  when you hear a politician talking about, 'sustainable' development, productivity, energy, agriculture, etcetera, that is AGENDA 21.  Do you know of farmers fields that do not produce anything, but still get a GREEN SUBSIDY?  That is part of the same thing, it's just a way of keeping food at a higher price because of its scarcity, that includes fish.  Also the things that they consider should change to green, electricity for example, just check out how much CO2 the manufacture of windmill generators cost in terms of their manufacture and use.  Yes they do produce CO2.  Solar Power also produces CO2 in the same way but presents a massive problem in 25yrs after installation, that is when their life is over as you cannot currently re-cycle them.  Then you've got electric cars!  Do a little bit of homework and the truth is stark.  what's going on was planned a long time ago, and is part of, 'World Government,' which is the critical direction of the UN. Covid 19, think in terms of the film, Close Encounters of the third kind, twist it round a bit minus the UFO's and that's basically it.


Just to let you all know especially if you have something of value, eg: house, work such as paintings or antiques etc; they do like playing games, first I digress, in Victorian times it was Arsenic & Old Lace, that is to say older women used to poison off their hubbies with Arsenic to get their hands on the fortune and be footloose & fancy free!  This ended because of the advent of pathology which identified the crime, so these days it's MK Ultra & Old Lace!  They kill off their other halves for the sake of the money & similarly foot loose & free.  Hence it is imperative that they marry you as this at least gives them half of your estate, no matter what your will says!  NB they are trying to change the law.  However in the meantime if you are that way inclined, forgive the pun, there's nothing wrong with random sampling.

Be very careful as there could be an unexpected addition, let your brain do the thinking as mine has always done, and not that thing between your legs.  You know when there is something wrong about what was happening in a potential relationship as they label you as 'GAY, when you don't fall for their charms.

NB, Please do not take exception to the last statement if you are LGBT, I'm just quoting what they are about' and how they react.

NB:Has anyone seen my will? 



Please extrapolate the logic if you are LGBT!

Hi everybody, including the perrps on BUFF SPEAK!  Otherwise known as TALK TALK!

This one will probably travel like a lead brick.

Over the last four weeks, they have installed a 5G communication mast near me and switched it on immediately.  This comment is not about whether anyone agrees or objects though, but PLAY A GAME OF SPOT THE DIFFERENCE?

Late last week I went out to cut the lawns and immediately found a distinct eerie difference as listed below:

No Birds, these include the wild/ferule pigeons that used to occupy my oak tree and other gardens savaging the lawns for food also no tits, robins, blackbirds, finches etcetera.  ALL GONE.

No insects hardly except for a handful of gnats under the oak tree where there used to be hundreds, no bees or wasps, bluebottles & flies.

There is only one solitary cat out of five that used to traverse my garden, and that appears sporadic.

Having been about there are no pigeons in Bloxwich or Walsall where they used to be.

There are some allotments near by and a neighbour grows some veg.  It will be interesting to see what kind of harvest he's going to get next year from insect pollinated veg?


Hi everybody, including the perrps on BUFF SPEAK!  Otherwise known as TALK TALK, also Knights of the Golden Horn!

What's going on in the World is GLOBAL, this is a complete re-structure of the Worlds Finances, see ColdFusion Money on YouTube, there is no politics involved, it just tells you dead pan about, ,Money,' and literally what it's about and how it affects everyone, without exception. I've said it in a previous statement that God is Money, and I have been told that what it's about is, "POWER & Money," If you come from the lower classes and you make it to degree level or even higher, you are automatically considered a potential threat to the system and therefore have to be controlled so that they can fit you into their ranks in their so-city , and I choose that word very carefully, the perps will understand, and you will have no choice but to be obsequious to their command, no matter how unsavoury or obnoxious or completely against all that you may consider right. The battle going on everywhere is with anything or anyone that will call them into question. All political Parties are the same, the battle between left or right is for the Injuns. Personally I can live with most things but if something is a closely guarded secret and it's a part of your life either directly or indirectly you should be informed exactly what it is quite early on like most of their children 3, 4, 5, years old, so that you can just get on and enjoy life as you have it. The only reason why it's secret is because it's total and complete abuse, and that so-city as it's own agenda that it does not want  the majority to know, World Control / Government.  Someone has uploaded footage from a mobile phone of, 'Billionaires Parties,' yes plural, forget, religion, the laws of any land, politics, basic morals, everything you're taught at that level none of it counts, assuming the footage is to be believed, I have no reason to disbelieve it.  'Working girls,' are shipped their by the coachload and can make £40,000, in one night, drugs by the barrow load, anything goes and their wives?  They just stand there watching them!  Robert.

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