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My name is Tiffany Bryant. I like Washington State. I am constantly threatened and harassed and hit with high pitch frequencies daily so I can't sleep. I was checked out by doctors they say I have a normal hearing so I shouldn't be hearing high pitch ringing and women and men talking to me insulting me and my family for being good Christian people. They say they are trying to kill me and my family by constantly annoying me and stealing hope so I don't want to live anymore. 

I am a college student going to college for Radiology. I am a sober person and a hard-working person. I want to get involved any way I can get involved to get justice for the nonstop abuse I have endured for four years. 

I am happy to provide any service I can to help others and myself at the same time. if you have any questions please reach out to me. Thank You.

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Hi Tiffany. I'm also a TI and just saw this site. You may want to check out research titled "modulation of the inner ear utilizing nano magnetic particles". This describes the rather simple tech based on poisoning with magnetic dust. Most TIs say they are dusted in their homes. I am so it makes sense to me this is how it's done. The high pitch tinnitus is subliminal messaging above conscious hearing range like images that flash too quickly to see. If you start feeling electricity eat cilantro to remove this magnetic material (magnetite)

Thank you for the info I am gonna look it up .

Hello Tiffany I am targeted I'm 60 AA and it's been going on 24 years. I have gotten the high pitched frequencies too. I also hear pounding and talking. High pitched sounds can be made by putting certain objects over batteries. It's on you tube. Please don't give up. I am a Christian too. A number of times I have given up because of the noise but I wish I wouldn't have. It seems like they're trying to take the good people out of the world.

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