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Hi! I hear v2k voices constantly. And i'm tired of being called crazy over them. Its as if someone has hacked my brain & put them there. No one else hears them. I don't know what else to call them. But the voices mentions about pairing with my thought. Everyday i'm scared of these very real voices.

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The voices are just baiting me to get upset over.
Someone is harassing me with voices
I think the voices are called voice to skull that she is harassing me with

they hacked your brain with v2k

I think they did. Someone knows everything now.
They are using voice cloning to control you and implanting thoughts. They clone your voice then they act like your inner voice because it sounds like your voice. Once they do this they can manipulate you. It is dobe using V2K. Also a cochealrs implant can be used.
I thought it was a journalist doing it.
I am beside myself. I thought I was being investigated by a journalist. My mind runs wild & crazy with ideas.
How can they get into my brain so only I can hear them though? No one believes me. They think I am crazy.
These voices are real, anxiety producing & making my mind run crazy.
I probably drive people crazy over my voices because they scare me. These darn voices.
If only I hadn’t responded to someone else’s negativity maybe I wouldn’t be being harassed with voices. No one understands them.

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The Vatican which is also known as the catholic church has the enormous responsibility of maintaining the inculcation levels of up to two billion followers. The Vatican hierarchy are and have always been experts in psychology. They use trauma based mind control to initially inculcate each child into their belief system. In order to trauma base mind control a child you first need to put the child into a state of extreme fear or extreme shock. Then you give them a message and because they are in…See More
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"linkit toimivat naamakirjassa, ei täällä kuitenkin TI´S "SYMPTOMS""
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" Lista tuli tänne lopusta alkuun- MUUT OIREET"
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"- (The TI can in his thoughts intercept)Ti voi ajatuksissaan omia, mitä TV:ssä on meneillään, hetken aikaa, riippua aiheen kiinnostavuudesta. Jotkut TI:tovat varmoja, että ihmiset TVS:ssä matkivat heitä tai…"
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"- mitä TI ajattelee, muuttuu todellisuudeksi . odotukset muuttuvat tasan päinvastaisiksi johtaen kognitiiviseen dissonanssiin"
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outi tuomi commented on H's group Finland
"-  Kun TI tapaaterveydenhuollon ammattilaisia, he eivät ole kiinnostuneita siitä, mitä TI kertoo heille. Oireita käsitellään vanhanaikaisella tavalla. Monet kerrat TI on ottamaan väärä…"
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