Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

My parents volunteered to have my brain implanted as a child. Throughout my childhood I endured psycho-sexual abuse at the hands of my family. All this was being recorded (kiddie porn).

When I finally woke up to the abuse, the gangstalking “started”, i.e. it went from being covert to more “overt” —things like vehicular harassment, voice-to-skull, etc.

About ten years ago, I moved to CO from Austin. It was at this time, two men broke into my home while I was sleeping. They administered some type of paralysis drug, but they implanted me. I woke up and couldn’t move my body, but could hear the two talking, and mentioned that they would be going to another person’s home (a woman) to do the same thing.

And then a couple of years ago, an Emily Close moved in next door to me. On October 30th, I was implanted again on the left side of my skull. She moved out shortly after they successfully broke into my home while I was sleeping and implanted me.

My family are involved: Vladimir and Jana Pavlovsky (parents), Vladimir Spina (uncle who had top secret clearance at Lockheed Martin), Peter Spina (Freemason of the William McKinley lodge in NYC and owner of He was the one who molested me as child and after confronting him about it, the stalking amped up), Katherine and Peter Wagle (sister and brother-in-law. My sister made a comment about an interaction I had with Emily Close shortly after I was implanted even though she wouldn’t have had knowledge about it unless she was involved. She worked for Medtronics as well who manufacture these implants).

Stefan and Felicia Tucny and their neighbor Caroline are also involved. Stefan worked for Lockheed Martin. He was (or so I thought) a childhood friend of mine. He stabbed me in the back. When all this gangstalking started, Stefan and I went on a hike. He brought along his kid, Cypher, whom I’m almost positive he drugged. At the end of the hike, he mentioned that he had no photographs of his son and I. I had thought it an innocent request. He photographed me holding his passed out kid in the woods. Guaranteed this photo is being used to make me look like a pedophile. (He also hacked into my HostGator account.)

Vijay Harid is another person. He’s a professor at UC Denver whose working on a lot of neuroscience research for DARPA. I was an EE, and he made various comments that suggested that he knew what was going on and is actively involved in my electronic harassment. (Professor Tim Lei may be involved as well, but Anschutz Medical Center is definitely involved to some extent in this non-consensual human experimentation.)

As well as some other people in my life along the way (Cody Ray, Andrew Souby (went/goes (?) by Donald Remington on Facebook. He’s in the Army.), Allison Smith (sodomite who went/goes (?) by Allison June on Facebook), Katherine Edling (could be Katherine Tomasetti now), Patrick Shaw, Signe Cluis, Jamison Lippolis, etc.) Most of ’em have ties to either military or defense contracting.

The names listed are just a few, mostly those who were closest to me and are involved in the program as perpetrators. I'm in the process of leaving the United States in order to obtain the necessary evidence to take the people to court.

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We must win if we are together. Please forward this.

My neighbors;those who are gathering around and in my work place; those who are driving aircrafts...If they don't commit such severe crimes, why do they keep  hacking International Bar Association, UN , International Human Rights Community , Amnesty International, and International Criminal Court regardless of anything?UNUN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International International Bar Association International Criminal CourtCanadian GovernmentI was told that without connecting…See More
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Voice to skull

NTD China in Focus originally aired on September 14, 2020 coverage includes V2k or voice to skull torture referred to as electronic harassment and mindcontro...
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