Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

important article is about how this works google this: neutrinos,quantum entanglement, and psychotronics

in google yesterday i googled this terminology and the first url header page listing one of these is a unesco article which ironically surprisingly is in their system about soem of the main horsepower componentry behind this 89 year developement of the mind-control system they are working on worldwide and apparently had been experimenting with after they ahd found out about in 1948 in other ways possibly by dismantling one of lucifers purposefully crashed spacecraft in NM-USA such technology, i assume that if satelites will read our minds, is used by nasa and the ESA secretly, europe possibly had gotten their revelations form the beast of the bottomless pit mentioned in the bible so their b.e.a.s.t. supercomputer has been in the world replacing the holerith and i.b.m. had something to do with this fact for many years and also c.e.r.n. and communicate with cell-towers and  other elements as they do now-[this component ideology technology is was already created many years ago and was in its infancy until recent supercomputer A.I. updating after ww-2 had been updated every decade and now compresses quantifies agressively because of this and unfortunately america had helped c.e.r.n. with their device against all common sense, you would not find anything on project blue'brain which is a licensing technological junket of IBM and its subcontractors who steal human brain tissue in north america from intelligent people as experimentation against them and also to take samples to use in AI neurology AI chip developement for spying , i see d.a.r.p.a. is possibly involved secretly with a seperate line of inventors who's names they would possibly not reveal but can possibly be found in internet searches of older metadata in a their internet server storage systems-[if it applies]-before and slightly after 2012,last year i had seen one of these gadgets they had deployed in the water in austin tx, i had seen one of these in 2012 at a local area church property which rolled up to me and decloaked form invisibility on dairyashford, this object had a rectangular box and a microphone looking head and  a camera and it went back to invisibility after taking a puicture and flashing a black cat in a hologram,.      

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"Well I am white 100%, Irish living in Ireland and I am being targeted , stalked ,controlled  and attacked with directed energy weapons. I have no idea what this TI program is about but it has nothing to do with race."
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"Officials should be extremely careful on white people deaths. To evil doers not all white people are white. Example Jews, Romani, etc"
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"Covid is a biological weapon. Most people dying are minorities. Extreme far right backed by Russia and some of America are to blame."
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"Are they using hearing jammers to interfere with  and to damage my  hearing when I  am home and in my work place ? Please see these 2 links below : Jammer Google Canada"
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