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Sue brought up a very good point recently, and it only just clicked with me, that our pets are tortured, I know they kill birds, I'm almost sure they have killed at least one person, when I send a candidate for an interview, they reckon they can use mind control techniques on both the candidate and the client (interviewer), and there would be no time to chip these people.  The possiblity then exists that they use their cell phones to watch and listen, but how do they achieve the mind control?  The one possiblity, is that we are all wired due to the chemtrails they have spread over our areas, or they simply use satellites for their RF (Radio Frequency)?

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There is a website called that has insightful information. I personally think that some things can be done with out a chip. But, for more intensive control I do think implants are used. The new ones are nanotech so it's easy to get them in the body. Another reason why I think implants are necessary is that it provides a clearer route to the intended target without the potential of interference or affecting others than the TI. Also, they do shit to my cats too, I don't think they're chipped either.

to prove they are using implants, try imagining putting rubber stopper caps all over your brain and in ear organs, if they get interrupted or change, you know your chipped.  the programs can take imagined/visual cues

Cat Cat so true. It's really a shame, this world could be really great if it weren't for the psychos running it. Can you feel the one in your arm or is it so small you can't get to it. For me, mine are all in spots I can't get to. Brian nice suggestion. I can see 2 of my implants (they're old school) but I can't get to them without causing damage.

Cat Cat that interesting with the eyes my situation is similar every now and then (only during the night) it's like looking through a strobe light it's really weird and that's the best description I can think of. I get vertigo frequently. I wish I could get valium. I suspect the ent doc you seen knows about this shit too.

Cat Cat I seen the bright light only once incredible how they project this shit.  Most of the time I see little glowing white dots floating around; it makes me wonder if they're a projection or nanobots.

They make me see white sparks coming out of my eyes too. I think they do it by stimulating the retinas. At the beginning of my targeting I got a beam of light going out of one eye, it was checked by an Opthalmologist, she reported both retinas are damaged.

Thanks cat cat. I thought I mentioned it before on here. Anyway, they seem obsessed with one eye, the sight in that eye has got worse recently as they keep clicking it or clicking around it. The Opthalmologists were nice but they didn`t believe what I said. I thought at the time I had been chipped, but I learned from a physicist they can see thru your eyes without chips. I will see how it goes. They seem to get fixated on a particular body area for a long time, then move on to another. The worst was one big toe, it`s almost completely numb now, the nerves are destroyed except a bit round the edge and the quick of the nail. Apart from that I`m not too bad, the sleep deprivation is less now.

no, you are not alone when I go to bed I often happens to see a steady white light or one strobe, do it to deprive myself of sleep always happens when I'm falling asleep, and 'hard to get used to.
Or use a sound like overtaking between two cars when I'm falling asleep, always left ear, this for many times, my body gets tired enough to go to tachycardia because 'can not rest ...

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