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最新发明防时差反应眼镜 发出绿光可调整生物钟



科学家近日发明出的“时间控制”眼镜。 [保存到相册]

眼镜中间可放出绿色的柔和光线,以改变人类的睡眠类型。 [保存到相册]



  据该设备的主要发明人,来自地处澳大利亚阿德莱德市的佛林德斯大学(Flinders University)的利昂-莱克(Leon Lack)教授称,这副眼镜也能帮助失眠症患者,使上夜班的人更加有精神并且能使青少年避免早晨赖床。


  科学家表示,该眼镜内的绿光,可改变人类大脑中控制生物钟的腺体行为,从而达到调节生物钟的目的。 研究人员称,对于想早睡早起的人来说,他们可以在早晨配带这种眼镜50分钟,而对于想晚睡晚起的人来说,只需在夜晚睡前将眼镜戴上50分钟,便可延长生物钟时间。


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It's the government help for me

I'm just rambling now but I used to have an awesome life.....I was a teacher (still kind of am but not loving it and they are making it impossible)....then I began a short lived career as a skydiver, even made a few BASE jumps.....but just like the famous film point break with Patrick swayze (my rapist actually did the stunts for that film and many more) a lot of the film rings abuser is a extreme sport junkie so it makes since that he's government involved and trains the army,…See More
1 hour ago
Amber Wilson left a comment for Amber Wilson
"It's normal to want to kill those who abuse you, it's a form of fighting back especially when they don't stop and u don't know what else to do and no one offers help"
5 hours ago
brian bovo commented on Anthony Benjamin's blog post Schizophrenics can stop hearing voices by confronting avatars – study
"Note i can sleep but my tactics confront the fact im dealing with a persistant technology that was dormant. Im trying to get it to return to that state. So far its been impossible. They send out a signal and return it. Why do i hear voices out of…"
13 hours ago
brian bovo commented on Anthony Benjamin's blog post Schizophrenics can stop hearing voices by confronting avatars – study
"I confront implant locations. Push signal relays to widespread pointallation location. Use kinetic power they panic but eventually get it they need to stop"
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"Bonjour à vous toutes et tous,Berenice, très bien pour cette lettre que je découvre à peine (les 1ers échanges se sont croisés ce matin et hier).Je la reprends sur un dialogue avec Amnesty Aulnay sur le…"
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Anthony Benjamin posted a blog post

Schizophrenics can stop hearing voices by confronting avatars – study

Coming face-to-face with an avatar on screen may help schizophrenics cope with their hallucinations, a study found. Patients confronting avatars turned out to be less distressed and heard voices less frequently.According to the research by King’s College London (KCL), the new treatment for schizophrenic hallucinations could be twice as effective as counseling. The study, published in the Lancelot Psychiatry Journal, tested 150 patients. Of these, 75 who had been hearing voices for more than a…See More
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hassanmcv left a comment for Amber Wilson
"Please no call to kill, many victims here are fragile, you re not the only one here to have reached a point of big despair and big suffering.  Plus you make us look like mandchurian candidates. We dont need that here at Peacepink, Amber."
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