Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Chemical weapons were replaced approximately in 2011 by DEWs and electronic torture.

See 2006 comment. Please note street theatre such as directed conversation does not exist.

[Chemical Warfare] Elron66's office and home were pesticided. (Undated)


Spraying fumes or scents into a targets home. Tampering with their food to make them become very ill.

[Illuminati: Street Theatre] Gang Stalking Techniques by (2008)

Perps sprayed pesticides. They did not poison food.

"Attacks by radiation weapons and chemical substances during 24 hours without any break"

[Rebuttals] [Surveys] Disinformation on petition: "Seventy percent of the victims are single women especially independent, politically active and ended abusive relationships. Many victims are also of African-American descent.

In 2008, Ted Gunderson stated he was poisoned. Ted Gunderson was a FBI employee who after retirement became a private investigator:

[Chemical Weapons] [Geo-stalking] Low to medium value TIs haven't been organized stalked by foot or by vehicle since approximately 2011. High tech replaced "boots on the ground" and chemical weapons.

[Chemical weapons] Organised Psychological Harassment poisoning, spying, and destroying lives

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"Merci pour l'infos."
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"I don't live in US and looks like that neither than you CLS but tell me, how the Government recruits these people? How do they decide who's a master and who's a puppet? Does it mean that the families of the politicians and everybody…"
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"Hi Carl, it works.  It works well if the magnets are very strong.  I place mine right next to me ear. Be warned the perps do not like it.  The AI alerts them there is a problem then some person has to get involved and it pisses them…"
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Meet the Targeted Individual Community

"[QUOTE]On Thursday evening, Channel 4 broadcast Confessions of an Alien Abductee. The programme, which was directed, produced and filmed by Guy Gilbert, was one of…"
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Meet the Targeted Individual Community

"max spiers claimed to be a super soldier ...and was promoted by miles Johnstone bases projects ......he was not a prominent TI in the community .....only via miles Johnstone you-tube channel I like Kieran and meet him ....but warned him that miles…"
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Meet the Targeted Individual Community

Recently, thousands of people around the world are claiming to be having the exact same terrifying experience. They all report the same symptoms: hearing ope...
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"I tested my theory below and it seems to work. I'm going to expand on it. I think it might even have a benefit against scalar waves."
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