Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Memorials of Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapon victims

Thousands of victims have been suffering horrible persecutions from abuses and tortures of remote electromagnetic mind control technologies and voice to skull technologies. Some victims were tortured to be death or driven to be crazy; some victims were controlled to be bad. Most of them could not get strong evidences to prove that they have been horrible tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies.

Only few victims have facts and evidences to prove that they have been tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. I am one of them.


The Fact and evidence of abuses and tortures of mind control technologies:

I was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and remote electromagnetic Mind Control technologies, and I was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong

(  )

Book Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, authored by Soleilmavis Liu, provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with remote voice-to-skull and electromagnetic mind control technologies.

I urge USA government to investigate mind control torture immediatly according to the facts and evidences.
I know those victims, who have passed away, did wish me to win my lawsuits. My victory also will bring them justice.
I have collected those victims stories (even it was only a small partial of all victims' stories)

Please go to "Replies to this Discussion" to read more victims stories


(I have collected many reported articles which introduced 'mind control technologies'. The listing of these articles will not mislead readers; it is a short cut for readers to learn what mind control technologies are. )

Note from Soleilmavis:
“Voices” which victims heard:

Many victims who have been suffering from the abuses and tortures of remote voice to skull tech and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies, have complainted that they had heard "voices" in their heads.

The basic technology which can send voices directly to the brain remotly are V2K.

In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: using microwaves to send words into someone's head.V2K (voice to skull)

A lot of victims heard “voices” came from nearby, or from neighbors’ houses.

Victims must understand that they did hear the "voices." The “voices” which victim “heard”, were not the scopes of human hearing the sonic frequency range 20-20000HZ. Torturers emitted electromagnetic waves (or other microwave) to the brain to stimulate the auditory brain neurons, the brain “felt” the signals, the brain “heard” the “voices”.

Many of the victims claimed that they had "hallucinations voices"; sometimes the person next to them did not speak, but victims heard he/she speaking.

Victims did not have "hallucinations voices". Victims did hear the "voices", but the “voices” did not come from the next person. The “voices” were from the torturers. Torturers emitted electromagnetic signals to the brain to stimulate the brain and neuron systems; the "brains" "heard" the "voices."

Many of the victims claimed that they even had heard "the voices" sounded like their friends and relatives.

The “voices” that the brain heard, were “electromagnetic signals”. Voice Synthesis Technology had been developed to the stage that anyone’s voice could be imitated. Torturers could easily transmit synthesized voice into the human brain with electromagnetic waves. The "voices" could imitate anyone's voices. These “voices” could sound as if they come from upstairs neighbor or nearby houses; or come from some houses.

Some doubts of some victims

(1)     Doubt 1: how can Torturers send sounds (or voices) and images into the victim's brain?

Microwave technology has been able to do that.


(2) Doubt 2: Victims can hear "the voices" which sounded like a friend or a neighbor.

Torturers can use Voice Synthesis technology to imitate anyone’s voices and easily transmit synthesized voices into the human brain by electromagnetic waves.


(3) Doubt 3: Torturers can force sleeping victims to "have a lot of dreams" by electromagnetic waves transmitting into the brain.

The development of the film has let us see the superb image synthesis technology. Torturers can transmit synthesized images into the brain by electromagnetic waves.


(4) Doubt 4: How can torturers lock a certain target with their microwave weapons?

Some technologies, such as dolphins echo technique can easily do that.

(5) Doubt 5: Many of the victims often referred some colleagues or friends or other people who had uttered small conflicts with them when they described their stories.

These victims thought those who had contradictions with them would have used such advanced technologies to torture and abuse them.

Some victims also mentioned some wrongs they had ever done. They thought that a certain government department would have used such advanced technologies to torture and abuse them because of such minor faults. 

Torturers deliberately created and fed such delusions, so that victims might believe that those who had ever uttered little contradictories with them had involved in the persecuting.  Torturers purposely made victims isolated. Torturers purposely made victims not be themselves.

(6) Doubt 6: Why can torturers attack victims no matter where victims are---in the airplane, underground, under water…..?

Electromagnetic waves have wide applications in many fields, Such as electromagnetic geological exploration, satellites geological exploration, and others.

As the extensive uses of the electromagnetic waves in these areas, we know the electromagnetic technologies in the military areas are far more advanced than in the field of civilian aspects.  Electromagnetic waves are able to detect the brain waves remotely.

It is possible nowadays to read someone's mind by remotely measuring their brain activity, researchers have shown. This technique can even extract information from individuals that they are unaware of themselves.

(  )


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Aurora massacre: Several links between James Holmes and US Gov't research
Are Holmes and Loughner connected?

By Wayne Madsen

Posted: July 23, 2012

WASHINGTON -- James Holmes, the 24-year old suspect in the mass shooting of Batman "The Dark Knight Rises" movie goers in Aurora, Colorado that left 12 people dead and 58 injured, has had a number of links to U.S. government-funded research centers. Holmes's past association with government research projects has prompted police and federal law enforcement officials to order laboratories and schools with which Holmes has had a past association not to talk to the press about Holmes.
Holmes was one of six recipients of a National Institutes of Health Neuroscience Training Grant at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver. Holmes is a graduate of the University of California at Riverside with a Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience. Although Holmes dropped out of the PhD neuroscience program at Anschutz in June, police evacuated two buildings at the Anschutz center after the massacre at the Aurora movie theater. Holmes reportedly gave a presentation at the Anschutz campus in May on Micro DNA Biomarkers in a class titled "Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders." Initial reports of Holmes having an accomplice in the theater shooting have been discounted by the Aurora police. However, no explanation has been given by police why the Anschutz campus buildings were evacuated after Holmes was already in custody in the Arapahoe County jail.
The Anschutz Medical Campus is on the recently de-commissioned site of the U.S. Army's Fitzsimons Army Medical Center and is named after Philip Anschutz, the billionaire Christian fundamentalist oil and railroad tycoon who also owns The Examiner newspaper chain and website and the neo-conservative Weekly Standard. The Anschutz Medical Campus was built by a $91 million grant from the Anschutz Foundation.
In 2006, at the age of 18, Holmes served as a research intern at the Salk Institute at the University of California at San Diego in La Jolla. It is noteworthy that for the previous two years before Holmes worked at the Salk Institute, the research center was partnered with the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Columbia University, University of California at San Francisco, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wake Forest University, and the Mars Company (the manufacturers of Milky Way and Snickers bars) to prevent fatigue in combat troops through the enhanced use of epicatechina, a blood flow-increasing and blood vessel-dilating anti-oxidant flavanol found in cocoa and, particularly, in dark chocolate.
The research was part of a larger DARPA program known as the "Peak Soldier Performance Program," which involved creating brain-machine interfaces for battlefield use, including human-robotic bionics for legs, arms, and eyes. DARPA works closely with the Defense Science Office on projects that include the medical research community. Fitzsimons was at the forefront of DARPA research on the use of brain-connected "neuroprosthetic" limbs forsoldiers amputated or paralyzed in combat.
According to his LinkedIn profile, James Holmes's father, Dr. Robert Holmes, who received a PhD in Statistics in 1981 from the University of California at Berkeley, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc. from 2000 to 2002. HNC, known as a "neural network" company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998, have worked on developing "cortronic neural networks," which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to think like humans. The cortronic concept was developed by HNC Software's chief scientist and co-founder, Robert Hecht-Nielsen. HNC merged with the Minneapolis-based Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), a computer analysis and decision-making company. Robert Holmes continues to work at FICO.
It has also emerged that Holmes, when he was 20, worked as a camp counselor at Camp Max Straus of the Jewish Big Brothers and Sister of Los Angeles. According to the Jewish Journal, among other tasks, Holmes helped to teach boys between the ages of 7 to 10 archery. In another unusual detail, the car Holmes used to drive to the Aurora movie theater had Tennessee plates. Holmes is originally from San Diego.
James Holmes is the grandson of Lt. Col. Robert Holmes, one of the first Turkish language graduates of the Army Language School, later the Defense Language Institute, in Monterey, California. Graduating from the Turkish language class in 1948, Holmes spent a career in the Army, which likely included more than a few intelligence-related assignments. Typically, U.S. military officers conversant in Turkish served with either the Defense Intelligence Agency or the Central Intelligence Agency at either the U.S. embassy in Ankara or the Consulate General in Istanbul, or both.
Terrence Sejnowski, the Francis Crick Professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the director of the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory, in an interview with Cognitive Science Online in 2008, had the following comment about recent studies of the human brain: "Alan Newell [cognitive psychology researcher at the intelligence community-linked RAND Corporation] once said that when AI [artificial intelligence] was founded not enough was known about the brain to be of any help and in the early 1980s, symbol processing was the only game in town. That has changed and we now know a lot about the brain, perhaps more than we need to know [emphasis added]."
More than we need to know!
The links between the younger and elder Holmes and U.S. government research on creating super-soldiers, human brain-machine interfaces, and human-like robots beg the question: "Was James Holmes engaged in a real-life Jason Bourne TREADSTONE project that broke down and resulted in deadly consequences in Aurora, Colorado?" In any event, if the Batman movies are now serving as a newer version of J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye subliminal messaging triggering mechanism, -- Salinger's novel was of interest to a number of American political assassins -- keep in mind that August 10 is the opening date of The Bourne Legacy. It may be wise to skip that film in the theater for a while.

Copyright 2012 Wayne Madsen Report

Biomedical Targeted Individual dies suddenly

In interviews Saturday, Deborah Dupré learned that the Targeted Individuals' community is mourning news reaches them about the death of their friend and human rights advocate, Sean Stinn of Chicago Illinois.

"Our friend and TI (targeted individual), Sean Stinn, who was a victim of electronic harassment has passed," advised Kim Smith in a Facebook notice Saturday.

Stinn, 45, died unexpectedly on Sept. 5, reportedly of a heart attack.

Known as a bioengineer technical genius among the Targeted Individual community, Stinn fought to have evidence regarding electronic harassment used in court.

His father, a career army man, had also been targeted, according to Stinn.

Stinn was a regular Commenter under Deborah Dupré's articles, such as the article titled, "Obama's secret targeted individual killing program, ACLU lawsuit."

Stinn's roommate, Steve Wilson, also active in the Targeted Individual advocacy groups, advised on Wednesday about Sean's sudden death.

"Sean Stinn, my friend since we went to summer camp at chase park in the 197Os and my recent roomate, passed away in his room inside my apartment," Wilson stated.

"He accomplished an incredible feat of aquiring a bachelors degree in biomedical engineering and traveled to Europe to make a video regarding human rights abuses of mind controling technology while being remotely tortured. He was brave intelligent and a friend."

Stinn was in the process of acquiring Ph.D. in physics and was studying for the GRE exam.

"We were exchanging scientific papers and ideas," Wilson explained. "He had another targeted individual Peter Rosenholm scan[ned] me for rf signals before he moved in. He was tutoring me in math and physics. Sean will be missed."

Smith said Stinn "accomplished an incredible feat of aquiring a bachelors degree in biomedical engineering and traveled to Europe to make a video regarding human rights abuses of mind controling technology while being remotely tortured."

"Sean was a crusader in the fight against government sponsored torture and abuse."

In June, Stinn was interviewed by Swedish/German lawyer Henning Witte on WhiteTV about mind control today.

(Watch "Sean Stinn Mind Control Victim" on the embedded YouTube video on this page at the left.)

Last year, an Indigo Ribbon Quilt project that honors people killed by what targets call organized stalking and electronic harassment, was removed from the web. So was the well-maintained professional website managed by human rights defenders, that Deborah Dupré has referred to in previous articles.

"We need to get this quilt back online and bring attention to this matter," Smith stated Saturday. "Why is there always a price to pay for defending your rights and exposing such horrors!"

Magnus Bill Olsen, another noted Targeted Individual advocate, wrote, "Humanity will never forget these covert crimes,,, makes me more determined to work harder to expose,,, You will be dearly missed Sean. God bless."

"Makes me more determined to make sure the people doing this in my local area are caught and punished. We had some good chats about EH/OS and you helped me with your wisdom.

rest in peace," said another TI.

The cause of death is unknown.

Last week, Stinn had signed a European-based petition, Stop the psychotronic warfare, the electronic harassment, surveillance and mind-control-international.

The petition provides a definition of psychotronic (psycho-physical) weapons as:

"the totality of all possible methods and means (techno-genic, suggestive, pharmacological, paranormal, complexes, and others) of hidden, forced influences on the psyche of a person for the purpose of modifying his [c]onsciousness, behavior and health for what is desired in the way of influencing aspects of control…"

"This is not only dangerous, this is deadly!" the petition states.

Randy Quaid flooded with oppressed Targeted Individuals' blessings

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi are being flooded with messages from other American and Canadian Targeted Individuals denied their basic human rights. Following Quaid's Vancouver press conference and Examiner's article about the couple's targeting hell, Examinercomments and emails to the writer express gratitude, solidarity and validation of the Quaids' experiences of being targeted by US organized crime involving top government agencies operating with immunity and impunity.

The actor and his wife are obviously not alone in their plight for refuge. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are likely victims of the well-hidden form of terrorism sweeping America involving interconnected extremists keeping targets under covert surveillance and even assaulting some of them with psychological and physical warfare tactics. Each one of these targets seeks refuge, many moving from place to place, resorting to couch surfing in attempt to escape unwanted intrusions. (See: Collateral Damage USA: Extremist cells target 350,000 US civilians, Dupre, D., Examiner, August 20, 2010)
The Quaids attempt to escape persecution and their courage to speak out about why they have chosen refugee life, have made the Hollywood couple national heroes overnight, a voice for countless other targets that have long hoped a celebrity would come forward with targeting truth.
Blessings from targets with similar experiences to the Quaids have poured into the Examiner and writer's email inbox from as far away as Denmark, Sweden and Australia.
Media and other perpetrators discrediting tactic
Media discrediting of both the target and the targeting phenomenon plus forced hospitalizations, set-ups and framings, false imprisonments, blacklisting, and organized manipulation of personal assets to reduce the target to financial ruin are among criminal tactics experienced and cited by Targeted Individuals in online support groups and calls for advocacy help to the writer and an array of human rights organizations.
U.S. counter-intelligence has a long history of using media to discredit innocent targets. In the short Good Morning America interview of Randy Quaid (below), the two words the reporter emphasized in describing the Quaids' plight were their "erratic path." The very short report ends with the words "mentally ill" and "drugs," typical psychological assaults on targets.
Other perpetrators blatantly call targets "mentally ill," negative branding that targets and even victims suffering from poisoning in the Gulf experience if they explain the truth. Such repeated name-calling is designed to ultimately protect perpetrators. When government officials playing the sadistic targeting game use this tactic, it can, and too often does, land an innocent, mentally stable target with a history of integrity, into forced hospitalization. The reader might want to spot these assaults left as comments under articles about the Quaids, possibly made by paid shills complicit in the widespread targeting crime.


A plethora of reports exist about technological harassment and assassination attempts, some successful. This hidden technological part of targeting is reflected in some of the comments below about Examiner's initial Quaid article.


Blessings to Quaids for courage
One example of a Canadian message to the Quaids via the Examiner is from a targeted Ontario family:

Thank you for standing up to these media giants and bringing awareness to the general public of this terrible silent atrocity happening to so many innocent victims around the world. Like your family, we also experience mail/computer tampering, people following us, phone monitoring and vandalism of our home and personal property while being told to "seek professional help" by those of authority. We have always been lawabiding citizens of our country. Your YouTube video said it all.......Florence, Marlene and Mary Vivian, Ontario, Canada.

Another Canadian Targeted Individual sent blessings to the Quaids with a message that also reflects secret directed energy weaponry (DEW) deployed and applied to targets to remotely induce heart attacks, "cook brains," and a myriad of other potentially lethal injuries - all the easier with secretly forced brain implants, but also possible without the target being chipped:

God bless Randy Quade for the guts to speak out and tell the people that these atrocities do go on and are going on as we speak . I am a TI and everyone has been in on this from my family being manipulated to doctors and dentists as well as the federal state and local authorities. this is mind rape and these peoples goals are 1000% evil.They try to run you into the dirt , by slander, curbside theatrics, direct energy weapons that cook your brain like a microwave boils water. These perpetrators use your neighbors houses as bases to use there LIDA machines and DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS on your brain to manipulate your thoughts as well as continuously transmit RF MICROWAVES to torture and attempt to control you and eventually kill you DEAD. [Their] 1st main goal is try to ruin your credibility as they are trying with Randy Quade.... I would not wish this on anyone and anyone... We need more media attention for this NEW WORLD TORTURE, Thank you Randy Quade, for having guts. JALBY9555

The Air Force Research Lab's Directed Energy Directorate (AFRLDED) states in a short documentary that Directed Energy weapons have replaced nuclear weaponry in effectiveness. (See: (video) Stuck on anti-nuke work? Electronic Warfare makes it passé, Dupre, D., Examiner, Oct 19, 2010)

Peter Rosenblum wrote about his experiences including weaponry assaults to harass, torture and assassinate - with departments of justice and health complicity - that many Targeted Individuals allege:
"I have now survived three covert and/or slow kills. First was to be a staged attack set up by police. Then an all night attack by what appears to be the Navy's high powered microwave weapon MEDUSA that put me in the hospital where a setup had me involuntarily committed there. MEDUSA microwave hearing effect was played to make me think my daughter had been kidnapped while I was told to hang myself and jump out the 4th floor window. A call to her in the morning exposed the psychological attempt at a forced suicide. The last I know of was based on a false diagnosis of hearing voices which we now know by admission of the MEDUSA weapon is the microwave hearing effect. With this false diagnosis, I was given Seroquel which among other things raise(d) our triglycerides making us more susceptible to a heart attack. ... Huffington post explains this form of murder/slow kill. (
And even low level microwaves increase triglyceride levels like the microwave attack on our embassy in this link from Time/CNN. (,9171,918076,00.html#ixzz130mLw...
Here is a link to the Navy's Medusa weapon from Wikipedia. (
Thank You, to Randi Quaid for helping expose State Sponsored Racketeering."

Julio commented on Facebook;

As you well know, there are evil beings out there who don't like people like you revealing or exposing their crimes. Are you familiar with the Mosanto's milk case in where 2 Fox News reporters were fired for wanting to reveal truth about that company? I was wondering if those reporters were still in the business and I found out that at least Steve Wilson is. He is into his own nonprofit investigative reporting and then I found out that he got a massive heart attack, like Tim Russert, except that he was able to survive. His ex-wife Jane Akre, was the other reporter who got fired.... Sometimes I wonder if the reporters are stalked and even electronically harassed without their knowledge. There is suspicion that Tim Russert was induced a heart attack shortly after he tried to expose George Bush jr and John Kerry for their affiliations with the Skull & Bones secret society. I was hoping Steve Wilson would be alerted on what is happening with Electronic Harassment and Organized Stalking to see if he would join you and the few others in exposing this Nazi crime, but like I said, he got a heart attack this year. I commend you for your last article about Randy Quaid where you wrote that even family members are sometimes involved in the persecution of one of their own. My neighbor perps not too long ago told me (with the voice to skull weapon) that "this is a busine$$."

Damned disgrace

Tom Bowling's comment on the original Quaid article at Examiner was, "I am a targeted Individual and I know one when I see one, but just try to tell this to someone that hasn't felt the sting of having their life turned upside down by these evil U.S. Government operatives of the Department of Homeland Security which stretches across all so called free countries. May God damn the New World Order."

Corruption has become a Pandemic

Canadian targeted Individual and activist exposing this crime, Debbie Newhook, targeted for 17 years stated:
"What Randy describes is just like what happens to many non-famous average citizens every where in the world. Corruption seems to be everywhere and it has become a Pandemic with a trickle down effect that suggests that the lowly community criminal will eagerly jump on board and use the same tactics to defame and harass innocent citizens.

"I would also like to thank Randy Quaid for stepping up to the microphone and letting the world know about what is happening for him and disclosing the fact there are organized groups of people who will use all their connections to conspire to destroy the Targeted Individual and take all their money and assets so that these criminals can live the good life on their ill gotten funds.

"What Randy Quaid describes in his recent interviews is happening to many others globally of all financial backgrounds and income levels. I know because I am a victim of organized stalking and community harassment and because of a slander campaign against me. [C]ommunity people including vigilante types will jump willingly on board to spy on and harass me, the victim of this crime.

"There does appear to be a global pandemic of money grabbing evil people who will stop at nothing to destroy the life of a targeted Individual if they do not get what they want. They want power and control and by taking your hard earned money and all your assets satisfies their needs to succeed at the expense of the target. And if the target does protest and get vocal about what is happening to them, the conspirators will proceed to destroy the character of said target by creating false files or false accusations and spread this slander through out the community so that others will jump on board and assist in the persecution and harassment of the target.

"It does appear that these conspirators do have influential community connections to destroy the character of said target and stop them from attaining justice through the court system. The police will jump on board when criminal conspirators make false accusations in the form of complaints to the police about the target. These conspirators do have the status in the community and their words and false files are taken at face value and never questioned. The result is that the police... meant to help the targeted citizen become part of the problem for the targeted Individual and the victim feels as if they have no where to turn.

"...I can see that the media has put their spin on what is happening to Randy and do not report thorough or accurate accounts of this story. If corporate media says something is fact enough times, the masses begin to believe it. Public opinion is very powerful and can be used to manipulate the masses. What are the objectives of corporate media when covering this story? Is corporate media part of the network of conspirators? You have to ask the question: Who owns corporate media? and what is their agenda?

"Thank you again Deborah for reporting an accurate account of what is happening to Randy Quaid. We hope Randy and his wife are successful in exposing the groups of corrupt people that are doing this to them. We also pray that Randy's endeavors will help to pave the way for the average Joe/Jane targeted Individual so that they may find the courage to expose corrupt people who do this to other people for their own financial gain."

Angelica wrote on November 2:

 "I have long thought that many celebrity deaths resembled my own stalking, electronic harassment and disfigurement, financial and workplace mobbing and near death experiences. I think every word you are saying is spot on... fu[r]thermore, I think I could give good information of the MJ murder.... Since 9 have died at my job this year and the last was head of security, I am going to take steps.... thank you for coming forward publicly...."

Another comment, from "Zimpledrink," highlights non-consensual human experimentation that many Targeted Individuals allege is forced on them:

"It's absolutely true and it's a disgrace. Uninformed psychological and biological experiments are preformed without consent on uninformed people. If these targeted persons complain to the authorities they are severely punished in many ways. Character assassination and sleep deprivation being just two of them. Targeted individuals are setup for false arrest and have their cars sabotaged to cause accidents, and this is just the start."


"Anonymous" wrote:

"I admire the courage of these people to speak out. Most people I tell about this type of thing just hide their heads in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist. Let's see them pretend when they are dragged out by the goons! But because no one will speak out, the goons win. Why can't people see that and band together? I don't understand the stupidity."

Valerie Green, MA, explained being targeted for four years, hospitalized 3 years ago as a result of being framed by stalkers. Green explains encountering a group of about 25 people who arrived at the hospital at the same time she did and and all left together, a week later.

"Has anyone ever witnessed 'patients' in a hospital acting in a group manner, like this?" asked Green, reminded the reader of Washington Post's recent series about citizen spy groups - numbering about a million - affiliated with Homeland Security throughout the USA.

"I now believe that this was the type of group i shared hospital time with - who obviously had to have received 'clearance' to be admitted to the hospital, en masse - and continued torturing me the entire week I spent there with them.

On October 28, the U.S. government announced it had spent $80.1 billion on CIA and "other agencies" "so-called intelligence activities" over the past 12 months according to the Washington Post. As Green sated, there is no protection offered to victims of "intelligence and other related agencies'" electronic harassment and surveillance.

"Most people, thankfully, have not experienced this type of crime - so the victim most often is further victimized by being disbelieved by friends, family, and professionals. Thanks to the research of Deborah Dupre, Dr. John Hall, and the website (freedom from covert harassment and surveillance) - this is just beginning to change."

Green states that "exposure of this crime is our best defense against it. targeted individuals have just recently submitted affidavits to the Department of Defense, US federal government - to address this issue and request investigation into devices of electronic torture, and protection therefrom."

"i hope that people will research this issue - in case it happens to YOU, or someone you know. Dr. Hall's website is:, and his book about this crime is: "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America." To my knowledge, Dupre has conducted the most extensive research on this subject - and all of her articles are archived on this website."

A Swedish target also wrote about needs for public awareness and legislation:

"In order to initiate a public debate, monitoring and impact analysis of the subject requires international cooperation over a number of topic levels. Legislation applicable confidentiality and privacy is totally absent in this area. This happens in Sweden now! A number of people living in Solna their brains have been “hijacked” the last three years. A computer-assisted online connection has been made on objects brains. Nano-implants have been injected without the consent of the subjects, when visiting the Hospital. After injection, the objects linked to the research computers. Software for development of synthetic telepathy has been going around the clock starting after hospital visits.

Noted Australian investigator of the high-tech aspect of the Targeted Individual crime that keeps targets under surveillance to injure them, Paul Baird of, wrote to Dupré in support of the Quaids, "I offer both understanding and respect for the stance taken by the Quaids and pray that others will join them in speaking the truth. For those drawn by the 'glamour of evil' we can only hope that there's a genuine change of heart and a refection of the true courage shown by Mr Randy Quaid and his wife."


Baird added that "this is a significant and gutsy effort by a publicly targeted and covertly harassed couple but what we all need, ultimately, is for non-targeted individuals to join the fight."


The U.S. has become a bully nation. The late Tim Field of BullyOnline repeatedly stated, "No bully stops bullying on his own. To do nothing is to help the bully."

Copyright Deborah Dupre, Examiner 2010, All rights reserved.

Deborah Dupré, with post-graduate science and education degrees from U.S. and Australian universities, has been a human and environmental rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., Vanuatu and Australia. Support her work by subscribing to her articles and forwarding the link of this article to friends and colleagues or reposting only title and first paragraph linked to this Examiner page. Dupré welcomes emails: Please send Gulf illness news tips to her with your name or anonymously. See her Vaccine Liberty or Death book plus Compassion Film Project DVDs.

Obtain a Toxic Survival Kit or to have one delivered to a Gulf Coast resident in need. See Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors online or email Learn to become a Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctor here.

Sign the Louisiana school petition at Petition to stop BP/NOAA PR campaign in Louisiana Schools.


Make Gulf incident reports and view the ongoing, rapidly increasing incidents at Mobile phone users can text or call in reports to (504) 27 27 OIL. Reports can be sent to and through Twitter with the hashtag #BPspillmap. If in danger or witness an emergency, contact your local emergency response agency immediately

Cass County man found incompetent to stand trial after killing his sister

A Cass County man accused of killing his sister has been found incompetent to stand trial.

That's according to the Niles Daily Star.

Edward Hensley, 59, of Edwardsburg is facing an open murder charge for the stabbing death of his sister, Martha Sexton, back in June.

In a hearing Friday, a judge ordered him to be placed in the care of medical professionals at the center for forensic psychiatry. The ruling was based on the results of a mental competency exam requested by Hensley's attorney in July after his client told him he had a mind-control chip implanted in his mouth.

Hensley was arrested over the summer when police say he stabbed his sister to death in their Mason Township home after the two started fighting. He was tracked down by police in Elkhart County. The case will now remain on hold while Hensley gets treatment.

The judge says, according to the exam, there's a "probability" that Hensley could regain competency and allow them to proceed in court.

For more information visit:

If you receive the voices while you are sleeping, they may be real, projected by Voice to skull (V2K) technology.

I experienced this and instantly awoke, remembering the name of the individual by the voice. That is unusual. This was my ex-wife's former psychiatrist from 15 years ago!  There are a number of these scummy MK-ULTRA-type individuals around in Canada, doing non-consensual brainwave experiments.

"Anyone who nonconsensually violates your brain/mind/mentation using Mengele-like methods is a Nazi pig. You do not care what a Nazi pig thinks. You do not care about a Nazi pig's opinions. You do not respond to a Nazi pig ridiculing you, threatening you, trying to distract you, or otherwise trying to manipulate you. You work to get a Nazi pig hanged." - Allen Barker, NPT Theorem


Please include Chris Beck who was a target of Remote Neural Monitoring.  From California I helped him with his website "Remote Neural Monitoring".  He said that he was being hammered with targeting, he was extremely angry and said that there are lawyers and business people that want him to sell one of his commercial properties in Florida which he refused to do.

All you said is true. I also went through all kinds of attacks including physical attacks. Some were murder attempts.

PS: I suppose everyone has seen this classic,

CIA Book of Dirty Tricks

Tami Stainfield, Candidate for President, Says She's Subject to the Same Mind Control as Jared Loughner

Tami Stainfield is the self-declared candidate for president on the "No Party" ticket -- which sounds like a refreshing break from the bickering and the straight-up lies to which we've all been subjected -- from both sides of the aisle -- in this year's presidential campaign.

Only problem is, Stainfield's mental health appears to be slightly less than superb.

Based on the YouTube video, I initially thought, "Stainfield could potentially be a pretty funny interview."

After a 30-minute phone conversation I had with her last night -- that included references to Jared Loughner, the severely mentally ill man who shot former Arizo..., and Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes -- it became clear that there was nothing funny about Stainfield; she's apparently sick and probably needs help -- before something potentially tragic happens.

Stainfield's campaign video (embedded above) appeared on last week in a blog post under the headline "The 6 Types of People Who Tweet Directly to the Candidates." The video got additional Internet traction on Reddit.

As you can see, she talks about mind control, robots, and science  terrorists. She also speaks in tongues (skip to 05:00. It's terrifying).

After senseless acts of violence like those of Holmes and Loughner, people often ask, "where were the alarm bells?"

Well, Ding, ding, ding.

I spoke to Stanfield at about 7:45 p.m. She told me I'd woken her up.

Before I even had a chance to ask, she immediately started talking about being a "victim of technology" and how she was under some sort of mind control that impacted her actions, her speech, and caused uncontrollable obscenities. She also spoke in tongues on at least six occasions.

"Once I returned from Africa, I went to Washington, D.C.," she says. "I became a victim of technology. It's everything from  altering your voice to robotics. It's taken a terrible toll, but I  continue to fight."

She says she's a victim of "brain mapping" and it allows her mind manipulators to "speak foreign languages through [her] mouth."

When asked who she thought was behind the mind control, Stainfield says: "You never know. You could go on for hours  trying to guess who is behind it, but it's definitely government. This is something that's very advanced. This is not some kid down the road."


She then rambled about the Constitution, the media, and how the same people who were controlling her mind also were using their power to steal intellectual property, cause people to rape women, and even kill.

"I remember it, I was at the White House garden -- in the cactus section -- when I heard that Jared Loughner had shot the congresswoman in Arizona," she says. "He talked a lot about mind control, and I knew it was the same thing . . . the same thing they're doing to me."

On July 20, the day James Holmes walked into an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater and shot 58 people -- killing 12 -- Stainfield says she remembers standing near a lighthouse and holding her arm up as if she were shooting a gun. But she didn't have a gun in her hand.

She seems to be under the impression that the same people controlling her mind were simultaneously controlling Holmes's and Loughner's. Presumably, she believes that those people sent the same message to kill -- via brainwaves -- to both she and the two mass killers. They, however, knew what the messages meant and acted on them.

"My biggest goal is to make sure our children are protected. Children should not have their brains occupied by supercomputers," Stainfield says. "Then a seven-week-old asks a cop, 'Hey, do you want to suck my cock?' Nobody has looked at the science."

Statements like these -- as I mentioned -- were interrupted by various outbursts of Stainfield speaking in tongues the same way she does in the video embedded above.

She went on to tell me that she believes President Barack Obama, his daughters, and candidate Mitt Romney also appear to be "victims of technology" and are having their minds controlled by unidentified "science terrorists."

"Romney's looking a little deranged," she says.

That was the most sane thing she said over the course of our entire conversation.

Finally, after 30 minutes, I asked -- as politely as possible -- if she'd ever been diagnosed with any sort of mental illness.

"You can call me a nut. You can call me a nut all you want. But I saw those cactuses [at the White House] when Jared Loughner started shooting all those people," she says.

She says she's never been diagnosed with any sort of mental illness, claiming that she's only interested in "acute reasoning and logic."

"I'm a woman who believes in evidence. I believe in logic and reason," she says. "I'm not trying to be president. I'm trying to reinstate the Constitution."

Stainfield lives in Keene, New Hampshire. If you live anywhere near there, do us all a favor and track her down and get her the help she apparently needs.

Visit the Stainfield 2012 campaign website here.

From Jonathan Reed

Oct 31 

The depressing case of Marcus Druery, a death row inmate in Texes. If we assume he DOES NOT have schizophrenia, then he, much like Aileen Wuornos, is under severe attack before he's to be executed. He believes, briefly, the prison's intercom speakers broadcast his thoughts to everyone, that his cell is wired so that everyone knows what he is doing and thinking and that this is how the speakers are broadcasting his thoughts, that he was supposed to have been released years ago and doesn't understand why he hasn't been, that his food is contaminated, that guard are harassing him and know what he is thinking, and that he 'must follow his directives' that he receives from voices that talk to him all day long, ext.

 My prediction is that they are going to execute him, regardless of his diagnoses of schizophrenia and the stay of execution he received while his case is reviewed. Again, this is only my conjecture: Mental illness of this sort would normally bar someone from execution, and every psychologist who comes in contact with a prisoner may not necessarily be in on the secret of harassment. The state would prefer a prisoner's case not get fucked up if the prisoner is targeted with this kind of harassment and is diagnosed with schizophrenia, so his case is being reviewed in Texas to carefully craft the legal conditions in which a prisoner may and may not be executed, and thus allow the execution of future prisoners that suddenly develop fake schizophrenia.

This Gangstalking movie was made by following spiritual guidance, it is very funny! My name is Brian Connors, I live at 1200 Earlham Street in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and I have been a Targeted Individual for years.  I have not noticed any electronic harassment yet, but I have been brighted, and verbally taunted.  I am victimized by repeated car door slamming (it sounds like the door slams are deeper and much tuddier that normal) Please enjoy, and repost this video anywhere you like.  Thank You! Your Friend, Brian Conners *Last summer I was drawn into a taunting situation, and was locked up in a local Psyciatric Ward for three months.  I prayed my way out.  Be careful everyone, and Pray for deliverence. . .  PRAYER WORKS!

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