Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Please read my website. I have document some of the symptoms that people have who are victims of mind control:

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This is plain disinformation and it's appealing to some dramatic words instead of facts. Basically using caps, underlines and a lot of bullshit to try to support an idea.

There is no criminal organization with the capabilities to perpetrate these crimes against humanity. No private organization have the money and technology to do this, and think what entities were already caught experimenting on human beings. I'll show you again:

The experiments include: the exposure of humans to many chemical and biological weapons (including infection with deadly or debilitating diseases), human radiation experiments, injection of toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments, interrogation and torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children,[1] the sick, and mentally disabled individuals, often under the guise of "medical treatment". In many of the studies, a large portion of the subjects were poor, racial minorities, or prisoners. Link

So provide what makes you think this is an "organization" otherwise you are just trying to convince other without evidence and just some dramatically written paragraphs.

I agree with Stephen as Intelligence agencies are surely involved (remember MKULTRA was experimentation by the CIA, and intelligence organization that it's supposed to only act overseas, but experimented on americans), as it's absolutely impossible that they don't have knowledge about the thousands of denounced crimes, the devices used to perpetrate this torture, and the groups involved to harass individuals.

CLS said:


AI Voice Cloning Developed in Canada

TIs please understand the real people torturing you are totally unknown. Its not your neighbors, its not a secret military base by you home, its not local government, its not the Queen of England, etc. PLEASE understand the people assaulting you are professionals. They will never reveal themselves to us or you. NEVER. They do not want to go to jail. They torture you to make you look MENTALLY SICK and YOU ARE NOT. IT IS ON PURPOSE!!!.  PLEASE TIs GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS THE PREPS ARE PROS AT MAKING PEOPLE LOOK MENTALLY SICK. JUST UNDERSTAND YOU ARE DEALING WITH PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS! 

The preps are unknown. Its not the police, its not the rcmp, its not majority of the military in USA and Canada. The truth is it's totally corrupt black budget and access has been breached in my opinion. What I mean is that when you outsource projects, who are you trusting? How do you know who the contractors give access to? In my opinion this is totally criminal and it needs to be exposed the only option. So the best defense is EXPOSING THEIR CRIMES AND DOCUMENTATION!. I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO START WRITING WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM. When you write, then you begin to see things much more clearly and see patterns. You will actually figure out things much faster when writing. Also it is very beneficial for all of us.

Fake Noahs Ark? Remote controlled animals and **insects**. They already implant wild and domesticated animals and they can implant insects. For the general public they can easily with their weather modification technology do a fake Noah s Ark. I am very surprised that the Bible got the AntiChrist correct and his FAKE MIRACLES. They can put a tiny nano chip on insects and remote control them. Mind Control works on all living creatures, 

They use real animals as spys. They can hear what they hear, see through their eyes, and more. They are perfect spys because no one will know they are implanted. They are not mechanical machines, but real biological animals that have been implanted and controlled remotely. 

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"That's meant to read l ended up with two cats later on. They don't hurt them now but they do different things to hurt me . Best of luck!"
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Illusions created

Has anyone else experienced the illusions the perpetrators can create with reality.Some examples of mine are....years ago my friends and l were at the beach one night and all of us saw a tidal wave coming at us. We ran for our lives. Obviously it never came but it was bizarre that we all saw the same thing. The perpetrators drew pictures in the sky with clouds..perfectly clear pictures as l randomly looked up. A couple of years ago l was walking alone at night and felt and heard someone walking…See More
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"Who would know getting test answers V2K or B2B? Might as well give yourself a PHD."
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"Old boys club is in plain site. Do your own research into who went their. Murders and Criminals."
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"Free University Degree. V2K B2B. Welcome to Harvard old boys club. Retards have degrees."
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