Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Please read my website. I have document some of the symptoms that people have who are victims of mind control:

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Thanks Mats, all of the above is very informative!!


I updated my website again. Again please read. I want people to know exactly what i know so that can share it with others. Please make a copy of my website (Right click save as). I tried to format it like someone suggested but my preps are changing the format.

I will be experimenting with a fardays cage design. If it works out I will let you know.

CLS, may I give you a tip in the meantime - when someone comments on your post, please acknowledge their input, it will encourage other people to come onto this thread

Hi Matt,

I am not new to this, but still I had to look at the links you send.

The Perps have made me forgot how they target me. So every now and then I need a reminder.

Thanks for making it clear to all of us

Bye for now

Angeline Klas

Mats Torgersen said:

Anyone new aboard, wondering about Remote Neural Monitoring and Voice-to-Skull, do yourself a favour and see the youtube interviews and programs by Dr. Barrie Trower (ex-MI5), Dr. Robert Duncan (ex-CIA), Dr. John Hall, and Dr. Katherine Horton (High Energy Physiscist). Also see the very informative page of "Omnisense".

Thanks God's Grace and Angeline. I will continue to update my site and add information. If I can solve any of these problems I will let you know ASAP. I am working on stopping them hacking into my computer. I think I maybe close to a solution. As soon as I figure it out I will let you know.


Hey there!

When they started V2k on me 5 years ago and I read into the mind control stuff I did not really believe the physical attack stories of some victims.

But when they started physical attacks on me 2 years ago I experienced what this is like.

They dont just attack you like that they do it symbolically for something because they are such sick sadistic megalomaniacs.

- Attack on the top of the head like a force plus heavy dizziness and a brutal sensation in the head.

- Attack to the temple causing physical pain as if someone would cause pressure right there, this is probably symbolical for someone pointing a gun to his head, it is not a head ache but a real feeling of a foreign force.

- Attack to the nose causing physical pain as if someone would grab the nose, this is probably symbolical for grabbing a child's nose. I experience this often since 2 years and it is really cruel, I tried imitating it by grabbing my own nose at the top of the nasal bridge where the bone is and then slightly raising pressure. I have to grab really hard to get the same exact sensation they cause by their attack. Also it is the distinctive feeling of a foreign force and not an own body pain.

- Attack to the stomach causing pain and a weird pressure sensation, this is probably symbolical for punches to the stomach and is caused suddenly.

At the hospital they diagnosed this as a (what else would you guess) psychiatric illness, saying it would be "panic attacks"... yeah right. Probably perps, they looked very angry at me though I was suffering and treated me as if I did something bad.

About the faraday cage thing:

A car is a faraday cage but you can use your phone in it so it is probably no solution.

Alex Jones is a fraud.

He is a secret master of fandom short S.M.O.F., together with Ron Paul who was supposed to be the "savior-of-TI"-president.

This is the "S.M.O.F."-card from the Illuminati card game, see for yourself:

cat cat said:

I forgot the thinking about something to get them distracted works well.  They seem to like certain things a lot.

Call someone and have a conversation, they are nosy old farts and feed on gossip and opinions.  Of course anything sexual is an addiction for them.  I do think what Alex Jones said about the current staff at the CIA rogue offices is correct.  He said they are all computer nerds/wimps and love anything deviant as long as they can stay safe  behind their computers.  He said all the field covert operations are performed these days by the military.

Hello John,

You are right these people are very sadistic. They have this secret technology and brainwashed to think they are special and its ok to ruin and experiment on people. A car is not a faradays cage. You need to build a structure that is totally enclosed in metal that lets no radio frequencies in. I am experimenting with this and will let you know when I find a proper solution. 

Not sure if Alex Jones is a fraud, although I have read that one of his brothers works at one of the agencies, I agree with cat cat that he is a narcissist though, but he's had some excellent people on his show, telling it like it is, and he's agreed with them, namely Dr John Hall and Jesse Ventura, both talking about Targeting


I have updated my website with more information. This information might help targeted individuals. Please read.

Hi CLS, you have some excellent information of your website, however there are a few spelling errors, and you also need to change some of your wording, and then I will feel comfortable with sending it out to others, such as:

'If someone claims you are mentally sick. Ask why does people like me, Peter Mooring, Helen Kurdina all claim the same thing. Peter and me also claim things like the perpetrators being able to hack our computers, phones, tvs, etc. This is not a new global sickness.'

Please change this to 'Ask why people like myself, Peter Mooring and Helen Kurding all claim the same thing in terms of these attacks having nothing to do with schizophrenia.  Peter and I also claim that the perpetrators are able to hack into our computers, phones........'

Otherwise, thank you for the tremendous effort you have gone to on your website, it is very informative.

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