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So things started to get really shitty about an year ago. I moved in in my father's apartment in another town and started to work at an industrial chicken farm in april last year. The first month was ok, but after that the nightmare started. Everybody was acting as if they were stealing from that farm and they were selling the stuff they stole to the mafia. They made me feel like I was getting into deep shit and a lot of killer-faced guys started to wander around my neighborhood and thorwing threataning looks at me. But the worst part was when I went to my sister's birthday party somewhere outside town and they all acted as if they were going murder me in the near future (my sister works for the romanian secret service btw and her boss and collegues were there too, which made me think that they were involved aswell). After that I began to see a lot of black jeeps and vans wherever I went. They were making me believe that I was being monitored wherever I went. But I eventually found out that they were just intimidating me.

Then they made me feel like I had some sort of special powers. First I could listen to each and every sound individually and that had a calming effect (some sort of sound meditation). Then I started to see everything that was moving in my sight and I could rapidly shift my view from one object/person to another. After that I found out that my mind was being read by everyone around me. People would mention things I was thinking and everybody would act according to my thoughts. 

Then the nightmare of continuous sounds and nasty impulses started. I could hear continous sounds everywhere. First there were intrusive thoughts (of all kinds) and they would irritate me making my heart and brain shiver whenever I wanted to watch TV or play pc games. And instead of joy they would make me feel a mania-like state. Then they would make me feel like I wanted to kill people. I was feeling like a running amok but they were disrupting these thoughts with brief loud sounds. I was looking in the mirror but I couldn't recognize myself. And I also had some dreamlike states (derealization). I ran away from home trying to commit suicide somewhere in the countryside but they didn't let me do it.

After that I moved in with my sister in the capital. But things didn't change. I would still have really nasty intrusive thoughts and impulses. And everybody was still acting as if they wanted to let me know that they were reading my mind. After a major rage attack I decided to go to a mental ilness facility and remained there for about 3 weeks. They misdiagnosed me with schizophrenia. There they made me feel extremely restless. After checking out of hospital, I would feel an extreme desire to work and I was energetic and all. But after I found a job, they would make me feel tired all day, everyday. I had to quit after only 7 days. 

Lately they have been using other types of torture. They would make me look at people and pop out undesirable thoughts about them. And they also make me feel like I no longer have any control on my body at all and think that this will never end. And they can cancel the effects of everything that brings me joy or relaxation. They would also increase my hunger and irritation when I used to work.

They can control everything (my thoughts, my mood, my senses, my moves). I can feel the impulses (this is not something natural). I can feel my brain and my heart shiver whenever they give me an impulse.

And all the people around me are acting like they want to let me know that they know about what is happening to me. And sometimes they traumatize me through other people's actions. One time my sister had sex with her husband in the bed I was sleeping without even checking if I was asleep. Or on 1st january my sister started to slap the shit out of me, believing that I lost her cats (they were under the bed), then her husband started to slap the shit out of her.

They've put me through many mental illnesses (schizophrenia, cyclothymia, borderline, pure OCD, ADHD). I tried to commit suicide a couple of times since this started, but they never let me, and I frequently think about death especially when they are torturing me. I even started to cut myself during the crisis.

I quit 3 jobs in the past year and I feel like this unbearable part of my life is never going to end. I believe that they started to monitor me about 7 years ago after my mother died. I'm suspecting that most of my family is involved one way or another. And of course the secret services. 

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I forgot to mention that my eyes are bigger and I blink less often since this started. Also my blood pressure is decreased and I've been having tinnitus all the time lately. There's so much to tell, but I can't remember it all now.

Hi Ioan, maybe you should check:

and my other pp posts,



I've read what you wrote on your blog and it reminded me of one of my experiences.

So I had to go one day to take medical exams in order to be hired at a supermarket (my second job in the capital, my first was at a hypermarket, it's funny how I only obtain jobs that I hate), so I thought that I wasn't allowed to smoke before the exams. There were many people there waiting for the same exam, so I asked the doctor if I was allowed to eat or smoke before the exams. So she says yes, and I immediately went to buy a hamburger and smoked 2 cigars one after another. So my heart beat goes wild and there I was standing on the sidewalk smoking, when a cement truck (which was making a lot of sound) and another car met exactly where I was standing (it was a one way road). Then my heart beat started to decrease (I would've failed the exam if it didn't, but they wanted me to get the job).  It was a shitty job anyway. I only lasted there for 1 month and 2 weeks and they made everything posible to make me hate the job. 

So in conclusion, they always use sounds in my case. They're practically hypnotizing me with the use of prolongued sounds. When I walk through parks, a lot of ambulances start to wander around that park making use of their syrens in order to keep me controlled.  

Also I have tinnitus in my right ear (not in the left one), but the side doesn't really matter. They can control everything, no matter what they make you believe. They can produce tinnitus in my right ear aswell. 

Also, they always keep my heartbeat rate decreased. And they don't let me do physical activities (which could increase my heartbeat rate) like running, cycling or whatever. I don't know if it's a false clue, or if it's easier for them to control me this way. 

But I was wondering, how many of you have noticed physical changes (like bigger eyes like in my case for exemple)?

Btw, where's your story? How do I know you're not a phony? 

I'm asking this because I said that if untill the end of the day no one replies, I'll delete the post and my profile aswell, and you were the first and only one to pop in. 

Hi Ioan

l read your story and it reminded me a lot of myself when this first happened to me and a lot of Tls report the same thing....first comes the onslaught of gangstalking. This is very unstabilizing, designed to make you aware something is going on but confused you might be losing it. After they do that for a while they introduce other things, DEWs etc, like you were describing inserted thoughts and emotions, sound hypnosis etc. I was forced into mental ward twice and also wanted to take my life in the beginning. It takes a long time to get "used" to this if you ever really do. I was also forced out of jobs mainly due to the gangstalking, now with all the attacks I cant work anymore.

Believe me most of us here know how hard it is, especially at the beginning. You feel like youve been hit by a freight train. I just wanted you to know youre not alone. The ganstalking is hard to deal with sometimes but try to ignore it as much as you can. The more it affects you, the more interested they are in doing it to you. In my opinion gangstalkers/harassers are a mixture of paid agents and mind controlled people. My family harassed me, then they didnt even remember doing it. I know that life becomes really hard to deal with but dont try to suicide, you will get better at coping with this. I have found the best thing to do is to try to find happiness in whatever you can. They like to interrupt your joy as you mentioned so this can be a challenge sometimes but try try try to be happy despite your circumstances. I was really depressed for years until l forced myself to be happy with what lve got. I dont do much because they have taken everything but I try to find happiness in the small stuff.

God bless

So for how long is this happening to you? Do they ever stop and leave victims alone?

And also, what do they win if they torture us? At first I thought they were experimenting psychological torture methods on me, but seeing how many of us there are, surely the methods they apply on me have been applied on others aswell, so I really don't get the point.

"So in conclusion, they always use sounds in my case. They're practically hypnotizing me with the use of prolongued sounds. When I walk through parks, a lot of ambulances start to wander around that park making use of their syrens in order to keep me controlled.  

Also I have tinnitus in my right ear (not in the left one), but the side doesn't really matter. They can control everything, no matter what they make you believe. They can produce tinnitus in my right ear aswell. "

Ioan, you're right. My story is embeded in my web site and I can assure you it's so real that it can't get more real. Read again my web site. Check out playlist on the home page. Bookmark it.

I'm wondering, do you maybe have sometimes unexplained sexual stimulation or maybe lack of it when there should be?

Yes, I have unexplained sexual stimulation also. One day they played all day with my sexual preferences. 

Lately I've been getting boners too easily I think. But this works both ways also. Sometimes when I try to masturbate, they turn me off. They also used to pop in images with my female relatives in my brain when I was getting horny. 

Ioan, you should study very carefully my web site (and the music on playlist), but my advice to you is:

"My advice to you, is lay low, wait patiently, you're still young and have a whole life in front of you. Take your drugs regulary and never miss an upointment with your shrinks. Don't try to lenghten freedoms ring and push it cause no-one ever made it - you don't have an idea what can they do to you. Stay away from sick internet porn, buy yourself a nice playboy magazine and do it only in the bathroom if psychiatrists inside your head make you horny. Don't let them put your name to shame. Pay attention to your hygine, don't get tattoos and never change your name. Hell is for fools and heaven is for heros. Always do a right thing and you should feel good about yourself. If you have any regrets, forgive yourself, you're just a human. psychiatrists might even set you up with a girl and if they do stick with her, it might be your only chance. Try to have some fun and socialize, play along, make fun of your situation. Don't critisize anyone and don't choose sides in life. Listen to a good music, Bob Marley would be a good choice. Set up a web site exposing it. Post a link on a Peace Pink. Try to be more like you and less like some psychiatrists, always on good side. You should be fine. Endurance and patience are crutial. In time things will get better. You should be fine. In essence don't be a fool like me. If I make it I'll let you know - but know this: no-one ever did."

keep in touch, my email is

They aren't  doing anything except tricking us into following a psychological warfare script with a desired goal. In the 60's, the CIA asked prabhupahda what he thought about mesmerizing people, so sort of like a half trance. He replied, "if it's for the good, then this is okay."

Don't forget the timeline here. This is after project paper-clip, this is also post MKULTRA. 

The trick is that it's near impossible to ignore someone when thry make a false accusation,  or say somthing that either interests you or piques your intrigue. You must remember that this dialogue, the entirety of it, for years is meant to produce a desired outcome. Warfare is also misleading.  Whatever dirrection you're willing to go, they will alter their dialogues and take you there, but in a sick way.

If you're prone to depression, they push that way to cause substance abuse or pacifism. Then they try to pull you to rage to make you passive/aggressive.  If you're sexually mature and have no problems being expressive without shame or guilt, they will tell you that everything is wrong there. 

The effect of the sex talk if you listen and follow their diatribes is 3 fold:

1. You will be thinking of sex more (obviously) and an imbalance to one or the other side is produced. Either oversexxed, or sexually frustrated from holding back if they can shame you.

2. You will talk about sex more than you used to, perhaps making people you know think differently of you, they will also have their people in your life for the theatre aspect of it, that is, if it affects you and causes imbalance.

3. They will tell you without being direct as to their motivation,  that your sexual thoughts are perverse, so thst you feel, look, and begin to act like a creep. Don't forget, these are the most perverse people, and they are in fact completely perverting the truth.

The other thing is Anger, Fear, Resentments,  regrets, etc. These all can be pulled or pushed to imbalances. 


Pretend its not happening, you are okay. Envision yourself as if its not happening and you'll see. Of course it never stops, but we're on that. Please read my post on v2k. The tone of voice they use is meant to have you vibe with them and then they begin to masterfully lead you to some dark dark, dialogues that do manifest themselves into mental or physical illness. 

They do not control the world or they'd  already have it. Remain objective to your torture and analyze it when you're forced to listen to it. Ask youself questions, the truth leads you out of the darkness. If they had control of you or the world, they wouldn't be attempting to trick you into giving it up. They also aren't God, or they wouldnt have plundered artifacts over the centuries to hide our past here. Learn psychology from CG Jung, learn breathing techniques of Buddhism,  learn whatever interests you and know, their dialogue will never be used by them in any court, so if you must, then be foul to them right back, but also beware that this can pull you to anger.

It's a tightrope walk from the time you wake up, until you sleep, but you also must rest and continue as if you're deaf to them.

Create art, dance, sing, play and love most of all, damnit LOVE. Kill them with kindness. Tell them you'll talk to them when they are truthful and not rude, this of course, will never happen.

I want to clear up one thing here: they never talk to me. They don't send telepathic messages. They just make my brain talk (or scream sometimes, or whatever). But they do insert their own opinions. 

I don't take any pills. But I would like to take some vitamins. One way or onther, I always end up eating junk food. 

Unfortunately this is usually a life long deal. I have heard that they stop it on some people but I dont know why and lve never met anyone. The reason? Many Tls believe they are experimenting with tech but lm like you, for me they are beyond experimenting, theyve tried everything 1000 times. My perps are sicko satanists who enjoy making others suffer. They basically feed off negative energy. Im sorry there arent any better answers, they suck!

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