Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Here are some online Petitions of stopping Mind Control Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons torturing and harassing. Please make an effort! Please forward to your friends!

Please sign this petition in Chinese

Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture (in Chinese)


Active Petitions in English:

Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture

Created By Soleilmavis L China


Law prohibiting electromagnetic and mind control weapons in Europe

Created By Sofia P Fontan


Ban Remote Control Of Human Beings By Technical Means

Created By Marika Bandera, Canada


US Human Rights Alert! Stop radiation poisoning & torture from long-term "Electronic Surveillance" Created By Charles Kartchner, Peoria, AZ


Unlawful Non-Consensual Weapons Testing on Civilians and Military Personnel Must Stop  

Created By Darlene Miles,  

Member of Congress: Investigate misuse of Psychotronic (mind control) weapons


To No.10 Downing St. to put an end to Organised Stalking and Electronic Harassment

Published by Paolo Fiora, London, UK

The international ban, investigation and prosecution of psychotronic weapons crimes

Sponsored by: Astrid Fuchs


Petition the ACLU to Assist Electronic Harassment, Stalking and Domestic Torture Victims

Petition published by Delisa on Jun 09, 2010  



Published by Kommy Yazdian on 8.11.07  

Since 5.21.12   


Stop Harmful Energy-Based Technologies

By Suzanne LeBoeuf  


A Petition Against the Military and Intelligence Agencies' Use of Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture

Petition published by on Jan 02, 2010


The international ban, investigation and prosecution of psychotronic weapons crimes

Gang Stalking / EH Petition - Attorney General Kamala D Harris Investigate And Prosecute Gang-stalking in California




Other Petitions wish you sign

A Petition Against the Military and Intelligence Agencies' Use of Organized Stalking and Electronic. To: United States Congressional Members

Human Experimentation\

Support Our Court Order, Hearing and Motion to Shut Down HAARP! 


Reject human experimentation: Demand accountability  (USA)


Closed Petitions:

Stop mind control, directed energy weapons abuse and torture (in chinese)

Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) United Nations General Assembly Petition for a Space Preservation Treaty Conference to ban all weapons and warfare in Space


Facebook Group: Peacepink (Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture)
Page: Peacepink (Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture)

Linkedin Group: Peacepink: Stop Mind Control Weapons/DEWs abuses and tortures

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Michael and other TI's,

I registered my vote today to “Ban Electronic Warfare on Civilians” at Global Exchange 9th Annual Human Rights Awards.

I am passing on Michael's e-mail below and request everyone to register and vote for the above cause at this link .


 Our topic could easily win this year’s (2011) award if everyone puts in their vote. Voting ends April 19, 2011 so please hurry.

To win the award means we could bring much attention to our cause and help many nationally and internationally suffering harshly via illegal assault of electronic weapons. Please everyone, register your vote, it was simple and quick.



If and when you register your vote, please notify Michael Yazdian (e-mail above) as he is tracking the votes. Also if you have time, please send me a quick note comfirming you receiced (got it) my e-mail so that I may monitor that everyones is getting it.

Happy Microwaves and many blessings to all who suffer,

Margaret Mary

--- On Tue, 4/12/11, Yazdian span class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1302825613_3">> wrote:

From: Yazdian <>
Subject: TI Campaign

Greetings, This Campaign Needs Your Votes & Endorsements:

I have nominated our Petition below for the Human Rights Award, comment about your activism, share, & endorse it for our freedom. Vote Now. You may Register to Vote if you don't want to use your facebook account. This is a great opportunity to log your protest internationally. Also see, tion/synergy/  

I have no way of knowing who has voted unless they tell me, thank you Melissa & Morissa for voting & helping get the vote out! Election Results, Votes: 77 Views: 605 = 13% Voting. Please note, we would be the front runner if the viewers were all voting! Only 9 comments, please use it as a "digital billboard" & expose the Perps! You can comment more than once!
God Bless,
Michael K. Yazdian, CPA (Member of AICPA &
Lets Make the News & Not Be the News!


Our voices are our only hope to end the worst human torture known to mankind. Please pass the petition on to others as well. Every vote counts!!!!!  Please participate if possible, our topic is in the top ten to win, I believe.

Organized Stalking, Torture and proposed Criminal Legislation Petition

 International Campaign for the Absolute Prohibition of Torture and Ill-treatment

OMCT= Organisation Mondiale Contre Torture  IT IS THE Swiss equivalent of Amnesty,

Petition To The Canadian Government on Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment

Petition Re : Torture or inhuman treatment, including biological experiments;  Willfully causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or health

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"and you can add brain surgery to that already lengthy list of mind control methodologies   ewan cameron moved up to canada where, as new head of the national psych assoc'n, along with the mcgill u lsd/shock 'experiments', he…"
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