Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Our Battle Against Nazi illuminati and NSA satanists

Our Lord told that in the endtimes that the love of many would wax cold, but to stick a laser in their brains and block access to the spiritual centers of the mind is almost unbelievable. These Nazi synagogue of satan Jews and Nazi Nicolaitan freemasons not only believe we are biological robots but must be slaughtered and tortured by the millions via supercomputers. This hellbound bunch will not blame the supercomputers and the satanists will not reign but burn hotter than all the rest. They can amnesia wall their reprobate minds of these murders but they set the parameters. This bunch has programmed these supercomputers to follow the Book of Revelations and whether you believe the bible or not here is your blueprint of their plans. To put a laser in a person's cerebellum and left eye and feedforward satanic data and block the neocortex of logic and spirituality is total evil. They are subconsciously feeding your minds and your children's minds violence and illuminati images as never before. They try to block the God centers of the brain via laser microwave pulses and pump in pain and torture . To refuse the mark is to fight satan's pions right now. They don't want you to just die but to literally die lost and block you from seeking or receiving the Lord. I challenge any nonbeliever to "Seek the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near. " Isaiah 55:6



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Remember how you were before all these harassment happened.

Remember your relationship with the Lord at its height.

Do not let go of that memory.

That will be the benchmark by which you can always compare this staged life being dealt you now and the real life God has gifted you with.

How did the "Nazi illuminati and NSA satanists" single us out?

When did they choose to mark us?

Or were we even singled out?

OR are all those around us also being controlled except that they believe the lie and accept the fake persona the  perps say they are? (They do not struggle against being bad because they think they really are bad. The devil's ploy: destroying one's self worth)?

Do we struggle because we have somewhat of a grasp of who we are and who we should be in Christ that we offer resistance despite the risk of being attacked?

Should we not help those who are misled so they will realize their worth in God and not accept that they are bad as the perps try to convince them they are?

So the question is were we singled out by the "Nazi illuminati and NSA satanists" at a certain point in time or place ? (If yes, when and where?) OR did our persistent holding on to our faith/God single us out or made us stand out as targets in their sight?

Whatever the answer, there's one sure implication: the "Nazi illuminati and NSA satanists" consider us a threat otherwise they wouldn't waste all their efforts on us. The first question we should answer is : WHY?

Whatever the answer is to that, apparently all the real victims have that common trait or capacity.  Let's focus on that and help others who can't distinguish they're being manipulated be able to distinguish the truth,too.

Maybe that's why God has allowed us to go thru this. He knows how stubborn we can get when we need to make a stand for something we believe in. Thank God that Someone we believe in is Him.

Thank you No Name for your uplifting comments. This blog came after a severe torturing for my best defense tricks discussion, so it must be good info. Hope it helps someone out there. To No Name and all the people of the Phillipines ,I detest how the U.S. and N.S.A. has used your people as lab rats for this satanic technology long before anyone else. The isolation of this and other islands has made for easy controlled experiments by these evil reprobates. Motorola and the nsa satanists didn't just happen to pick Malaysia as a primary manufacturer for this heinous technology but planned it. Japan has many TI's and led the way in many experiments because of basic vengence by these satanists. I believe they used HAARP and satellite to ground sonar to cause that earthquake.

We started out as a human beings with rights but they are trying to turn us into a faceless mass,as was predicted in the endtimes. I have endured over ten years of this torture and I know the Judgement is at hand. The grief and suffering of our Lord Jesus will soon end. He will take his bride home and the wrath will come. I beg any TI to repent and seek the Lord and miss the wrath and the evil NWO'S massacre. These are the last days of grace.

"To those who win the victory I will give the right to sit by me on my throne..." Revelations 3:21


I agree with you. This is what they've done to me. I was told that I was adopted specifically to BE a ritual sacrifice. I am suffering so much, and they hit me in my lungs daily. I know I have been set up since birth. No one will believe me that they put implants in my head, but there they are:


Bush was the third and final Anti-Christ but Obama the mind control puppet came along. The level of sin and evil in this world has all of humanity on the edge of eternity. The Lord Jesus Christ's patience and suffering is beyond my comprehension. May we use this time given to prepare our friends and family and all the lost to come to Repentance.

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