Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Peacepink is censoring, hacking my devices & internet and having me attacked by stronger DEWs

Update on June 3, 2015:

Attacks 24/7  forced me to cease posting in peacepink. Though I have stopped posting, attacks continue to be very strong. Kidney pain, stomach cramp, legs burn, pins and needles in lips, legs and feet. Headache, inflammed head, swollen sinuses, swollen eyes, mentally dull, stiff neck, strong brain zapping at night and over sleeping. Pin point laser attacks on finger and toes while I am typing this. 

Attacks forced me to spend a week researching steel sheds, sea water faraday cage, steel helmets and iron helmets. .

I am waiting for the auction of a steel helmet to end.

When does DEW attacks on other members decrease after they cease posting? 

This is part four:

Part 1 is at:

Part 2 is at:

Part 3 is at:

Part five is at:

Please provide evidence by reporting hacking and strengthened DEW attacks in parts 6 - 8 at:

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Reply by energyweaponsatme44 minutes ago

Deca, your alibi that behavior modification causes TIs to hallucinate that they are being hacked is disinformation.

I never said they "hallucinate" ? were do you get that from ?

pretty sure TI`s will and do get hacked and probably timed  when they conveniently go to do  certain things or websites

clearly you don`t understand psychological warfare has nothing to do with "hallucinating" but about painting and image into the mind then re forcing that with stimulus

so are you also saying that targeting has nothing to do with behavior modification ?

My comment was partially censored. The last several sentences was to include in post that the original post was censored by peacepink. Include the URL if you saved it. Report any increased hacking and/or DEWs due to posting on ICAACT in /r/gangstalking.

Deca, you made up another alibi. Substantiate your alibi that TI forums are poorly funded. Point: Peacepink could not possibly afford to pay hackers. In this thread, John Allman stated peacepink is not a (nonprofit) corporation and that he does not know where the donations are sent to.

Peacepink's hackers can be paid by multiple sources and nation-states.

Your question whether behavior modification is involved in targeting is off topic. The topic of this post is hacking and DEW attacks.

nrg is your new name    you decry the use of initials and have a 17 letter long moniker - obama commented on that just yesterday    perhaps you are not someone trying to interfere with the purpose of this site, already beleaguered as has been mentioned by myself, sue, hassan, john, theasian1984, BL (big lebowski) and even 'deca' (about whom your assessment is by the way correct and indeed well put)    but it surely seems like all you want to do is twist people's words to make a lengthy list of mostly (considering the real problems we have here which BL alluded to and 'deca' illustrated so promptly) minor issues   this is not a criticism   if i am wrong, please answer my question above:

"'nrg', others have also asked what makes you so determined to believe that this site is 'hacking itself' - but especially after you yourself have introduced anthony forwood's and cliff huylebroeck's and (presumably) your own evidence that these larger, more powerful and 'involved' organizations seem to be so completely corrupted at the top      why will you not see the obvious consequences of your own information:  that these bigger fish are dining on the smaller ones?

"this may be at the  heart of the failure to communicate which seems to have developed      do you think that you could maybe try to address this question directly?"     (this question may be taken literally, btw)


why don`t think its not these sites that's the problem but your android smart phone you try to access them on know is owned by google and all these apps you can download make it easy to hack your phone.

and the idea that all these established TI websites have to change so YOU can view it on YOUR smartphone is asking a bit much

also should you not be more worried about your brain & body being hacked than certain websites you vist!!!

Commenting is being hacked.

LaBrat, respect members' monikers. Making up monikers for members confuses members. Refer to me using my moniker. You are capable of typing. You write the longest comments and the most comments. 

An example of your being verbose is reiterating the same questions because you do not like the answers. You then accuse me of being noncommunicative. I am articulate. I do not wish to repeat myself and subject members to reading redundant material.

LaBrat, you previously asked why I suspect this website is "hacking itself." See parts 1, 2 and 3. Earlier in this thread, you criticized for referring part 1 without linkihg to its URL. These threads are in a series. When I write series, the links to all the parts are provided in the beginning of the threads. Look at the beginning of this thread for links to the other parts. 

LaBrat, you named every member who has commented and misrepresented their comments indicated they were beleaguered.  Whereas, it was only Hassan and you who wrote they did not understand.

Deca, you too are reiterating alibis. You previously brought up Google spying.  Google spying is not hacking. There are ample articles on Google spying. None on Google hacking. None of the parts in this series discuss spying.

Several times I wrote I have several devices. My android tablet, unactivated android smartphone I use as a PDA and my activated android smartphone do not have a Google account. I do not use GAPPS. I use only open source apps. You are incorrect that the apps i download make it easy to be hacked. My smartphones are rooted and have a custom ROM. My laptops have linux. The desktop computers I use have Windows.

Deca misrepresented: "all these established TI websites have to change so YOU can view it on YOUR smartphone is asking a bit much."  The only website I recommended improving is Peacepink's desktop site and mobile site.

Part of my comment was censored: "Android devices do not require a Google account nor use of Google apps (GAPPS). Google spies less on android users who do not have a Google account and do not use GAPPs. Android is a linux distribution. Linux is open source. AFAIK, Google does not spy on unactivated android tablets, laptops and smartphones who's users do not set up a Google account and do not use GAPPs.

There is a huge distinction between spying and hacking. Please stop giving disinformation that hacking on peacepink is caused by Google spying.

Now, focus back on the topic of this thread.

Big Lebowski, please respect my moniker. Do not use a moniker LaBrat made up for me.

Perps breaking into homes and cars and damaging personal belongings would be good to post in a new thread. Could you please follow the instructions I outlined and report back? Thank you.

NRG - I've posted lots on here over the last 18 months about Gangstalking. Just type in "Gangstalking" in the search.

Please could you suggest yourself a diminutive of energyweaponsatme that you wouldn't object to us using, instead of NRG that LaBrat used?  EWAM, for example?

We call the member Big Lebowski "Big L" for short.  We felt we just had to lock out Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, because he whined every time somebody abbreviated or misspelt his username.

energyweaponsatme said:

Big Lebowski, please respect my moniker. Do not use a moniker LaBrat made up for me.

Perps breaking into homes and cars and damaging personal belongings would be good to post in a new thread. Could you please follow the instructions I outlined and report back? Thank you.

Big Lebowski, respect my moniker.  Gang stalking is two words, not one word.  If I typed  "gang stalking' in Peacepink's search bar, the results would be different from "gangstalking." In part 2, I reported problems with Peacepink's search. Nonetheless, gang stalking is not the topic in this thread. Please focus on the topic.

Forums are not chat. Perhaps having chat in Peacepink is causing members to treat the forum as a chat.

Big Lebowski, could you please follow the instructions I gave you regarding testing hacking and strengthened DEW attacks? Thank you.

John Allman, I will comply with your request. I will shorten my moniker to "energy."

Big Lebowski, Peacepink needs a gang stalking category in its thread index. The gang stalking category should be where all threads on gang stalking are. If you had read part 2, you would not have recommended I enter your name in Peacepink's search bar. Peacepink's search includes thousands of comments. Whereas, forum searches do not include comments.

Please report hacking of non TI websites in part 6.

Reread my instructions on detecting whether ICAACT or Peacepink increased hacking and DEW attacks. I should not have to retype them but I will. Please copy and paste the instructions into a plain text file so you can read them offline. Write down your answers.

(1) Log out of peacepink. Stay logged out for several days to conduct this test.
Can you read Peacepink website OK.
Can you read ICAACT website OK.
Has DEW attacks increased, decreased or remained the same. Wait several hours.

(2) As a nonmember, read /r/gangstalking, /r/targetedindividual, stopeg forum, one of the three TI yahoo groups and/or FFCHS public Lefora forum.
Can you read them OK?
Has DEW attacks increased, decreased or remained the same?

(3) Wait a day. Become a member of one of the above. Repost your post on ICAACT and include that it had been censored.
Can you read and write OK?
Has DEW attacks increased, decreased or remained the same?
Is your repost still up?

(4) If hacking and/or DEW increased or repost censored, try one of the other TI forums.
Can you read and write OK?
Repost still up?

(5) Wait a day. Log back into Peacepink. Do not write.
Can you read webpages ok?

(6) Wait a day. Cross-post ICAACT thread in Peacepink.
Can you read and write in Peacepink OK?
Cross-post still up?

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