Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Peacepink is censoring, hacking my devices & internet and having me attacked by stronger DEWs

Update on June 3, 2015:

Attacks 24/7  forced me to cease posting in peacepink. Though I have stopped posting, attacks continue to be very strong. Kidney pain, stomach cramp, legs burn, pins and needles in lips, legs and feet. Headache, inflammed head, swollen sinuses, swollen eyes, mentally dull, stiff neck, strong brain zapping at night and over sleeping. Pin point laser attacks on finger and toes while I am typing this. 

Attacks forced me to spend a week researching steel sheds, sea water faraday cage, steel helmets and iron helmets. .

I am waiting for the auction of a steel helmet to end.

When does DEW attacks on other members decrease after they cease posting? 

This is part four:

Part 1 is at:

Part 2 is at:

Part 3 is at:

Part five is at:

Please provide evidence by reporting hacking and strengthened DEW attacks in parts 6 - 8 at:

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LaBrat, cease harassing me and threadjacking. Do not be sarcastic.

I did not 'correct' Pathfinder or other members who tried to assist.

Big Lebowski's last activity was last Sunday:

Obviously, Pathfinder and Big Lebowski are following the instructions in this thread. You misrepresented that I asked them (and other members) to make a sacrifice as guinea pigs. They reported hacking and DEW attacks. I asked them to investigate the cause. Is the cause Peacepink?

You are misrepresenting and intimidating members from investigating. You are a shill.

I am not 'now' complaining about stronger hacking and DEW attacks. I started complaining over 1 1/2 weeks ago.

Reply by energyweaponsatme on May 28, 2015 at 12:44am

Pathfinder, has the DEW attacks increased after posting in other TI forums or solely in peacepink? If you have not tried other TI forums or the two TI subreddits, please do and report back to this thread or the cross-post in /r/gangstalking. Five other TI forums are listed in:

energyweaponsatme said:

 "You misrepresented that I asked them (and other members) to make a sacrifice as guinea pigs.


until you demonstrate where i have "fabricated enemies" (it would have been between you and atlantiteo, if you can remember that far back:  i've been asking for a long time now), it is you and you alone who is vey clearly "misrepresenting"

"I am not 'now' complaining about stronger hacking and DEW attacks. i started complaining over 1 1/2 weeks ago."     like, right after i warned you that this is what happens here, citing lebowski's example?and right before you suggested pathfinder investigate these other forums? are you allergic to reason?

'energy', i assimilate data subliminally beyond the strictures of 'rational-conscious' non-isotropic symbolisms     it is an extrapolation of the principle whereby words streamline, or, 'simplify' thinking, itself projected outwards exponentially to a meta-level       the process is slicker than duck droppings!
energyweaponsatme said:

LaBrat, your reply was almost immediate. There was no time for you to have read my thread on helmets. The thread linked to a post on steel shielding magnetic fields and a post on copper foil tape. 

          also, thank you for asking, my finger is all better now      i was not defenestrated through the window of off-site opportunities, and have actually cancelled my appointment for benzodiazepine pills

Reply by energyweaponsatme on May 25, 2015 at 4:53am

"LaBrat, I did not accuse AtlantiTeo. Please do not create friction between a moderator and me. Do not fabricate enemies among us."


LB, same page

(b) "i did not say you are accusing teo - i am repeating the example to demonstrate that mods get hacked here too, which you still seemed to have a lot of trouble with after the first two times i pointed it out"


 Reply by LaBrat on May 25, 2015 at 10:00am

"you have yet to address the issue of your comment on hardcastle's blog to 'david' that i had not yet appeared on that blog when he was responding to my comments, and my demonstration that you and i were receiving different copies of the page        


i wonder whether you have seen this, whether it has been successfully screened from you even after i have already explained it, or (failing that) whether you are projecting those comprehension difficulties...


  " you have answered none of my questions (about "fabricating enemies" etc and the other accusations) and i no longer expect that you might do so     best of luck with your quest"


(btw:  if the 'google peacepink go-to mod an the site founder are both experiencing difficulties accessing the site or materials, then yes you have seen evidence of moderators being hacked in the course of their duties)


all this is from a previous blog: it is now a full week you resist answering to this charge that you have accused me of "fabricating enemies" - as i said before, "as if you need any help with that!"


since we're on p. 10 of this one now, i will assume you've seen my repeated question often enough here that i don't have to "link urls" and "paste caps" to remind you of this outstanding clarification that you are actually incorrect to assert that it is "impossible to slander anybody on peacepink" - which you continue without pretext


Reply by LaBrat on May 24, 2015 at 3:50pm  (still same page)

"by this logic (since, as i say, teo was also hacked, and soleilmavis blocked), we should also close our forum:"

 Reply by energyweaponsatme 1 hour ago

"It is horrendous when a moderator is hacked. Cliff acted ethically by closing his forum."


"i disagree with that, and also with the conclusion that a mod getting hacked here is not necessarily significant - do you recall my telling you that he happened to lose a bunch of video testimonies from members to be presented to the council of europe?"

what is the point of telling people not to be sarcastic when you do not even recognize it?   do you mean, don't point it out when one has been sarcastic?  the part about you and your dog were not

Energyweaponsatme lm so sorry about your dog. It is so cruel when they attack the defenseless. I was in the same boat, they used to torture my pets. I had them euthanised to stop their suffering. I felt it was the kindest thing to do for them. As sad as it may be for you, for the sake of your dog think about having him rehomed or euthanised. Tls often cant keep pets for this reason. It is the kindest thing you can do.....sorry it is heartbreaking

energyweaponsatme said:

Attacks 24/7 on my dog induced vomiting twice yesterday. First time, I moved him outside to vomit. Second time, he vomited on the bed. He has barely eaten the last several days. He wants to go outside frequently, stares for hours at the window and whines. He is less affectionate.

Pathfinder's account is open. Last comment was in this thread on May 27:

Also waiting for Big Lebowsky and other members to report. 

that's awful!   i'm so sorry to hear about this, sue    how terribly cruel to put you through something like that

LaBrat, I just reported you again for threadjacking and bullying. I deleted the discussion of my first thread (on FFCHS) due to your threadjacking and bullying. You write pages and pages of comments to waste members time.

John Allman responded to my numerous reporting of your misconduct by warning you in this thread. You refuse to comply with Peacepink's head moderator's warning. Why have you not been banned?

Sue, how heart breaking to euthanize two beloved pets! I hope you are not totally alone.

I intent to successfully elude again, relocate and stay safe so I will keep my dog. 

Thanks guys, it comes down to one thing, hurting the love in your life. They hate that we love because they have no feelings. You wouldnt believe it but they even tortured my fish. I had to give them away also. Ive since adopted 2 qnd a half stray cats, unintentionally but they are left alone for the most part, thank God. I hope it works out for you and your dog energy, just dont let him suffer too much.

it is highly probable that asking you to substantiate your false accusation of misrepresentation, which you have evaded for some time without any justification, would be considered exactly to the point - why don't you try to be?     btw if you change your moniker to officially match your (shorter) 'concession' one other members will not be overwhelmed by the length and be tempted to abbreviate it in friendly innocence

if the concept is really that challenging (and you are 'not' being deliberately obtuse and/or are an A. I. disinfo program trying desperately to appear 'human'), the issue was teo being hacked while assembling member video testimonies, which is germane to the topic in ways that quite a variety of members have tried to explain to you

you are like that outside threat ronnie raygun was waiting for to usher in a new world order under a common enemy:  you have managed to unite members of all stripes in our exasperation with your attitude - for example, your blog title is an offense to the site - why have YOU not been banned?   why has nobody reported the issue of you?

energyweaponsatme said:

LaBrat, I just reported you again for threadjacking and bullying. In this thread, John Allman warned you to cease. You refuse to comply with Peacepink's head moderator's warning. Why have you not been banned?

thenewmind, please do not threadjack. Delete your comment. Post it in the appropriate thread:

Then, I will reply.

Sue, I am glad your cats are not targeted and keep you company. Thanks for wishing me luck.

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