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Post on NATO Secretary General facebook for the hybrid threat of Electromagnetic Weapons

Dear Members of Peace Pink,

The following text has been posted on the facebook of the NATO Secretary General. Thank you in advance for offering a "like" on the post and sharing it. (I don't know if it possible to post the link to this discussion on that facebook page, so that I could invite you to like this peace pink discussion alternatively; this is because my previous post on that facebook page containing reference links was deleted.)

"On the hybrid threat of Electromagnetic Weapons. Dear NATO Secretary General, following the launch of an investigation by the Minister of Defense of Poland, Antoni Macierewicz, on complaints of citizens on electromagnetic weapon harassment we kindly ask you to investigate this hybrid threat for which legislation exists in the US, in the States of Maine, Massachusetts and Michigan, and which is recognized as a threat by federal law (EMP threat concerning, for instance, the electric grid infrastructure). We welcome the signature of the Joint Statement of NATO, European Commission and Council of the European Union addressing hybrid threats among other. Thank you."

Feel free to reuse the tweet I created:

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Hello, you can tweet to ask NATO Secretary General in less than 7 jours hours  at 4.30PM CEST (Central European Summer Time) or 10.30AM EDT (Eastern Time) from now with hashtag #AskJens.

Today will answer your questions. Send them now w/

I have asked:

Does NATO have a policy for electromagnetic weapon harassment? Poland Minister of Defense prepares analysis

(YouTube video link shown as image)

Please show your presence to create awareness.

Done information-book com, thank you!

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