Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I, Paul Philp, would like to be the peacepink Volunteer in Seattle. Kevin Crosby has informed methat he is no longer interested in the post.  There are many TIs in Seattle, and they need to be united by leadership. There are power in numbers and those numbers could make an impact upon the community as a whole. Please let me know soon as TIs are gaining in numbers in Seattle.

Paul Philp

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John, I thought of using craigslist to try and find TIs in my area. I think it is good to have groups where we can.

While not in Seattle, I would like communication with others.

Correct- people need to be United.. as a Force to be dealt with.

I suggest- Change terms used as they alienate the Public, and as to legal implications- they will be brushed off.

Proper terms will show the Public exactly how their taxpayer money is spent...against them.

Call it Abuse of power, Human rights violations, Cyber crimes... Media will pick up on the Issue if presented properly.

I notice also that someone is using my email for asking to "Invest" {Not interested}

2} Being banned from "chat"- I havent used/dont use "chat" as is nonconstructive for me personally. So what is the point re "ban"??

3} I believe I am ahead of this Human rights Issue, and personally do not need the information presented here.

4} The website Does denote Global Human rights violations. Should state how Human rights violations are done and by whom.

Thank you

I wasn't aware that Peacepink had "representatives" in different places.

You may be able to start a group for TIs in Seattle on Peacepink (the Peacepink Seattle group).  You may be able to start a group in Seattle, which initially consists of you and people you have met on Peacepink who also lives in Seattle (the Seattle TIs group).  You may be able to mention the Peacepink Seattle group in the Seattle TIs group and vice versa.  But you cannot be appointed, as far as I know, as Peacepink's representative in Seattle.  You are applying for a non-existent vacancy.

If you want to call your group "People suffering from sleep-deprivation in Seattle", you can.  Or maybe you could think of a snappier title.

Please be good whilst you are here.

you are right though perpetrators causes others to look like perps or they pretend to be victims

LIM SC said:

Hi Paul,
Good choice.

TIs understand each other situation and are able to watch each other's back better.
Perps act in group. So can TIs.

Hi Cynthia,

Ken Rhoades is in Michigan. Here's his Email address:

God bless,

Arlene Johnson


To access my e-zine, click on the icon that says Magazine.

To access my edition devoted to TIs, log onto

cynthia said:

i wish i had known there were representatives i would have brought you my evidence and shown you how to record the voices in your head so all can hear them

i am now in michigan is there a representative here

Hi John,

TIs really can't run away from their perps. About the only thing you can do is get rid of your cell phone. See this story which is Lisa Becker's story for evidence:

Then, go to to demand TI's targeting end.

God bless,

Arlene Johnson

John K Nelson said:

John K Nelson said:

   Actually I used to live there , I am now in Salt Lake City , I was tagged in Tacoma and they followed me here in 2002.I would like very much to get ahold of local T.I.s in Utah , I would be happy to represent a swank little chapter here in Utah. How do I go about finding and forming groups and gatherings around here? Paul, thank you for your shout out , the relief I feel just knowing there are others out there and are not afraid to speak up is a blessing.

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