Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

In the mid-Twentieth century there were twenty-five million Americans locked up in the mental hospital gulags. Most of them were easily framed up as having an undefined socially dangerous condition called "schizophrenia", which simply means "scatter brained" in Greek. Their only crime was that they were non-lodge members caught knowing privileged knowledge about their own bodies.
Those twenty-five million people were one quarter of the total American population at the time. In imprisonment they were tortured with "cruel and unusual punishments", like electric shock treatments, dopamine blockers, which prevent any feelings of relief, and they were used for any medical experimentation what so ever.
When complaints of these injustices reached the Soviet Union, during the Cold War, Dr. Stanislav Grof came over to use the supreme grand secret, "Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD", as a psychiatric therapy to replace LSD. Intelligence agents warned the "lodge" that it was a set up, and not to touch him.
As the mental hospital gulags closed, these ruined people with disgraceful records were dumped on the streets to suffer chronic homelessness. Since then, homelessness has been used as the cheapest institution by which to punish "profaners of the sacred mysteries".
But, attempts have been made to eliminate our Constitution in order to exterminate all "profaners of the sacred mysteries" in the newly built concentration camps.
At this time, we have a Muslim with an agenda of executive orders to put all vital national functions under government control, and to impose an Islamic dictatorship on the American people, in order to follow through with this planned program of extermination, if he is reelected. You can save America, and prevent much human suffering by spreading this information.

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Heres a link to some information on the profaners of the sacred mysteries, I looked it up after reading Miguel's blog;



This is blatantly not true.  There is no way that 25 million people were in mental hospitals, except for the fact that vaginal stimulation is as effective as LSD, that I agree with.  This site needs to show more care in being accurate. 

Vagal stimulation is stimulation of the biggest nerve trunk of the parasympathetic nervous system. It emerges from the brain in the nasopharynx, which waterboarding is meant to irritate and stimulate to the extent of perinatal matrix three, Hell itself. Thus waterboarding has been used to replace LSD for the Clockwork Orange treatment. I was put through the Clockwork Orange treatment, involuntarily with large doses of LSD, in the sixties for having written the "supreme grand secret" of the "lodge" in a high school term paper that ended up being sold in the term paper black market by the instructor of that class. Detectives hunted me down after it was read by the wrong people, after I graduated with honors. To say the least, I was very disappointed in this country; but, I will do what I can within the law to restore the Constitution as it should be.

Hi Miguel :) Do you have any information to read up on the matrix levels? Would be interesting to do more extensive research into this.  So strange that you mention this because I did have a feeling that some of this stuff that has been going on, seemed to have had some type of quantum psysics surrounding it, at least in me and my families case anyways. Hard to explain but just a gut feeling of mine.  I knew it.  Thanks for sharing! :) egy

Yeah I know what you mean by feeling as though I am a part of a giant research project based on the theories of quantum physics. Based on this feeling/theory it is easy to see why it would be that most people experience the same general symptoms and side effects as there is going to a large percentage of test subjects who will react the same way and as they intend and or suspect us to. Having said that with any experiment/case study that is based on human behavior there is always going to be that small percentage of people who do not react within these known parameters or expectations which is probably what they are most interested in at this point.
Since becoming a more active member here and hearing people explain their own personal accounts and theories about the socio economical effects especially I have learned so much. I am referring to the phenomena regarding how it seems we all react most severely when first targeted because it seems as if our brains latch on to all of this outside stimuli and mis information and from there it our brains that take over and creates the intense dillusions/paranoia etc. I have also noticed that a vast majority of us that somehow find a way to let go of our obsession to figure out what is going on around us those people seem to also experience significant releaf from their symptoms? This is in line with what I have personally experienced, thank God but that still leaves one major hurdle which is unemployment. I no longer feel like I am hanging on to my sanity by my fingertips but I am also still unemployed. I was targeted severely within the industry in which I worked and I worked in the same industry my entire adult life and made a pretty good living because of my experience, now I am left to find work doing something entirely different (if I am able to find work at all) and my income is going to suffer greatly. I am sharing this because I guess this is the first time that I have really let it sink in that their motives seem to be centered on taking away our livelihood and leaving us homeless which of course terrifies me. I just know that if I am to find a way to survive at all the key for me is to not give in to their matrix like propaganda and mis information. When I was in their manufactured reality and let it completely take over my every waking thought I was literally doing their work for them. I was so close to be diagnosed as schizophrenic (in fact if I hadn't already been seeing a psychiatrist for 4 years who knew me and who stood by me I wouldn't have made it, there is no doubt in my mind to that fact) and losing my kids it scares me to even think about. But something happened in my life that involved my kids and the best way I can describe it is that I felt like someone hit me in the face with ice water, it was so sobering. It literally cleared my brain in an instant, I just knew in that moment that everything else around me wasn't reality and instead was being fabricated to keep me from being in reality! I still have days when I am aware of their efforts to hook me back in but it has really helped me to become more active here and share with you all what is happening with me. Every time I have come here first and shared what is happening around me I always get good sound advice and perspective in return that has prevented me from going down the rabbit hole so to speak.
As I said in one of my posts on a different topic earlier today, I just got back from vacation but I really think we would gain a lot of insight by capturing real information from all members as to their symptoms, family of origin details, trigger events, medical history, children, etc. It could even help us to identify patterns that we otherwise have been missing and hopefully lead us to be able to identify whether or not we feel there are several programs at work here and the characteristics of each? I think that could help us to better support each other and could quite possibly give us new ideas on ways to combat it. I feel like I must state here that I am in no way insinuating that a survey is going to free us from our situations but could possibly better our situation in some way. I think it is fair to assume that this is not going to be a simple project with instantaneous rewards but it is a start and I do believe that the more we learn the better off we are regardless if a permanent solution arises from these efforts or not. This is merely my opinion so no need to beat me up about if you disagree, in fact if you disagree simply ignore what I have written and don't participate. Thank you.
You can buy "The Adventure of Self Discovery" in http;// or where it explains the perinatal matrices. The ability of these address I write to be clicked into has been taken away from me elsewhere. I wonder if it will work here today. If not, you can see how I am being harassed and restricted by the "system". You can go to and put "lahunken" in Alchemy61's search slot to read all the quantum physics behind all these subject matters.

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