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Dear @Sir, @Madam,

Tom Michael, Humanity+ @ London, January 29th

 - Theories and Possibilities for the future of humanity, H+ Magazine,, 05.01.2011,

Quote: (…) Finally, it's possible that events, technologies or reactions to them might bring about a very different future than envisaged by optimistic futurists - perhaps a much worse future. For this reason, it's good to see speakers talking about existential risks. (…)
So, which of these topics fascinate you the most? Personally, I'm most worried about rat brains controlling robot bodies. It's not smarter than human AGI that scares me; can you imagine a rat with the strength of 10 gorillas? (…)

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21 questions for 2011, Humanity+,, January 2nd, 2011,

Quote: (…)
7. Can human brains and/or minds be transferred into robotic bodies? (…)
14. What are the implications of rapidly changing technology for what it means to be human? (…)
16. What are the most serious risks facing humanity over the next few decades, and what is the role of technology in both worsening and solving these risks? (…)

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LukeRobertMason, Humanity Plus, UK 2011 Trailer,, 5.01.2011, a href="">! >.!

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On the Road to Freedom: Welcome to the Future of Humans!


Yours sincerely.

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Michael Kaplan, MKULTRA: the Perversion of Ethics,,, 13.04.2010, a href="" target="_blank"> >.

Quote: (…) People shun helpless pain, as they do failure or grief. Brief hurt provokes empathy, but long, relentless suffering calls up something like disgust. When you add to this the ostensible purpose of the research, "controlling the individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self preservation," you will see how easy it was for the scientists involved to lose any sense of kinship with the humans whose minds they so clumsily ransacked.
After discovering the horrors of Nazi medical experimentation, the US devised the "Nuremberg code," which specifically forbade testing without informed consent; but, just as the Cold War made America employ Nazi scientists, it also made Nazi morality more acceptable. The Inspector General's report on MKULTRA mentioned that many people would find it "distasteful and unethical;" that it "raised questions of legality;" that it "placed the rights and interests of US citizens in jeopardy;" and that it could produce "serious adverse reaction in US public opinion." None of these were reasons not to do it, however - merely explanations for why "normal procedures for project approval, funding, and accounting were waived."
The pigeon is only a pigeon; there are no secret messages in the wallpaper. But that the CIA can wantonly destroy innocent lives in the pursuit of illusory goals - that's something you don't need a tin-foil hat to believe. (…)

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Yours sincerely.
WELCOME to the direct control of people with “ “hybrid” Brain Computer Interface “!

Dear @Sir, @Madam,

Digital Agenda: simple smart phones and remote controls help elderly and disabled to manage their homes, EUROPA Press Release RAPID, Reference: IP/11/11,, 06/01/2011, a href="" target="_blank"> >.

Quote: (…) I2HOME has been tested in day-care centres and home settings in 4 pilot sites in the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Sweden and more than 100 organisations and companies in Europe already use or work with I2HOME technology.
Other applications of this technology are used in the EU-funded BrainAble project which also helps people with disabilities by improving direct as well as indirect interaction with devices thanks to brain sensors that can measure feelings like boredom, confusion, frustration or information overload. (…)
I2HOME was funded under the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme for research. The EU allocated €2.7 million funding to I2HOME. (…)

Read full article:
Autonomy and social inclusion through mixed reality Brain-Computer Interfaces: Connecting the disabled to their physical and social world, BrainAble, This project is partially funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, ICT-2009 Call 4 Accessibe and Assistive ICT,, Home, 8.01.2011, a href="" target="_blank"> >.

Quote: (…) Direct control will be upgraded by creating tools that allow people to control those inner and outer environments using a “hybrid” Brain Computer Interface (BCI) system (BCIs, Electro Oculogram (EOG), Electromyography (EMG), and Heart Rate). Furthermore, BNCI information will be used for indirect interaction, such as by changing interface or overall system parameters based on measures of boredom, confusion, frustration, or information overload. (…)

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Yours sincerely.

unitedtis, United Targeted Individuals Europe, 25.01.2011, a href="" target="_blank"> >.

Quote: (…) Stop the inhuman treatment of people in the name of scientific advancement. (…)

Watch this video:
Dear @Sir, @Madam,


4.02.2011, NOTA BENE!!!

Britta van Beers, MENSELIJKE MAAKBAARHEID, MENSELIJKE WAARDIGHEID EN DE MENSENRECHTEN. Over de maakbare mens en conflicterende interpretatie van de menselijke waardigheid, Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Mensenrechten, NJCM-Bulletin, Nederlands Juristen Comité voor de Mensenrechten, Dutch section of the International Commission of Jurist, NTM/NJCM-Null. 2010, p. 997 – 1016, 35-8, 2010, a href="" target="_blank"> >, a href="" target="_blank"> >.

Quote: p. 1004
(…) Het verschil in benadering is te herleiden tot een interpretatiestrijd over de menselijke waardigheid, waarbinnen twee verschillende dimensies van het beginsel worden belicht. In de eerste benadering wordt de menselijke waardigheid in verband gebracht met waarden als autonomie, zelfbeschikking en persoonlijke ontplooiing. Men kan in dat verband spreken van een subjectieve uitleg van de menselijke waardigheid, of menselijke waardigheid in haar individuele dimensie. Volgens de tweede interpretatie daarentegen, vormt de menselijke waardigheid vooral een beginsel dat bescherming biedt tegen dehumaniserende praktijken, zelfs als deze dehumaniserende behandeling niet als zodanig door het individu in kwestie wordt ervaren. De grenzen die in dergelijke gevallen aan de beschikkingsvrijheid en de uitoefening van vrijheidsrechten worden gesteld, gaan terug op een collectief mensbeeld. Het is binnen deze dimensie dat de menselijke waardigheid meer betekent dan uitsluitend respect voor een ieders grondrechten of respect voor zelfbeschikking.
Deze tweede, objectieve uitleg van de menselijke waardigheid, ook wel waardigheid in haar collectieve dimensie genoemd, is normaliter goed te verenigen met de lezing van menselijke waardigheid als respect voor zelfbeschikking. Zo kan folterverbod tot beide interpretaties van de menselijke waardigheid worden herleid: folteren is zowel flagrant in strijd met het respect voor de vrije wil van de gefolterde als vergaande inbreuk op het verbod om mensen tot louter object of instrument te maken. (…)

Read full article:

Google Translate, Dutch – English,|en|


Yours sincerely.

Franko, please, inform us about the result of your trial. No irony on my side, it seems to me

that to win your lawsuit there should be an appropriate law against the weapon of such a kind.

Anyway i wish you to succeed.

Dear @Sir, @Madam,

Eleanor White, ORGANIZED STALKING: INFORMATION FOR PEOPLE FOR WHOM THIS CRIME IS A NEW ISSUE, in Stop Organized Stalking – Information,, 6.02.2011, pdf, a href="" target="_blank"> >, a href="" target="_blank"> >.

Quote: (…) Chapter 7: Conclusion (…)
Clearly, the government officials who are paid (well) and sworn to serve and protect are
providing cover for these crimes by denying organized stalking happens. That makes it
really, really difficult. (…)

Read full article, pdf:
Yours sincerely.

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