Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I wanted to share some subliminal tracks and also some programs that are used together to prevent torture.

The combination includes programs called Blowfly, Quadklanger and Phase warper. These programs are run alongside the subliminal track and they create the opportunity to show that there is a problem with your transmission or the thing the torturers use to torture you. By creating a technical "foul" a victim is able to stop some of the torture on the advanced type of communication that is invisible and hard for police to track down.

Attached is a picture of the settings needed for the programs and also the programs themselves.

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Make sure to set the settings exactly as shown in the screenshot to get the best effect. I will also attach two other programs that I use, but are not necessary to get the effect of a slowing down and release of the mind. If a person wants to explore other combinations in order to find a better way, then they should use these other programs.

TURN ON "LISTEN TO MICROPHONE" in your recording section on your computer audio. right click the speaker and choose the recording section to change the listen too option.

Also, USE SAME QUALITY, BUT DIFFERENT BIT. Meaning use 48000 16 bit for microphone and 24 bit 48000 for speakers. Switch if you want to experiment.

Use Audacity so that you can change the quality of the subliminal track to 8000hz, which is better for compatibility with torture systems.


Here are the other two programs I use to get some relief from torture.



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