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Very easy method to get control of your transmission.

Just play the track and count each second 1-10 on your fingers in front of a computer monitor. You don;t have to see your hands, but make a mental note of them showing each number.

The helpful effect can be amplified by cutting and pasting seconds into random places, then counting the new order. You will need audacity or another audio editing program to cut and paste.

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Also very important,  You must turn on "listen to microphone" and also you will need a radio that is on, but is turned all the way down and set to AM next to your computer during the counting. Turn the tuning dial all the way up and set to AM and place near the fan of whatever computer you are using. I leave the radio on afterwards and also make sure to sleep by it in order to lengthen the amount of time in between counting.

Feedback is necessary and allows the radio to pick up EMF much better than without.


There is no way that is going to stop my attackers lol , I know you mean well though.

try cutting and pasting1-3 using audacity "split track" in order to make the two frequency  sides different.

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