Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Hi, my name is Andrew Seefeldt and I am a victim of mind-control and gang-stalking in Australia. I'm looking for other TIs to share my story with, since nobody but those who have been through similar ordeals will believe that this stuff is real.

I'd like to give you all a free copy of my e-book titled "Australia's Darkest Secrets". It's my life story basically, it details my experiences as a victim of this conspiracy. You can find my e-book attached to this post in PDF format or alternatively, you can view it here:

If you find it interesting, feel free to show it to anyone else you think might like to read it. I want to get the word out.

Here's a description/blurb I wrote for my book a while ago, so you get some idea what it's about:

"I think I have led an interesting life so I've decided to write about it, even if nobody will believe some of the things I've seen. This is an entirely true story, even though it may be so sensational at times that one might be led to believe that I am mentally ill or making some of it up. I am not. In this book I recount my troubled childhood, spending my teenage years hacking computers, manufacturing high explosives and smuggling a machine gun, as well as becoming an amphetamine chemist by age 21. An outlandish and terrifying conspiracy tried to muscle in on my drug lab, which I have since served my time for and can now discuss freely. I can only describe them as some sort of occult secret society, as far-fetched as that may sound. My claims have led to being wrongfully incarcerated in mental hospitals and being drugged heavily against my will, although these medications have no influence over my beliefs since I am not psychotic. This is real. I am a victim of a new, emerging and little known crime called "gang-stalking". Gang-stalking is unrecognised by the wider society at this time and is relegated to obscure conspiracy websites, but it's all true and no one believes me. I have been tormented literally beyond belief. There's more...

    *The murder of Tom Buckland by vehicular sabotage
    *Guns, explosives and drug manufacture
    *Surveillance, hacking and phone tracking
    *Organised stalking, intimidation and harassment campaigns
    *Sonic and electromagnetic weapons
    *Trauma-based mind-control and hypnotic mind-altering techniques
    *They're trying to frame me as a pedophile
    *Two police officers tried to violently drug me unconscious in an attempt to cover up my drug lab
    *Organised Satanism and witchcraft"

Thanks for reading,

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i support the theory that a majority of chilldren get the tracking nano injections, that a super high tech time phased system watches us until activated by an authority.  once active the stalking starts, harrassments and beyond.  there are no secrets, and they manipulate youth into crime and if your disposable, they might end up throwing you into hell..i.e. stalking/harrassments.

they know what you think before/as you think it, they predict motions/sounds to time e.h. and a host of other technical properties.  my theory is a beam system allows voices in the head.

Noise harrasment sounds familiar. I've read most of your pdf. Cult? Illuminati? Hidden psychiatrists my friend, you may call them society or man kind. Stay as far as posible from anything illegal. Always be on a good side. Stay away from sick death metal, you don't want that sick shit inside your head. Check out something real like Metallica. You're still young with life to live. You can see if anyone connects to your pc with tcp view by sysinternals.

Have you ever heard of rosicrucianism, they are an occult secret society whoes upper illuminati practice mind control and covert influence of the beauracracy etc..Read the book ‘AMORC unmasked’ for further information. I believe these people vie for a monopoly of illegal drugs so only their kind have the edge by using these drugs for mind control and social alchemy. They integrate with the law and are a highly organised conspiracy to exert influence over the multitudes. The preternatural activity and machiavellianism is reminiscent of the rise of the nazi’s and I’m sure people will look back in the future in woe how it was ignored for so long, if they know at all. Makes me wonder how many exist in Australia like the high freemasons, bloody reptillians, check out Boris Schiffer neuroimaging work on paedophiles.

Hiya Andrew

Welcome to the forum , I take it that you are new here as I haven't seen you around before. Sorry I am not much of a reader so I didn't read your book , they told me I was dyslexic at school, don't get me wrong I can read and write just fine , its just I find it a bit a of a struggle is all. So don't be offended if I don't read it. It must have taken you ages to write, so thank you very much for helping to get the word out. I get some mind control too. My attackers force me to think violent thoughts when talking to people , mother , best mate etc.  Its a nightmare, you have my sympathy.

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"So why is the exact torture script being used on me as Bryan Tews explained. Are the preps stupid? Im thinking its semi-ai."
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"My preps assault my short term memory then a robo "monkey" tells me what to do. I have no words to explain what they are trying to do."
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