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   American Military Dictatorship to restore secret: vagal stimulation as effective as LSD. See is how I got caught for the Clockwork Orange treatment. They will do it to everybody caught knowing too much, now that that bill has passed allowing the armed forces to grab us all. You too. You now know too much, too. We all hope the President vetos this bill. Here are the details about the time I got caught: When we were in the first grade, twins, Tommy and Frankie, and I went out on the town one Saturday. We went in to the library and tried to find the biggest books to slam shut. then went around town testing every door. We found a certain back door and went in. Once inside we found another door, and to our surprise there were a bunch of guys around one guy who was all tied up, to say the disgusting least.Yuckkk! Frankie yelled out, "It's a rodeo". The guys came after us but we escaped and ran through back yards and thickets until we lost them. Then next week two of them came into our classroom with the Principal and they pointed us out and said, "That's them! Those boys must be punished!" The Principal took us into her office and said, "This doesn't concern us. You may go back to class". One afternoon during Summer vacation from the fifth grade, we were in the playground playing World War II. I got stuck being a German, and as

we played war I yelled out repeatedly the primary German sylable that I rememberd, "ein", pronounced "eyennn". The Freemason from across the street from the playground ran in, grabbed and shook me saying, "Don't say that word! Don't say that word!". Well, it turned out that "eyennn" is the Lost Word of the Royal Arch. Thinking of it also spikes dopamine. Let's be the majority. Some years       later in the ninth grade. My buddie, Sandie, and I had eaten lunch in Chinatown, and we were on our way to the subway station when a homeless person, very rare in those days, said that he had been at a coctail party and had spilt some of his Masonic secrets. He was kicked out of the lodge, he was fired from his job, and no one would hire him. His wife left him with the kids, and he lost his home. He was as sober as a judge, and he told us all the Masonic secrets. In the twelvth grade I wrote a required term paper. Mine was "Superstition in America" and in it I revealed the Masonic secrets. I got a 98% for it, graduated High School, and went into the Army. When I got sick and landed in Valley Forge Army Hospital the Freemasons zeroed in on me and gave me Hell, literally. They threatened me never to reveal certain things again. It has been my life's vocation revealing these things. That's where I got the LSD and the 71 electric shock treatments without anesthetic. Why 71? One day they gave me two in one day. Anyway, that LSD treatment came to be called the "Clockwork Orange" treatment. With it they force you to watch films of horrible torments, for example, inside Auschwitz, and you body switch, backward and forward in time into everyone in the film. I went further. I bodyswitched into everyone I ever saw, in the future, and have relived it every other time I grew old and died, 36 times. The other 36 times I got up after having passed out from an allergic bee sting. Thank God for that bee. I am due to go there next time. I have an agenda! Guess what I am going to do rather than get captured again.

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In the late Sixties the FDA outlawed cyclamates. Pepsi put "Diet Pepsi with sugar added" on its Diet Pepsi bottle caps. I still have one. I wonder how much it would be worth to a collector. Today, it has been proven that cyclamates are harmless, and the red tape is being removed to allow the sale of cyclamates in America again. But, you could always buy it through the internet from other coutries like Mexico. What a farse. Now, the FDA is attempting to outlaw licorice. Why? The glyrrhizin in licorice kills viruses. I have personally cured every cold, flu, and viral "bug" that I have picked up, since I discovered the curing powers of licorice. This knowledge is a threat to the medical and drug industries. We have political corruption here, again. Furthermore, the flavor and fragrance of licorice is synesthetically onomatopoeic to the freemason's "Lost Word", Aleph Yod Nun, ain, pronounced "eyennnn" like the German word for one, ein. This sound, when even thought, induces magnetic fluxes, circulations, that go confluent with the magnetic ring that is the entity we call "I", held by substance P neurons in the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata, in the brain, and thereby almost completely undifferentiates the entity for a moment. This meditation bypasses the veil, evolved by selective evolution, that veils the satisfaction of all desires reached by unconsciousness and deep sleep, by erasing the memory of it. With meditation upon the sound "eyennn", the sound of a hollow cylinder, the flavor, or fragrance, of licorice, one will experience a moment of "Nirvana". Coincidently, in primitive languages many words are onomatopoeic, the words sound like the things described. The Hebrew word for a well (a hollow cylinder), a ring, an eye, and nothingness, is Aleph Yod Nun, "eyennn". Licorice was often formed into hollow cylinders to enhance its flavor. At least some free Americans knew enough to do that. Again, this is a secret to be spread to common public knowledge. Can you eat licorice? Do you like licorice? Enough licorice might > > kill that Hep C virus. There is licorice tea. And, the best licorice > > candies like Australian licorice, or, Swedish licorice are the most > > powerful. > > What kind of metal jewelry do you like to wear. Wearing good > > conductors of electricity on the body increase the imagination; and, > > when the imagination is increased, the power of the mind is increased, > > to materialize mental images into reality. > > Actually it makes the mind's inductive resonance more powerful to > > draw you into the timeline where your wishes come true. There is a > > timeline where you win the lottery. > > There is, and has been, a freemasonic superstition that males are > > naturally willful, and females are naturally imaginative. THEY made an > > effort to enforce this dogma. Why? > > The power of the mind is will times imagination, just a sure as > > force times velocity is power in mechanics, voltage times current is > > power in electricity, and temperature times entropy production rate is > > power in thermodynamics. > > The freemasons don't want the people to be powerful. THEY want all > > the power, so THEY try to prevent males from becoming imaginative, and > > THEY try to keep the females content so they wont get willful. In many > > schools boys are not allowed to take art. It might make them > > imaginative. > > A town in Massachusetts named Milton, after John Milton who wrote > > "Paradise Lost", where Lucifer, hailed as a hero for liberty, said, "I'd > > rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven", wouldn't allow boys to take > > art. > > This Satanic town was founded in 1640 and incorporated in 1662 > > The "Luciferians" hid under the front of a stone mason's business. This > > business founded the first railroad in America, which first transported > > stone from the Quincy quaries to build the Bunkerhill monument and the > > Boston Public Library. > > They build in stone all over town, and built the Milton town hall, > > which was torn down by the Catholics, for it's Satanic symbolisms, in > > the 1970's. There is only one of THEIR stone works left in Milton today: > > the Flos Abysmi in the Milton Cemetary. > > During the China trade period of the Nineteenth Century THEY came > > to be know as "The Order of the Bell". Why? THEY had a big Chinese bell > > that THEY used to threaten members that if they betrayed the Order they > > would have their brains shattered by the sound vibrations of the bell. > > Actually, though it wouldn't look good, the victims wouldn't feel > > a thing. One lesion in the arising reticular formation of the medula > > oblongata causes instant and permanent unconsciousness. > > All the richest families in town belonged to this order. President > > George Bush's father was born in Milton, up on Adams Hill. You may be > > able to tell that I spent my adolescence there. Not on Adams Hill, but I know that > > big gray mansion on the left going North on Adams Street. > > When that Bush was head of the CIA, its MK Ultra experimented on > > Milton's school children. But, for it's most horrible experiments THEY > > chose to torment profaners of freemasonic mysteries. > > Even long before that expelled freemason gave me all the secrets, > > I got in trouble with the lodge. When I was in the first grade, two > > friends, who were twins, Tommy and Frankie, and I, went down the Milton > > Lower Mills and fooled around all one Saturday. > > We went into the library and saw who could find and slam shut the > > biggest book, we ran in and out of houses and yards, and we came to a > > big building, got in the back way, snuck up the back stairs, and we > > burst into a room. > > There was a guy all tied up, and all the guys around were dressed > > up in black tuxedos. Frankie yelled out, " It's a rodeo!" and THEY came > > after us. We escaped as stealthly as we had entered, ran through yards, > > and successfully escaped. > > But, the first thing Monday morning in school, one of THEM came > > into out class, pointed us out and said, "That's them!" We were called > > to the principal's office and she told us, "These gentlmen are very > > upset with you, but it's none of our business, so, I'm going to let you > > go". > > OK, we were talking about metal jewelry. Metal jewelry makes > > people imaginative. The "secret establishment" doesn't want males to be > > imaginative, therfore, it has done all it can to prevent males from > > wearing metal jewelry. > > To do this, almost as far back as 1717, IT has tried to perpetuate > > that jewelry is for females and cloth is for males. THEY couldn't do > > anything about the Catholics. The Catholics have ceased making "Latin > > Silver" which is a particular alloy of silver & copper. > > Anyway, THEY'd prefer that no one be imaginative, for, as you saw > > the analogues back there, imagination in the mind is analogous to > > velocity in mechanics, but also, mass current in gravitational science. > > These all access globally bent timespace, the Underworld, where the mind > > is powerful. > > The gold mine near downtown Sonora has its gold removed from it's > > soil. I also is not in nuggets or even granules, yet, they have some > > pretty mean looking watch dogs around it. They don't like trespassers. > > In the hills above Sonora and Columbia there are many gold mines, > > but, they are all used up. Many of those families took up using their > > mines for meth labs. There was always DEA helicopters buzzing around > > those hills. > > Well anyway, wouldn't you figure that uranium could also be > > extracted from rock or soil the same way those miners extract gold from > > rock and soil? > > All that was built from the stone from the Quincy quaries, like > > the Boston Public Library, were found to be radioactive far beyond > > modern legal safety limits, but, they are all "grandfathered". > > The way "grandfathering" works is that the people responsible can > > choose to eliminate any health hazard. But, THEY may be trying to make > > "grandfathering" look like a bad thing, to get rid of it, actually THEY > > want to get rid of our Constitution. And, then I'd be in trouble, again. > > That stone has as much uranium in it as the soil in those special > > gold mines have gold. But, it would probably be too dangerous for THEM > > to mine uranium that way. > In 1959 a homeless banished freemason told my buddy and I all the secrets. In 1962 I wrote all those secrets in a term paper in high school that I titled "Superstition in America". I got a 98% for that term paper, graduated with honors, and joined the Army. > The teacher of that class had sold that term paper in the term paper black market, the wrong people read it, and detectives were sent out to hunt me down. I was caught "over a barrel", taken aside, interrogated, locked up, and given the Clockwork Orange treatment with large doses of LSD, torment worse than a thousand deaths. > Then I was threatened that if I ever communicated about the secrets in any way again, they would put me back in Hell permanently. Having sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, I did everything in my power to spread these secrets, and I still am. > It seems that I have always stumbled into eveyrbody's (organizations) secrets, and I spread many more secrets, like how the glyhrrhizin in licorice kills viruses, all heavy metals above atomic number 26 kill all bacteria, yeasts, molds, and funguses, but, silver and gold are the only harmless heavy metals, but, silver should be taken as colloidal silver, or in too much concentration it will stain the skin blue, like the Blue Men". > At an art exhibition I met Dr. Hans Rauger, an associate of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Wilhelm Reich got in trouble with masons' secrets, and was framed up by the FDA, and murdered in federal prison. > As a result, Dr. Hans Rauger founded the Knowledge Rights Educational League, which I worked for until Dr. Rauger died. Then its enemies, the freemasons, tore it apart, and tried to wipe out all memory of it. In the Knowledge Rights Educational League I learned many more secrets. Today, my associates and I continue the work of the Knowledge Rights Educational League free, and fanatically. We will strive to spread suppressed knowledge all people have an absolute right to know, to the death!

      And, I sent a letter to NAMI, who expect financial support from their gods' victims:

Who do you think you're fooling? Dopamine blockers block the neurotransmitter of reward so severely that victims of dopmine blockers don't even get the reward from changing position, or even changing facial expression, so that they writhe in a smothering torment trying to find that reward, by tardive diskinesia, and the habit never goes away.
Dopamine doesn't cause psychosis. Live with a cocaine addict and you will find that extra dopamine doesn't cause psychosis. Cocaine is a monoamineoxidase, MAO, inhibitor. Cocaine blocks the enzyme, MAO, that would remove excess dopamine from the nerve gaps. By blocking MAO, that addict does have excess dopamine, but, he is not psychotic. The body reacts by reducing dopamine production so that the cocaine addict suffers from the worst addiction there is, exactly the torment anyone on dopamine blockers feels.
The mental hospital gulags forced their prisoners on dopamine blockers to devastate them into compliance. The psychiatric secret society forces their victims on dopamine blockers to devastate them into compliance, and you participate in this atrocity by promoting it. Psychiatric secret society? It is suppressed knowledge that psychosis is actually using a higher percentage of brain use, higher than the legal 10% brain use.
This percentage can be seen by looking at an MRI in action. In a "normal" person, patches of light will be seen here and there in the brain, always moving around, but always summing up to a certain percentage of the brain. A well known company tried to cash in on a MRI lie detector. It was said that when the truth is told only one part of the brain lights up; but, when a lie is told, two portions of the brain light up. I spread that if analogue correspondence tables are memorized, truth or lie will light up many portions of the brain, twarting the MRI lie detector. That project was dropped.
But, psychiatry secretly defines psychosis to be using more than 10% brain use. There are things that increase the percentage of brain use. LSD does it by blocking seratonin, the neurotransmitter of the inhibitory neurons that keep the brain down to 10% brain use. Nervous breakdown happens when stress forces higher percentages of brain use until the victim can no longer handle it. Muscarine causes so much parasympathetic (muscarinic) nervous system stimulation that the inhibitory neurons in the brain are overrided, and the percentage of brain use increases. Muscarine doesn't even pass the blood brain barrier.
Psychiatric secret society? Psychiatry is in contract with all the other secret societies who suppress the fact that VAGAL STIMULATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS LSD, our bumper sticker reads. That is the supreme secret of their cartel of secret lodges. Excite the parasympathetic nervous system by hand; to one's body, with one's body. The "Rednecks" called it "poor man's dope", when used as far as perinatal matrix one, Islam calls using it, into perinatal matrix two, the Knowledge of Good and Evil, "blowing on knots", in the Koran, witchcraft, punishable by execution by stoning, under Islamic governments. That is why the "one world order" is in the process of putting America under an Islamic government by sneaking Sharia law into our legal system, and other tricks.
But, at the same time, prisoners are being tortured by "waterboarding", which replaced LSD for the Clockwork Orange treatment, which puts its victims into perinatal matrix three, Hell itself, where these victims body switch backward and forward in time into the bodies of the victims they have seen in films about Auschwitz, etc. LSD has permanent lifetime effects that has made it extremely illegal, and thus we have waterboarding, which has been said to have been the original sacrament of baptism. "Take up your cross and follow me", crucifixion does the same thing. Jesus Christ was crucified for also having profaned the "sacred mysteries".
You would think that humanity would have "grown up", by now, enough to expose and dispense with the superstitious tyranny of the past; but no, you are cooperating with it, to perpetuate this disease of humanity. Disease? Any one can have an accident that puts scar tissue into the parasympathetic nervous system. This also stimulates the muscarinic nervous system to put its victims into perinatal matrices two or three. The more rational Soviet Union called it "shamans' disease", but, you cooperate with those who diagnose it "schizophrenia" and punish it with dopamine blockers. if you don't remedy this situation the world will someday list your name with all the corrupt organizations who contriburted to these violations of our Constitution and to all of humanity.

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