Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

the stalker...the accessing your body, your mind, your life...through a tiny electrode that your dentist placed during a routine visit.  It’s undetectable!   It radiates from your left jawbone, then your auditory system, and, then, throughout your body to produce vibrations, pulses, pain, pleasure.........It’s in your upper left molars or between them, and I can’t figure out how to remove it.  It produces static, which sucks the moisture from your mouth, and noticeably, your throat...affecting your voice, your sinuses, then, your breathing!  Ultimately, the dehydration will affect your brain and organs.     It is called Voice To Skull Technology, and it is was first created for Warfare!    So, if you Masturbate, you are with them!  “Them” is the “New World Order”! If you pray, well, the fact are serving them!  Mind control is Wrong! So,fight to get it out!  Confront your dentist and the American Dental Association in Your STATE

okemos, ******Michigan.    1800 589 2632.      ******

*********Tell them you want “Peer Review”.    (This is so they have to disclose information related to the electrode they placed in your filling)******

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Masturbate? But how about sex? Again implant? how you can prove? 

If you look up brainwashing, the basis for it is commonly masturbation, because it is such a personal act, a ritual act, and if the voice gets your attention (for ex: a seductive woman’s voice) via your mouthpiece(which I call voice to skull technology), and you succumb to it (and you will), then, it’s opened the door, and before you know it, you find yourself trusting it. From there you can imagine......and, it flourishes into brainwashing. But everyone’s needs differ, so, it may be a mother figure you’ve lost, or, an angel you’ve prayed for....etc.  My voice wanted to be a sex therapist, and I thought my partner could hear her, but, he couldn’t, and I didn’t ask for that.  I’ve got some real anger from it.  Anyway, I believe at this point that we all may have this electrode in our mouth, if we’ve been to the dentist, ever, because my partner has had his for over3 years, and is so washed that he will not discuss it or admit it.  I don’t know that I can prove yet, but I havnt jumped into a legal battle because I know how crazy it sounds! And, the cure lies within the people who have allowed this to happen.  Who do you think it is?   I can only guess.

I wish my gang stalker had a seductive woman’s voice. Mine has the most garbage voice you can think of.

I have several voices. Women, man, my father voice was for a short time (my all family members cooperate with my bio-stalkers). Many years voices was in English and from last year start in Russian mostly. Around 40-50 trigger words and jests repeat, repeat, repeat again and again. Jests also and when they voice my thoughts in shops is very annoying. 

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