Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Hello friends, I'm from Barcelona and I'm doing a profile of psychological behavior of people who attack me with psychotronic.
This is the only way to understand that people have the choice to commit crimes. The help of social anthropologists is vital. One can understand the anti-brother behavior, animal behavior from monkey.
Oedipus and electra We are conscious of our desires, but without awareness of the root of the problem monkeys.
In Spain people are very elementary, and we need to be honest with the skills of each country and each race.
Only if we are honest we can cooperate together.
The behavior is the secret.

You have to mature psychologically and find fault with ourselves to determine the details of the behavior of people.


We just have to observe our natural habitat and the relationship between families or couples ...
We are apes and monkeys.

Satan, Challenger underworld necessary. Satan is the Hebrew that deals with man draw fouls, challenged him to find out who that really is.
Every day I find that I shape what someone like blaming Eva original sin is true.
Mark is a picture of hermeneutics: Eva accepting the temptation to steal the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, and the serpent as an instigator. Then Eve tempting Adam with his female seduction to do the same to her.
My experience is this constant, the temptation of evil against me.
The snake in this picture conveys what I want to explain the use of psychotronic is the temptation to some people because they are larger and immortal compared to others, to shorten time to cognition the person goes from being dull and sad to be explosive .
the average woman wants to be seen by man and accept this temptation to become sexier, smarter or more attractive.
In the process acrecenta awareness and thereby acrecenta all the shit that has not resolved.
Then a woman who has accepted that office work, accept the consequences. They are abuse other people for the group to grow in self-esteem, and more .... always dare to mas.LA snake for me are electromagnetic waves that accelerate the reptilian behavior, attacking and power over others. And also the sexual conduct, sexual vitality it does is attract the opposite sex as a reward offering to take hostile men who abuse victims across the mirror ... the neighbors.
It is a very old tactic, the temptation of power and sex as the man to pay you to do what they can not do.
Each day one says:
We can make this or that ... And they say it with the excitement of a little girl who still believes in the Magi, with the illusion that the group, his family still one more ... with abuse.
To bring people should encotrar something common to play.
What characterizes my experience you have to hold the residue of educational failure of others.
Because the paternalism of some families I hold electra cute operatives, who only use their sexual stamina to hold power over me. Naturally, such behavior of interest to men in that group, so the have with them.
Is the cry of anguish of mona electra trying to call the attention of the father of rental time.
Every time I hear the voice of the woman who has the voice like angela carrasco a touch harsh and demanding, is that professionals do need to kidnap these pads and mistreat their haughtiness loss to zero, and respect people .
And every time I hear women laughing or treated with cordiality and friendship to the people of this group, is that the woman is the anchor point of the community, if this perverted and just look for her citizenship ever will exist in a world Free, will have only marginal social classes and groups.
She is the master of emotions that serve to identify the need of the people, if the woman does not accept this responsible work, and is dedicated to enjoy the welfare of his tribe lost condition and looks defeated.
So through the centuries there are people who have gathered in secret to use psychotronic groups and collaborate to make people human.

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