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The Biobolt is a disgusting tool, used to help "vegetables walk".  Oh, I forgot to mention, it can also help people walk against their will.  You might not find much about it, but it was developed at the University of Michigan.  It is composed of nanoscale technology, and ASIC set, and it *thunk* fits on your skull, hidden by a flap of skin, easily showed back together with minimal scarring.  

Oh, it's real.  I remember when they had it.  A nurse can buy the darn thing.  Yuck.

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Thanks for sharing.  I believe there are underground companies on internet selling these or older technologies on internet, whereby, if you fit a criteria, these companies will sell the kits with instructions, all you thus need is the victim to implant thereof, works great in small towns and communities or even estranged families.  Thank you for your research and sharing. 

Oh, I'm sure people build them and kidnap them for the sake of science.  I think they need to die.

Yes, Science thinks they have the answer for everything.  In G-Ds eyes prince they are foolish, however,

they will not escape the judgement seat of Christ.  Hell awaits those who abuse Elohims physical laws for evil intent

and purposes. I enjoy your research.  I have a nuero appointment in this small town, Vancouver WA whereby, I had actually been groomed for an actual kidnap and implant.  The persons that entered my life in this small town afterwards and the events preceding are scary.  May our enlightened work and educating the public continue.

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I am  connected to the illegal worldwide human control system  by wireless means from implants which I illegally received without my consent.  I  recently received the instruction from the voice command centre by wireless means to join a slimming assistance group called Unislim and I was informed that if I did not join Unislim I would have fifty points deducted from my social credit score.  I am aware that if too many points are deducted from my social credit score I would then be blacklisted…See More
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"You can contact or call me too, I'm a 20plus yr TI and Have a Youtube Channel showing my Doctor and Private Investigator reports of my body filled with nanobots, and frequecy immiting from me, gang stalkers, they go to my jobs and get me fired,…"
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"Read this. The spelling and grammar are not very well because of BASTARD changing things but it has very good advice."
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"Taas ei pysty suolessa lähettämään  viestiä.  Olisin lähettänyt paikalliselle koomikolle. Lukekaa Matkiminen eli mimicry kuuluu stalkkaukseen -ketjun loppupäästä Putous.ohjelmasta…"
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So...I get up one morning and all of a sudden they change my program completely I mean everything .....I get running nose, especially when I eat they send it all the time ...they are reading my thought's through my throat....I heard it before but I didn't believe it but NOW is happening to me ....when I walk they changed my vision, They give my crooked eyes my vision is so weird and feels like I see 10 people at the same time till I go really close...I have 20/20 vision very sharp vision but…See More
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A group for mind control victims to share their personal stories.See More
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