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Mark Iannicelli   P.O. Box 345   Denver, Colorado 80201                                       Mark Iannicelli

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                                                                                                                                        Denver, Colorado 80205Dear Sir or Madam

 I have been a V2K victim with probes, implants ect. For 24 years.

 Learned that Leigh Meriwether's father is from Glynn County Georgia area  (Brunswick,  St. Simons  and Jekyll Island Georgia area).

Meriwether, family and friends are getting grants from the Dept. of Justice Office of Science and Technology, Dept. of Commerce Office of Science and Technology and the Dept. of Defense Office of Science and Technology, accomplices are the late Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado's son and grandson, a Joe Moody from Brunswick, Georgia. Sen. Shelby (R) Alabama and Sen. Saxby (R) Georgia may be getting political contributions from special interest groups like Meriwether.

 is where some of These former agents are affiliated with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center also known as Glynco named from a former naval base. Brunswick, Georgia

These redneck lowlifes are retired and now have V2K slave technology to supplement their income.

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970 RICO is a law that goes after lowlifes involved in slavery and human trafficking.

 We need someone to start a petition to incarcerate MERIWETHER, FAMILY AND FRIENDS under the RICO Act because V2K is electronic slavery as well as probes designed to shock, burn and itch, a medical device that creates cardiac arrest, and a surgically implanted device that causes  intestinal bleeding activated by radio frequency.  We are involuntarily enslaved and used by contractors for their profits.

 I want to start a petition and a letter writing campaign to the Senate sub -committee that appropriates money to  government organizations that award grants through the Offices of Science and Technologies   to try and get Congress to recognize victims of V2K as slaves and that they approve the  funding  of our torture. In my particular case it has been for 24 years of hell.  Incarcerating Meriwether, family and friends will be a start. I can’t administer a petition because I am under surveillance and the perps will try and tamper with the petition so I am asking that your web site sponsor this petition to  convict those that receive contracts with the RICO Act for slavery.

www.citizen' is a place that could help start a petition .These are websites that can educate people to help us. MINDCONTROLFORUM.COM , MULTISTALKERVICTIMS.ORG , SKEWSME.COM,

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Iannicelli


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