Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Big part pf hair felt as a result of the over burning. 24/7 targeting. I wish every perp burns in hell right now for what they do to real innocent humans. Peace

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sometimes wishes DO come true...

Rob and LaBrat, Thank you for the effort you do to Help. Peace
For those who write coded messages to me, keep it for yourself cause my brain is so tired that he can not understand the encouragement ( of course) and the GOOD advices you give to me.
Not easy to be a.,, better die as a victictim not the opposite.
Will see later if I could understand it all not now.
The Free GOYA
Rob&LaBray: one thing b4 I go:
do you know about AZAZEL the hunted goat ? Not very funny nope.

are we STILL casting out the sacrificial goat to expel "wickedness'?    and it's never enough victims (virgins for the dragon) because this stupid deception CAN'T WORK  it's just like salem (or auschwitz) - the real evil is done by the righteous fiends doing the burning (and then seizing property)   these are the monsters, the 'demons' who should  be cast out   hear the wise words of nietscze (sp?): "be careful when fighting monsters not to become one"    

i will have that transcript for you tonight ciblee   peace to you too

Youre so right Ciblee, they are black demonic souls. As to the mobbing, cryptic messages you say you are getting, we havent seen any of them so lm thinking the perpetrators outside are hacking peacepink and sending you messages only you can see or at times when youre on here alone. I dont think its members of ppink doing it because we would be able to see these messages being sent to you.

God bless

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Indie Target commented on H's group Finland
"Kello on noin klo 2 aamuyöllä ja heti, kun menin makuulle, niin yläkerran mielipuolinen sekopää alkoi laskea vettä. Sitä ennen siellä oli ollut pitkään hiljaista. Rappukäytävässä…"
3 hours ago
Indie Target commented on H's group Finland
"En tiedä, onko tänne laitettu aiemmin, mutta tuossa transkripti USA:n hallituksen bioeettisen komission kokouksen yhdestä sessiosta, jossa kuultiin lukuisien organisoidun vainoamisen ja elektronisen häirinnän uhrien…"
5 hours ago
Indie Target commented on H's group Finland
"En väitä, että alla kuvaamassani tilanteessa ollut mies liittyisi mitenkään minun vainoamiseen, mutta tilanne oli erikoinen ja tässä siitä lyhyt selostus: Kävin myöhään illalla kaupassa ja…"
6 hours ago
CLS posted a status
"Anyone want to document the tortue script they use? Its the same script on all victims. For example clear short term mem. Give you suggestio"
8 hours ago
CLS posted a status
"So why is the exact torture script being used on me as Bryan Tews explained. Are the preps stupid? Im thinking its semi-ai."
8 hours ago
CLS posted a status
"My preps assault my short term memory then a robo "monkey" tells me what to do. I have no words to explain what they are trying to do."
9 hours ago
CLS posted a status
"Collectively my preps are lesser than dogs. No lies. And they slander and assault me to give me thoughts. Bryan Tew said the same thing."
9 hours ago
Boris A Patino commented on Soleilmavis's blog post Soleilmavis' Letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres
"Keep pushing, we are actually moving forward, were keeping unity and number of people growing"
10 hours ago



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