Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

 Some things I've learned I think might help other T.I's, polyester and other synthetic fabrics insulate from these frequencies. The perps really don't like research into EMP devices. Technically one could be built, it is a possibility and I'm doing some thinking on how to build one.Some T.I's think this frequency is similar to the 5g cell signal. Doing some research on it, the perps left the microphone on and I overheard them talking as I got closer to researching the infrared spectrum. Seems like the perps didn't want me finding this out. Unless they're playing games, this technology operates on the infrared spectrum. 

 Hopefully this isn't old news to you guys, I hope this helps. Be strong.

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Another thing, this technology works by manipulating the brain. If they can control the brain they can control the body. I live in Canada where marijuana is legal. I have been trying marijuana with high cbd and low thc, so far I've experienced less effects from the technology. The perps did put a bud with high thc in my weed but I am still smoking the clean stuff. So far I'm doing ok but time will tell. This won't stop the tech entirely but it helps.

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